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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 8 Recap

Moss discussed the death of Ma Xiaojun, and Maya was upset and irritated. Ling Feng and Amanda both retrieved Li Junjie. Mu Chuan believed that Meng Liang had taken Li Junjie away, and that Li Junjie was familiar with the operation of Mo Shi, so Shi Yunhao was responsible for retrieving Li Junjie because Shi Yunhao was familiar with Li Junjie’s thinking. Ling Feng originally opposed it because the two were friends, but Amanda also supported Shi Yunhao to go.

Zhou Zixuan was not satisfied when Yunhao took over the task, thinking that the two were brothers, what if there is no evidence. Maya asks Shi Yunhao to bring herself to arrest Li Junjie, worrying that his subordinates will show mercy. Shi Yunhao wanted to find evidence to return Li Junjie’s innocence, and approached Mou Chuan’s theory, thinking that Li Junjie could not be convicted now. Mou Chuan asked him to find Li Junjie before he made a bigger mistake. He just wanted him to attract Li Junjie out. In fact, he arranged for Jianghua to be ready at any time. Once Li Junjie was found, he could be killed if he resisted violently.

The police were all dispatched, and Li Junjie was wanted throughout the city, but he still didn’t find him after 36 hours. After the inspection report came out, there was Li Junjie’s blood at the scene. Knowing that he must have been injured, Shi Yunhao suggested that he should be checked at a young clinic. According to Li Junjie’s routine, if he intentionally hides, he will definitely not go to the hospital. After Zhou Zixuan knew about it, she remembered the secret signal before.

When Meng Liang saw Li Junjie, Li Junjie fiercely asked Meng Liang if he killed his parents twelve years ago. Meng Liang said that he had been helping Li Junjie to recall what Chen Gang said before his death. Li Junjie remembered that before Chen Gang died, he asked him to find Meng Liang. He was emotional, and grabbed Meng Liang’s clothes and asked him about his relationship with Chen Gang.

Zhou Zixuan used a secret code to find a private doctor, suspecting that Li Junjie had been here for treatment. She took out Li Junjie’s photo, but the doctor denied it and asked her to leave. Zhou Zixuan got no results, and when he received a call from Shi Yunhao, the other party had no news of Li Junjie.

Meng Liang took Li Junjie to his base and wanted to have a good chat with him. He confessed that he attacked the police station in order to let Li Junjie find himself. From a series of cases, he wanted to test his adaptability and judgment ability. Li Junjie didn’t believe it, thinking that Meng Liang and Calais were in the same group. Meng Liang said that before saving Calais, he wanted to know from Calais his behind-the-scenes messenger. He asked him to go back and follow the people behind and said that as long as Meng Liang had a breath, he would definitely find them to avenge Chen Gang, because He and Chen Gang are brothers.

Meng Liang guessed that the transfer to Calais was supposedly a secret, but they knew it well, suspecting that someone inside Moses had leaked the secrets, and that it was the high-level Moses, that is, Mou Chuan, who had this authority. Every time Mou Chuan made a phone call with a mysterious woman, he suspected that they were in contact. Li Junjie is still very confused.

Meng Liang said that it was no coincidence that he met Li Junjie’s parents before. He was responsible for receiving Li Junjie’s parents to Bacheng for research, but after the accident, Mou Chuan told him that it was gas poisoning, but he still didn’t think so. In the end, Mu Chuan was wanted for the whole journey, and he had no choice. For so many years, he has always wanted to investigate the truth. Chen Gang and Meng Liang are brothers. He has always believed that Chen Gang is innocent, so he secretly investigated Mou Chuan, and one found a chip in Mou Chuan and found out that it was a Scorpio organization. Meng Liang said that this organization is extremely fierce, and once someone approaches their secrets, they will stop talking.

Zhou Zixuan suggested changing the arrest plan, which should not affect Li Junjie’s treatment. Mou Chuan believed that she was forced by feelings and gave Shi Yunhao the task of arresting Li Junjie. Maya overhears that there is a way to find Li Junjie, and through Li Junjie taking away Ma Xiaojun’s mobile phone, he can find Li Junjie’s location. No matter how Shi Yunhao helped Li Junjie speak, Maya didn’t believe it either.

Zhou Zixuan wanted to find Li Junjie personally, and Shi Yunhao thought that the better way now is to get Li Junjie back. Meng Liang asked Li Junjie if he had thought about the black hand behind the scenes, but Li Junjie did not believe him, thinking that Meng Liang was a wanted criminal.

Zhou Zixuan confessed to Shi Yunhao that the previous emails were all sent by herself, but the last one was not, proving that there was indeed a ghost inside Moshi. Mou Chuan was threatened, and the mysterious man asked him to deal with Li Junjie as soon as possible. Li Junjie remembered the method Chen Gang taught himself. To catch the opponent, he must hide himself, force the opponent to find himself and defeat the opponent in one fell swoop.

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