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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 10 Recap

The Marine Police searched for three days but couldn’t find Li Junjie. Mu Chuan felt that he would never be able to find it, and asked Jiang Hua to take Shi Yunhao to the shooting range. Mu Chuan asked Shi Yunhao to care more about Zhou Zixuan, and maybe he could win affection. Meng Liang found out that the person who killed Li Junjie was Hassan, and made fun of him as being very valuable in the eyes of his opponent.

When Chen Gang recruited him to enter Mo Shi, he was also there. It turned out that Li Junjie and Shi Yunhao were watching a fighting performance. The cash was robbed and beaten. Meng Liang felt that Li Junjie had good bones and asked Chen Gang to recruit them. Li Junjie thought it was a liar at first, but Shi Yunhao thought it was pretty good.

Zhou Zixuan doubted everything about Mo Shi, she didn’t trust anyone, and Amanda asked her to protect herself. If she didn’t get used to it, she could withdraw from the investigation. Meng Liang told Li Junjie that Mou Chuan has been framed him because the chip in his hand is very important, and it is urgent to crack the chip. According to the clues, there is a string of codes on the dark web that is the same as the chip code. The address found is in Chonghai. He asked him to find a way to find this person. Only by cracking the chip can he know who killed Chen Gang.

Xiao Zheng contacted Chen Jingwen through the dark web, saying that he was the one who could help her crack the code. Chen Jingwen increased her vigilance and did not believe what Xiao Zheng said, thinking that he was inexplicable. Li Junjie found Chen Jingwen’s place according to the address given by Xiao Zheng. Unexpectedly, Hassan had long been ambushing at Chen Jingwen’s house, trying to assassinate Chen Jingwen. Fortunately, Li Junjie was present and temporarily knocked Hasan down and took Chen Jingwen away.

Chen Jingwen didn’t believe that Li Junjie was good or bad, Li Junjie took out the photo, and Chen Jingwen recognized him as Zhou Zixuan’s boyfriend. Li Junjie opened two rooms at the hotel, and Hassan followed immediately. Chen Jingwen kept talking and didn’t believe that Li Junjie was a good person. Li Junjie guessed that Hassan would come, and deliberately left an empty room to let Hassan fooled. Chen Jingwen didn’t believe it, but when she saw Hasan really came, she realized that she was the killer and the murderer who killed Li Yun.

Li Junjie asked Chen Jingwen what he meant to publish the code online. Chen Jingwen confessed that she didn’t know anything. The hacker sent it to herself the night before the accident. She wanted to attract the hacker but found nothing.

Maya found Li Junjie’s passport and issued it to Mou Chuan immediately. After seeing it, Amanda told Zhou Zixuan of the incident. It was found that Li Junjie used this passport to enter Chonghai, but there was no exit record in Bacheng, and he was suspected of being deleted. Zhou Zixuan was very excited, so she quickly contacted Shi Yunhao and asked him to come to her home.

Chen Jingwen said that the codes were all in the company, so Li Junjie was brought in. The front desk would not let him in, thinking it was Chen Jingwen’s boyfriend, so she agreed. Chen Jingwen copied the code into the U disk, but did not give it to Li Junjie.

Zhou Zixuan was going to Chonghai to confirm whether Li Junjie was alive. Shi Yunhao disagreed, thinking it was too dangerous, but Zhou Zixuan insisted on going and found out that he had his information at Chonghai International Hotel. Mou Chuan already knew that Zhou Zixuan had gone to Chonghai, and that it was Amanda that might have leaked the news to Zhou Zixuan.

Zhou Zixuan came to Chonghai Hotel and found Li Junjie and Chen Jingwen through surveillance, but when she saw the two close together, she felt sour in her heart until she saw Hasan appear at the hotel. Zhou Zixuan quickly contacted Amanda to confirm that Li Junjie was alive and asked her to continue to check Li Junjie’s news.

Li Junjie took Chen Jingwen to a secret place. Hassan couldn’t find it, but someone told her to let her go to an alley. Li Junjie found the code, which was a sign of Scorpio. He guessed that Li Yun was the hacker, but he couldn’t know the password. Li Junjie asked Chen Jingwen to stay abroad for a period of time, but Chen Jingwen was unwilling to let Li Junjie protect her.

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