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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 18 Recap

The Bodhisattva broke the incense and hinted that Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu would surely be blessed. It’s just that this incident caused such a big disturbance. The grandmother asked the old lady if she wanted to ventilate with the master of the Autumn Pavilion. After all, Shui Wuxia suddenly turned back and did not meet the regulations of Langya Pavilion. Now she has a lifelong relationship with Jiang Baiyu, the old lady. I also think it makes sense.

Shen Qingli hadn’t seen a figure for a few days, and Shui Wuxia wondered if he didn’t see the lantern, and it was not easy to fall in love with the hero. Jiang Baiyu looked at the bracelet in his hand. Jiang Baiyu told Shui Wuxia that there seemed to be a bird in the yard that was calling all the time. After listening carefully under the tax authorities, he would not hear him. He confirmed with Jiang Baiyu again, and then left the room.

Jiang Baiyu went back and changed Shen Qingli’s clothes, and he saw that the water was flawless. Jiang Baiyu admitted his mistake and promised that he would show up if she needed it in the future. Shui Wuxia confessed to Shen Qingli that she was able to stay this time because she and Jiang Baiyu played a play with the old lady. She and Jiang Baiyu will pretend to be a lover in front of them in the future. Shui Wuxia told him not to be angry.

After hearing this, Shen Qingli said that he would not have seen Shui Wuxia if he hadn’t, and said that he would not be angry. But seeing Shen Qingli don’t mind not being angry, I felt uncomfortable. Shen Qingli saw her thoughts, and went to talk to Jiang Baiyu to settle the account. Shen Qingli took out the bracelet and put it on Shui Wuxia.

During the meal, the old lady drove away Jiang Baiyu who was sitting next to her, let Shui Wuxia sit next to her, let her eat with them in the future, and change her name to grandma. Shui Wuxia picked Jiang Baiyu with mushrooms that he didn’t eat, and Jiang Baiyu deliberately picked Shui Wuxia with leeks that she didn’t eat.

Qi Delong’s father found her a marriage to Wang San in the suburban county of Chong’an, but Wang San didn’t know a vulgar character, and Qi Delong didn’t want it. He persuaded King Zidelong to make a fortune by selling pork. Now that pork is so expensive, Wang San is rich, and people around him heard a lot of discussions. Zidron’s father wanted to pull her away, Zidron threw away his hand, and he lay on the ground and sold miserably.

Fang Yuncheng came over and drove away the onlookers, and told her father that Qi Delong was married, and her father asked who he was. When Fang Yuncheng said that it was Young Master Jiangfu, her father greeted him with a smile on his face. Qi Delong and Fang Yuncheng took her dad into the Jiang Mansion. Her dad liked the things in the house. Fang Yuncheng gave it to him pretendingly and generously. It happened that Jiang Tianling was back. Fang Yuncheng asked Jiang Tianling to help him act once and quickly let Jiang Tianling leave. Her father left with a full load.

Ma Rulong confessed that he illegally developed the Five Generation Fans to indiscriminately harm innocents, and the government sentenced him to exile, but he has disappeared today. The Five Dynasties fan is not a rare thing. In Chong’an City, there is no need to test the medicine. He has fabricated a lie so that the officials will not go deep into it. Qi Delong guessed that it was to cover up the truth. The Lord Qiu Pavilion sent a letter asking Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu to go to the mountain, and the old lady told Jiang Baiyu to perform well.

Ma Rulong escaped from the prison. He asked his subordinates to continue to look for the experimental subject. Mr. Xiao suggested to him to use himself as the experimental subject. Of course, Ma Rulong could not agree. If Mr. Xiao died, no one would develop the drug. Mr. Xiao asked Ma Rulong to take out Thousand-Year Ginseng from Jiang’s Mansion. This ginseng was placed in a sandalwood box. This sandalwood box has a mechanism. Open it and you can see a piece of paper. This is Jiang Jue’s secret relic. Just take it Taking it back, he was 100% sure to prepare the medicine before he died.

On the way Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia set off to Langya Pavilion, they were robbed by a group of robbers and snatched the Thousand-Year Ginseng. The people from Langya Pavilion came to support them, and they took the things back without danger, and the culprits also ran away.

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