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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 24 Recap

After hesitating, Fu Rou told Li Baolin the secret of the peacock screen. She dyed the embroidery thread before. As long as the screen sees the sun, the embroidery thread will gradually fade, revealing the next layer of patterns, and the peacock will move. , But these can’t escape the eyes of experts. Now the embroidery is gone.

She is worried about being used to make a fuss. Li Baolin sees Fu Rou tells herself such a secret, knowing that Fu Rou really trusts herself, and in return, she decides Regarding Fu Rou as her true sister, she was actually prepared as early as when Fu Rou proposed to choose her son-in-law. She had people bring Fu Rou’s embroidery back today, so Lu Qi and the others picked it up. What I got was actually the ordinary embroidery made by Li Baolin, so no matter how they checked it, they couldn’t find any strangeness.

Lu Qi held a grudge against Fu Rou, and when Fu Rou was out of the palace the next day, she deliberately led King Liang to see Fu Rou, planning to let King Liang approach Fu Rou and destroy Fu Rou. When Fu Ruong and Sheng Chumu went out to play in the palace, Ma Hainiu came up and clamored to marry Sheng Chumu. Fu Rou persuaded Ma Hainiu in a few words, saying that Sheng Chumu listened to Princess Han’s words most and wanted to do it.

Sheng Chumu’s wife had to get the consent of Princess Han. Ma Hainiu obediently went to find Princess Han. Princess Han said that it would be very hard to be the wife of the country. Ma Hainiu quickly said that she was not afraid of hard work. Princess Han deliberately embarrassed Ma Hainiu and asked her to learn etiquette. It was for her to study embroidery, Mahai Niu gritted her teeth to support her and refused to give up.

When Fu Rou went back to the palace, she learned that Concubine Su was going to Yudan Pavilion by herself, so she turned and went out again. Just as Fu Rou was leaving, King Zhou’s servant came to ask if Fu Rou had returned to the palace. After learning that Fu Rou had gone to Yudan Pavilion, she went back. Reported to King Zhou. In fact, it was not Fu Rou who Su Taifei called, but Liang Wang called Fu Rou, and wanted to belittle Fu Rou.

Fu Rou bet on her own life and won the opportunity to have a dialogue with Liang Wang, saying that if she died Now, King Liang will definitely be sent back to the fief. King Liang is a little puzzled. He feels that Fu Rou is just a small female official. The emperor will not do anything to himself. Fu Rou said that people’s patience is limited.

If King Liang is right Doing it yourself is to challenge the emperor’s bottom line. King Liang was pretended to be persuaded by Fu Rou and asked Fu Rou to leave, but he didn’t believe in Fu Rou’s rhetoric at all, and grabbed Fu Rou back again. Fu Rou desperately called for help. , Sheng Chuling rushed to rescue Fu Rou, but King Liang said that Sheng Chuling was an assassin, and the guards in the palace caught Sheng Chuling.

King Liang angrily wanted to attack Sheng Chuling, and King Zhou who had reacted came to Yudan Pavilion and stopped Zhou. Wang, he drank from the guards in the palace again, drove King Liang away, and Zhou Wang confessed that for the sake of Fu Rou’s reputation, the guards who were just present were not allowed to talk about the incident. Before Sheng Chuling left, Fu Rou whispered to him. A few sentences.

Zhou Wang was a little worried and personally sent Fu Rou back. Zhou Wang didn’t want to force Fu Rou to marry him, but after this incident, Zhou Wang was worried that Liang Wang would attack Fu Rou, so he decided to ask the emperor to give him the marriage. And Sheng Chumu also heard about it, and went to the emperor the next day and asked for a marriage. When Sheng Chumu came, King Zhou had already asked the emperor to marry Fu Rou, and Yan Zifang saw King Zhou and Sheng Chumu propose marriage. He also asked the emperor to marry him.

When the emperor was having a headache, King Liang came to the emperor to ask for Fu Rou through the emperor. The emperor couldn’t deal with it, so she threw the matter to the empress. The empress knew that it was a hot potato, so she said she was sick. A few people were sent away. Sheng Chumu and Sheng Chujun interrogated the people around King Liang, and learned that Lu Qi instigated King Liang to provoke Fu Rou. Sheng Chumu hated Lu Qi even more, but now the most urgent thing is to decide where Fu Rou belongs.

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