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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Jingwen was hungry and ordered takeaway, which shocked Hassan’s eyeliner. The takeaway was delivered to the door of the alley. Li Junjie asked him what to take out. The takeaway replied that it was tomato spaghetti, which was indeed ordered by Chen Jingwen, and asked the takeaway to put it at the door. When Li Junjie opened the door, Hassan burst in, and the two started a fierce battle.

During the fight, Hassan wrapped a wire around Li Junjie’s neck. At a critical moment, Chen Jingwen stunned Hassan with a wine bottle. To save Chen Jingwen, Li Junjie was stabbed in his arm and dragged Chen Jingwen to run outside. Hassan chased her out and saw Zhou Zixuan calling her, Hassan backhanded a throwing knife, but did not stab Zhou Zixuan.

Zhou Zixuan walked into Li Junjie’s alley room and saw the pictures on the computer screen and the pictures on the wall. She remembered what Li Junjie had said to herself, recalled the sweet love between the two, knowing that she had misunderstood Li Junjie, she cried. When the car scrap shop met again, Li Junjie always remembered the time he met Zhou Zixuan.

Mou Chuan called Zhou Zixuan to care about her, and asked her not to worry too much, she would definitely have a good result. When Mu Chuan asked him out to drink, Shi Yunhao used two idioms to tell him when he was duplicity and knowing his heart well. When Shi Yunhao pretended not to understand, Mu Chuan said that Li Junjie was not dead, exposing Shi Yunhao’s lie and duplicity. Mu Chuan asked Shi Yunhao to take Zhou Zixuan back, and Li Junjie by the way, so that he would go to Chonghai.

Shi Yunhao recalled that Chen Gang told himself before that he also had a good brother for ten years, but in an earthquake, Chen Gang and his brother were crushed by the board of the room. The brother gave Chen Gang the only water to save him, so he died. . Chen Gang lamented the brotherhood and thought that the relationship between Shi Yunhao and Li Junjie was very difficult, and hoped that they will not only have a decade, but will always be well.

Chen Jingwen took Li Junjie to the video game base where she usually played with her friends, and most people would not know. Li Junjie thought it was still unsafe and asked her to decipher the clues of the USB flash drive as soon as possible. She was not allowed to go to the toilet, so she changed into a clean dress by the way. Chen Jingwen did not want to go to the safe house, saying that the safe house was not safe, so she believed in Li Junjie and believed that only he could protect herself. Li Junjie asked her to go to the safe house, and Chen Jingwen threatened him with a USB flash drive. If he didn’t take her with him, she would delete the contents. Li Junjie has nothing to do with her.

Shi Yunhao came to Chonghai and found Li Junjie’s alley house. Seeing the photos inside, I can believe how much he and Zhou Zixuan love each other. He sat on the sofa and kept thinking, this is where he and Li Junjie grew up together. Shi Yunhao recalled that when he first came here, because he was wearing aristocratic student clothes, he was laughed at by the children in the orphanage, and he almost fought. It was Li Junjie who stood up and helped him.

Shi Yunhao told Zhou Zixuan what Li Junjie said before he fell into the sea because he suspected that Mu Chuan had framed him, just to prevent Zhou Zixuan from being in danger, so there was no way to tell her that Li Junjie could only choose to disappear temporarily. Zhou Zixuan thought it was dangerous to do so, and worried that Li Junjie would fight alone. Shi Yunhao hoped that Zhou Zixuan and himself would return to Mo Shi first and use Mo Shi’s resources to help Li Junjie. Moreover, if Li Junjie can escape the danger smoothly, someone must be helping him.

Li Junjie brought Chen Jingwen to Mengliang’s base, and Meng Liang praised him for taking back the chip and bringing back the beauty. Before Li Junjie introduced, Meng Liang recognized Chen Jingwen as a top computer genius. Meng Liang passed the contents of the chip to his subordinates so that he must keep an extra copy. After the efforts of Xiao Zheng and Chen Jingwen, it was discovered that the contents of the decompression office had hundreds of companies under the name of one person, and Mou Chuan had also transferred money to this person. Li Junjie thinks to find this person, this person is Buss, who specializes in the drug business, and he is not sure if he is behind the scenes or someone else.

When Shi Yunhao saw Zhou Zixuan unhappy, Zhou Zixuan returned to the hotel, hoping that Amanda would help herself to check Li Junjie’s exit record. Amanda thinks Zhou Zixuan is always inconvenient to check on her own, and asks her to return to Mo Shi first. Zhou Zixuan promised to return to Mo Shi, Mu Chuan asked Shi Yunhao about Zhou Zixuan’s emotions, and Shi Yunhao said Zhou Zixuan agreed to come back with him.

Shi Yunhao recalled that when he was in the orphanage, he took a bath and was taken away by other children, and laughed at him for not having parents. Li Junjie stood up and gave Shi Yunhao a piece of chocolate. Both said that their parents had gone far away, and they felt sorry for each other.

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