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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 12 Recap

When Shi Yunhao packed up, he saw that Zhou Zixuan had packed up earlier than himself. After returning to Bacheng, Mu Chuan asked Shi Yunhao and Zhou Zixuan’s purpose of coming back. Shi Yunhao didn’t see any purpose. He went to Chonghai this time, only to show her where Li Junjie was when he was a child. Mou Chuan’s informant found out that Li Junjie was in Chonghai, and the informant was reliable, indicating that Li Junjie was not dead. Shi Yunhao said that he would bring back Li Junjie as soon as possible, and the people of Moshi would not let others deal with it.

Zhou Zixuan told Amanda that Shi Yunhao came to Chonghai this time, ostensibly to take him home, but to know whether Li Junjie was alive. Amanda checked Chen Jingwen’s passport, and the entry and exit records showed that she entered Rao, but never came out. Zhou Zixuan felt very strange and wanted all the entry records of Lao Customs.

Meng Liang taught Li Junjie to gamble and learn to play poker so as to get close to Bath. Chen Jingwen accompanied Li Junjie in disguise and entered the casino to challenge the croupier. Ba thought to see who it was, and told Li Junjie that the dealer shouldn’t bet money, and that he was the owner of this casino and could accompany him. Li Junjie said that he had 10 million, but Buss used 20 million to block all of them. Meng Liang kept monitoring and thought that it was only Li Junjie’s luck.

After playing for a while, Li Junjie lost all his 10 million. Bass thought he had no capital to continue gambling with him. Li Junjie glanced at Chen Jingwen and winked at her, intending to bet her as a gambling chip. Bass saw that Chen Jingwen was a beauty, and readily agreed to continue gambling with Junjie Li. Xiao Zheng was also anxious through monitoring, thinking that Li Junjie would definitely lose if he continued to do this.

But Junjie Li lost again, Bass said Chen Jingwen should go with him, Junjie Li bet his life. I thought that Buss was set to win, but Li Junjie was out of luck and actually won. Li Junjie didn’t want money, saying that the purpose of coming here was to do business with Buss. Buss moved away from the people around him. Li Junjie wanted to get large quantities of drugs. Buss said that he could not be the master and he had to ask his boss.

Mou Chuan asked Zhou Zixuan to adjust her mentality, and asked her if there was any news about Li Junjie. Zhou Zixuan answered no. Mu Chuan asked Jiang Hua to keep an eye on Zhou Zixuan.

Li Junjie came to the hotel alone, and Chen Jingwen watched Buzz not appear for a long time, worrying that Li Junjie would be in danger. Meng Liang and Xiao Zheng had been monitoring and waiting for Li Junjie’s news in the car, but the people in Calais opened the car door and grabbed Chen Jingwen. Calais said that he did not shoot Meng Liang because he wanted to pay back his favor. Calais asked Meng Liang to tell Li Junjie that if he didn’t want Chen Jingwen to have an accident, he should come to him as soon as possible.

Chen Jingwen asked Calais to untie herself, saying that she was not familiar with Li Junjie. Meng Liang disagreed with Li Junjie’s rescue of Chen Jingwen, thinking that he would ruin all plans if he went in this way. Li Junjie thought it was a human life, so Meng Liang was not allowed to control himself, and he asked him to call Buss and ask to see their boss behind the scenes.

Li Junjie used herself to replace Chen Jingwen, Chen Jingwen resisted desperately, not wanting Li Junjie to go with Calais. Chen Jingwen begged Meng Liang to save Li Junjie. Meng Liang was angry and said she was a burden. Chen Jingwen blamed herself.

Zhou Zixuan came to the private doctor again, hoping that the doctor would confess, otherwise he would use the police force to close his house. Calais took Li Junjie to the boat and put his black pocket around his head. Zhou Zixuan had been observing the doctor’s movements secretly, and found that he was in contact with Meng Liang, and immediately told Amanda. Mou Chuan also got a tip and knew about Meng Liang’s base and asked Shi Yunhao to lead someone to arrest him. If necessary, he could kill him, but he couldn’t tell other people about this.

Li Junjie meets the international wanted criminal Ruan Taiyuan (played by Jiang Wenli). Ruan Taiyuan says he knows why Chen Gang and his parents died. Zhou Zixuan followed the doctor to the Mengliang base and heard that Li Junjie was taken away by Calais. Meng Liang appeared and told the brothers to retreat, saying that this place had been exposed.

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