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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 9 Recap

Meng Liang told Li Junjie that the real man behind the scenes may be Mou Chuan. Since Li Junjie entered Mo Shi, he has been framed time and time again. And before Chen Gang died, he left behind a chip, which Meng Liang left him. Only one organization called Scorpio was found in the chip. Meng Liang said that he had always wanted to help Li Junjie.

Li Junjie had been thinking at the lighthouse. Mou Chuan had taken the chip from Mayana before. He had already determined that Mu Chuan was the inner ghost, so he took out Ma Xiaojun’s phone number and called Shi Yunhao, saying that he was in the lighthouse. Maya also obtained Li Junjie’s position, and she quickly called Mou Chuan. The mysterious person behind Mou Chuan wanted to help him get rid of Li Junjie, and Mou Chuan told him not to interfere in Moss affairs.

Zhou Zixuan was worried that Li Junjie could easily reveal his position and wanted to find Li Junjie before the police arrived. Unexpectedly, it was still too late. When he arrived at the lighthouse, Jiang Hua led the people and the police to surround Li Junjie, and the situation was grim. Shi Yunhao pointed his gun at Jiang Hua, told him to put down his weapon, and went over to talk to Li Junjie. Zhou Zixuan looked at Jiang Hua and others.

Li Junjie saw Shi Yunhao coming over and asked him to give himself the gun, telling him that Mu Chuan was an internal ghost, and the person who killed Ma Xiaojun was the one who wanted to kill him. Let him stay by Mu Chuan and protect him. Zhou Zixuan. In a hurry, Shi Yunhao shot Li Junjie, and he suddenly fell over the fence and fell into the sea. Zhou Zixuan heard the gunshots running over and slapped Shi Yunhao severely, saying that he had personally beaten his brother, but Shi Yunhao did not explain. Xiao Zheng has been observing the situation of the lighthouse, and when he saw Li Junjie falling into the sea, he quickly told Meng Liang. Meng Liang and others rushed over and rescued Li Junjie from the sea.

When Shi Yunhao and Jiang Hua returned to their lives, Mou Chuan asked Shi Yunhao about the situation at the time. Shi Yunhao didn’t tell Li Junjie’s true meaning, but said that Li Junjie strongly resisted and fired in desperation. After Yun Hao left, Mu Chuan asked Jiang Hua again. Jiang Hua said that the distance was too far to hear the conversation between the two. Mu Chuan couldn’t find Li Junjie’s body, and suspected that Shi Yunhao and Li Junjie were acting. He didn’t believe that Shi Yunhao would shoot himself.

Zhou Zixuan was very sad, and she slapped her with a gun. She accused Shi Yunhao and said that since he could shoot his brother to death, he could also shoot her. Zhou Zixuan hopes that all this is a dream. She has trouble sleeping and eating, and has not rested all night. She has been reminiscing about the past with Li Junjie. When he was at the lighthouse, Li Junjie promised to love her as eternally as the stars in the sky.

Mou Chuan went to the Marine Police of the Action Team to salvage Li Junjie’s body, but it has not been harvested, and Maya has not found any information. Mu Chuan refused to let Zhou Zixuan take charge of Li Junjie’s case and bought her breakfast to coax her, but Zhou Zixuan was not in the mood and hoped that Mu Chuan would give her personal space. Zhou Zixuan came to the private doctor again, but didn’t want to faint without eating breakfast, the doctor injected her with glucose. After Zhou Zixuan wakes up, she hopes the doctor will tell her the facts. She just wants to know if Li Junjie has been here. The doctor said more inconvenience, I hope she will go back to rest. Zhou Zixuan understands that it is not difficult for the doctor. She just hopes that the doctor will spread the word for herself. She really misses Li Junjie.

Li Junjie’s life is very dangerous because of wound infection. Meng Liang couldn’t send him to the hospital, so he had to ask the doctor to find a way to save him. Mou Chuan found the code on the dark web and suspected that Li Junjie was not dead. He contacted the mysterious person on the phone and told the clues of the code searched in Chonghai, hoping that the mysterious person would check it for him.

Shi Yunhao kept thinking about what Li Junjie said before he fell into the sea, he was hovering downstairs in Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan called up, hoping that he could tell himself the truth, whether the two of them concealed themselves. Shi Yunhao still didn’t say it. He recalled that when he first went to the orphanage before, it was Li Junjie who treated himself well. Zhou Zixuan said her guess, but Shi Yunhao did not answer, only tacitly accepting what he meant. Zhou Zixuan thinks she has nothing to say with Shi Yunhao.

After being treated by a doctor, Li Junjie finally woke up after being in a coma for three days and three nights. The first moment he woke up, his mind was Zhou Zixuan.

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