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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 25 Recap

Sheng Chumu approached Princess Han for help, but Princess Han said that Sheng Chumu had no hope at all. The Queen would only choose between King Zhou and King Liang. In the palace, she only talked about status and status. Princess Han even regretted it if she hadn’t insisted. When Fu Rou was called into the mansion, things like this would not happen.

Princess Han persuaded Sheng Chumu not to be impulsive, and the queen’s dignity should not be offended. She also persuaded Sheng Chumu to consider Mahainiu, saying that Mahainiu is really persevering. In order for Sheng Chumu to insist on learning etiquette embroidery, Sheng Chumu dismissed Ma Hainiu. Ma Hainiu heard Sheng Chumu’s words and was very disappointed with Sheng Chumu.

Ma Hainiu was very sad after returning home. She took out the gift she was going to give to Sheng Chumu and prepared to settle the gift by herself. Lian Yan’er saw this scene and saw that she really liked Sheng Chumu, so she taught her how to pursue a man. Lian Yan’er told Mahainiu not to pester Sheng Chumu, saying that people are sordid. When Mahainiu ignores Sheng Chumu, Sheng Chumu will post it. Mahainiu obeyed, and went to Hanwang Mansion to continue. Learn.

The four men vying to marry Fu Rou spread all over the palace. Everyone who didn’t know about Fu Rou thought that Fu Rou was a man with strong hands. Li Baolin approached Fu Rou to discuss the matter. She persuaded Fu Rou not to act rashly. Angry the queen not only harmed herself, but also Sheng Chumu. In fact, the queen knew the emperor’s thoughts a long time ago, and knew that the emperor actually wanted to give Fu Rouxu to the king of Zhou, but it was not good to directly dismiss the emperor’s face.

The queen came forward to deal with the matter. In order to let the marriage stop, Fu Rou deliberately said bad things about Sun Lingshu in front of Sun Lingshu’s maid Double Happiness, acting as if she wanted to marry King Zhou as soon as possible.

Sheng Chumu began to pretend to be crazy and behaved stupid again. Mrs. Sheng felt that Sheng Chumu had hit the evil spirits, so she asked Sheng Chujun to go to Fu’an Temple to worship and exorcise evil spirits. Sheng Chujun didn’t want to kowtow at first for the wishing charm, but seeing Sun Lingwei piously kowtow with ten steps, he was interested in Sun Lingshu, so he kowtowed with her, and struck up Sun Lingwei facelessly. Sun Lingwei didn’t get the wishing charm. Sheng Chujun took a peace knot from Sheng Chuling before and gave the peace knot to Sun Lingwei. Sun Lingwei was very grateful and said that if her wish was fulfilled, she would come back and repay it.

Sheng Chumu took a handkerchief made by herself and gave it to Princess Han, begging her to go to the palace and do something for herself. Princess Han couldn’t hold back Sheng Chumu, so she could only enter the palace to meet the queen and said she wanted to give it to Fu. Rou took a handkerchief to show her feelings.

After receiving the handkerchief, Fu Rou looked at it and knew that Sheng Chumu had left a message for herself in the handkerchief. Princess Xinnan came as soon as Concubine Han left. Princess Xinnan asked Su Tianshi to see Fu Rou’s face to see who Fu Rou was best suited for. But the queen said that she had made a decision and asked Princess Xinnan. Don’t interrupt, the princess came suddenly, just as Fu Rou expected.

After double happiness went back, she told the princess Fu Rou badly. In order to prevent Fu Rou from succeeding, she came to the queen to slander Fu Rou, saying if King Zhou won Fu Rou. No matter what happened in that palace, King Zhou and Concubine Yan couldn’t escape the eyes and ears of King Zhou and Yan Fei. These words touched on the queen’s sore spot, and now she really couldn’t choose.

The helpless queen told the emperor that she could not make a choice. She had to take the advice of Princess Xin Nan and decided to let Master Su Tian show Fu Rou’s face, and Master Su would decide Fu Rou’s whereabouts. The emperor saw that she was unwilling. Marrying Fu Rou to King Zhou was a little disappointed with the Queen. She felt that the Queen was partial and would not wait to see King Zhou. The emperor agreed to the queen’s taking Fu Rou to see Master Su, and after speaking, he left the queen’s palace and went to find Yan Concubine. In fact, the queen had never liked Yan Concubine, but for the harmony of the harem, she could only be roughly silent. patience.

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