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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 13 Recap

Zhou Zixuan said that she came to Mengliang base alone, and Meng Liang said she was too naive. Shi Yunhao had already led people to surround Meng Liang and ordered that Meng Liang be found rescued and arrested. When Yun Hao’s subordinates entered Mengliang’s base, they didn’t find anyone and rushed into the air. Shi Yunhao thought that Meng Liang should have just evacuated and let others investigate quickly.

Ruan Taiyuan tied up Li Junjie’s hands, invited him to drink, and let the dancers dance ballet. Li Junjie was calm and calm, saying that he could dance, and Ruan Taiyuan invited him to dance. Li Junjie asked her why she called herself over, and Ruan Taiyuan said he wanted him to die.

Shi Yunhao came to the villa to see if there was any trace of Meng Liang, only to find that he was with Zhou Zixuan, preparing to evacuate. Shi Yunhao pointed a gun at Meng Liang, thinking that he was an international wanted criminal. Zhou Zixuan persuaded, hoping to let Meng Liang go. Meng Liang is a good man. Shi Yunhao told Zhou Zixuan to be careful. When Mou Chuan called, Shi Yunhao said that he had not caught Meng Liang. The mysterious man told Mou Chuan that he could help him find Meng Liang, but he would not be allowed to care about Li Junjie.

Ruan Taiyuan knew that many people wanted to kill Li Junjie, and posted a video on the Internet to tell everyone that Li Junjie was not dead. In the video, Li Junjie was controlled by Ruan Taiyuan, and he was to be executed within three days, to avenge the murder of Ruan Taiyuan organized by Mo Shi for so many years. Amanda has reliable news that a freighter will be docked at the pier tomorrow. It is suspected that someone from the Ruan Taiyuan organization has notified the Bacheng police. Zhou Zixuan hopes to participate, and Amanda reminds her to be careful not to act arbitrarily.

Shi Yunhao called Mou Chuan to talk about the video of Li Junjie on the Internet. Mou Chuan said that Mo Shi would not save a traitor, and that Shi Yunhao would not manage it either. Zhou Zixuan and the police surrounded the freighter, approaching layer by layer, and eventually arrested him and brought back a small head. No matter what Inspector Wu asked, the little head didn’t speak.

Zhou Zixuan came in to talk to him alone, turned off the speaker, and asked the little head to confess as soon as possible, otherwise he would be handed over to Pagan. Little Touto was scared. Zhou Zixuan knew that he was fostering his sister’s two precious sons, and hoped that he would cooperate with him. The little head confessed that Ruan Taiyuan has a wharf on the high seas and a contact point on land.

Li Junjie kept struggling, and the doctor Ruan Taiyuan organized gave him an injection to calm him down. Zhou Zixuan wanted to find Li Junjie alone, but Shi Yunhao disagreed, saying it was dangerous. Suddenly a video came again, Ruan Taiyuan organized a shooting and shot Li Junjie. Mou Chuan, Zhou Zixuan and others have seen the video. Mou Chuan called Alpha and accused them of madness, and even publicly executed Agent Moses. Alpha asked Mou Chuan to protect vx3.

Zhou Zixuan didn’t believe that this video was Li Junjie, and insisted on going to Li Junjie, but Shi Yunhao held her. Zhou Zixuan lost her mind, she said unless she saw Li Junjie’s body with her own eyes. Shi Yunhao didn’t want Zhou Zixuan to die in vain, knowing she was sad now. Mou Chuan called Shi Yunhao and asked him to come over and find him for something.

Mou Chuan congratulated Amanda and said that she could leave Bacheng, but Amanda thought that Li Junjie’s case was not over and she would still be very busy. Meng Liang blamed himself very much, thinking that his plan had killed Li Junjie, and Xiao Zheng comforted him. Chen Jingwen has been worried about Li Junjie and asked Meng Liang to save him. She didn’t know about the video.

Mo Shi talked a lot, saying that Shi Yunhao had deliberately let Li Junjie away at the lighthouse. Shi Yunhao played back the shooting video, but did not find anything, and the video did not seem to be edited. Maya confirmed that the video was indeed live. Zhou Zixuan told Amanda that she decided to go to Ruan Taiyuan to organize and investigate the matter.

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