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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 7 Recap

Shi Yunhao called Uncle Qin, but Ma Qiming answered the phone. Ma Qiming blamed Shi Yunhao, saying that he had mixed feelings and let off someone who wanted to kill his father. Shi Yunhao didn’t think Li Junjie was the murderer, but he didn’t want to explain to Ma Qiming.

Moses Headquarters Supervisor Amanda and Moses Headquarters Special Representative Ling Feng came to Bacheng to deal with Li Junjie’s affairs. Ling Feng heard that Mu Chuan is related to black and white, and wanted to hear him explain why.

Mou Chuan asked Shi Yunhao to analyze who was the person who framed Li Junjie. He believed that neither Ma Qiming nor himself was necessary. He suspected that it was Meng Liang. If he let Shi Yunhao arrest Meng Liang, he could return Li Junjie’s innocence. Shi Yunhao thinks what Mu Chuan said is reasonable, but he feels that Ma Qiming, Chen Haodong and Mou Chuan are all very susceptible.

Mou Chuan met Amanda and Ling Feng, and when the two met, they fought hard and tried to test each other. Mou Chuan called Zhou Zixuan over, hoping Amanda would believe in herself.

Li Junjie was replaced in the detention room. He always recalled the process of the previous case and remembered that his gun and phone were confiscated by Mou Chuan. Amanda talked to Li Junjie and thought his case was very complicated. Li Junjie said that this organization is a code called Scorpio, and he probably knows their secrets, and their strengths and weaknesses may be reversed. Then he pointed at the microphone and deliberately said to Mou Chuan.

The headquarters decided to repatriate Li Junjie, and Shi Yunhao stated that he would confirm Li Junjie’s criminal evidence once he was repatriated. Amanda asked Ma Xiaojun to go to the police station to get Li Junjie’s files. Ma Xiaojun stopped by to visit Li Junjie in the detention room and called him, asking him to call Zhou Zixuan. I didn’t expect to hear gunshots as soon as the phone was connected.

Hassan shot and killed two people at the police station. Ma Xiaojun didn’t want to hand over his looting, so he was shot and killed in order to save Li Junjie. Li Junjie was also shot. Hassan wanted to kill him, but the alarm sounded and she had no choice but to escape, and Li Junjie chased them out together. After Zhou Zixuan arrived, Ma Xiaojun was already dead, Maya was heartbroken, Ma Xiaojun was her fiance, and she died just like that.

Maya wanted to find Li Junjie and wanted to catch him back to learn the truth about Ma Xiaojun’s death. When Zhou Zixuan saw Maya’s sadness, she also had a shadow in her heart. She remembered that when Chen Gang passed away three years ago, she couldn’t bear such a parting of life and death. Shi Yunhao couldn’t find Li Junjie. Zhou Zixuan remembered the gunshots he heard on the phone at the time, thinking that the situation must be very tense at that time.

Shi Yunhao found out the gun at the scene, which belonged to Ma Xiaojun himself, but the fingerprints on it belonged to Li Junjie, guessing it might be a prison robbery. But Zhou Zixuan didn’t think so. Mou Chuan wanted Li Junjie, but Zhou Zixuan said that Mo Shi was very likely to have a ghost, and it was a tight organization. Maya must find Li Junjie back.

Li Junjie was hit by a gunshot wound, so he reluctantly found a private doctor and frightened him with a knife to save himself. Zhou Zixuan reported to Amanda that the fourth email was sent from the internal server of Moses, suspecting that there was an internal ghost. Amanda also came to Bacheng because of this incident. Chen Gang’s death three years ago was also designed by Mo Shi Neigui.

Shi Yunhao did not believe that Li Junjie would kill his colleague because of the robbery. Mou Chuan deliberately said that he felt the same way. He was in a cooperative relationship with Meng Liang at the time, but was framed by Meng Liang. Yun Hao. Li Junjie insisted on refusing to take anesthetics and asked the doctor to contact Meng Liang and see him if he had something to do.

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