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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 17 Recap

Early in the morning, the maid packed Shui Wuxia with her luggage. Jiang Baiyu was locked up and could not get out. Jiang Tianling drank too much last night and had not sobered up. Only Qi Delong and Fang Yuncheng came to deliver Wuxia and leave. Fang Yun became Qi Delong and made sober tea, and the servant sent her a letter. The content of the letter was that he arrived in Chong’an a few days later for his father, and Qi Delong crumpled the letter into a ball.

As soon as Jiang Tianling woke up, he found a woman next to him. Both of them were shocked when they saw each other. Jiang Tianling got out of bed in a panic to tidy up his clothes and apologized, Zhezhi put on clothes and left calmly. Baxi was all angry for Shui Wuxia, carrying a weapon and going to Jiang Mansion to find them afterwards, but she was stopped by Shui Wuxia.

Baxi felt that Jiang Mansion was too bullying. Jiang Baiyu’s eating, drinking and playing broke his body all day long, so why rested on Shui Wuxia’s head. Ma Rulong’s case is about to be judged, and the truth about Shui Wuxia’s brother will be revealed soon. Shui Wuxia cannot leave. Shui Wuxia told Baxi that Langya Pavilion had a station in Chong’an. She had already handed over the post, and she would immediately send a roster over. As long as she found Chong’an’s employer in the roster, she could stay.

Shui Wuxia left Jiang Baiyu in a bad mood, Fang Yuncheng came to cheer him up, and he yelled for Fang Yuncheng to leave. Zhezhi brought the bracelet to Jiang Baiyu, but the people were no longer there and it was meaningless. The new maid of Langya Pavilion came and called Shujing, Jiang Baiyu was unwilling to accept, the old lady also came to persuade him, Jiang Baiyu looked for various reasons not to want the new maid, but Shujing couldn’t refute it.

Shujing took down all the bookmarks Shui Wuxia had given Jiang Baiyu. Jiang Baiyu lost his temper, and he remembered the time he had been with Shui Wuxia before. Jiang Baiyu hasn’t gotten better in the past few days as if he was possessed by a demon. Yesterday, he was alone in the house talking to himself for an hour like hysteria, and the old lady came to ask the Bodhisattva for this. Jiang Baiyu was in a daze at the flower wall outside, mistaking Shujing as Shui Wuxia.

Shui Wuxia did not find a mansion where she needed a maid in Chong’an, and was about to leave for Langya Pavilion today. Shujing told Jiang Baiyu about this and let him go out to find Shui Wuxia. The gate of Langya Pavilion is strict, Shui Wuxia must return to Langya Pavilion without finding an employer in Chong’an, or he will be expelled from the gate. Jiang Baiyu rushed to take Shui Wuxia home. Although it was raining, both of them were very happy.

Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia knelt in front of the old lady’s room, and Jiang Baiyu asked the old lady to fulfill them both. Jiang Baiyu said that after a few days of separation, his hearts were cut, and now he realized that they have become each other’s shadows. If it is for the safe and sound life to live the second half of their lives like a corpse, then they would rather not. Jiang Baiyu has already determined that it is under taxation. The love of his life is because the appearance of Shui Wuxia gave him confidence in life.

If Shui Wuxia left, Jiang Baiyu said that he would become the same as before. The old lady asked them that there were so many ominous omens after only a few days of acquaintance. If this phenomenon becomes more serious in the future, she asked if they can stay together. Jiang Baiyu answered yes without hesitation. Shui Wuxia hesitated. She didn’t know whether Jiang Baiyu said it was true or to help her stay. She thought it should be to help her stay. She also said that to stay. Answered yes. The old lady saw their determination and fulfilled them, and the rain stopped after they returned.

In order to thank Jiang Baiyu for letting her return to Jiangfu, Shui Wuxia decided to re-make a study plan and upgrade her punishment methods, so that he would be obedient, and the two smiled at each other.

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