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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 23 Recap

Princess Xinnan publicly rejected the emperor’s marriage. The emperor shut Princess Xinnan in a rage. Concubine Yan interceded for Princess Xinnan. The emperor suddenly remembered that King Zhou’s birthday was approaching, but Concubine Yan said that King Zhou’s birthday was coming soon. The birthday is already past. I saw that the emperor was worried about the previous affairs, so he didn’t remind the emperor. The emperor felt that he owed the king a little, so he planned to compensate the king. Yan Fei took the opportunity to ask the emperor for his son a wish.

In order to refuse to marry Princess Xinnan, she told the emperor Fu Rou knew why she did not want to marry Lu Qi. The emperor was a little confused. Fu Rou asked him. Fu Rou asked with questions and asked to talk to Princess Xinnan alone. Princess Xinnan Begging Fu Rou to help her, Fu Rou could only agree to help. Fu Rou thought about it and asked Princess Xin Nan to invite a big Buddha. Fu Rou found the emperor and said that Princess Xinnan did not want to marry Lu Qi because of Queen Taifu, and that Princess Xinnan was full of nostalgia and admiration for Queen Taifu. Besides, she also admired Queen Taifu’s marriage, Princess Xinnan.

Once vowed to marry a martial and civil servant, the emperor said that Lu Qi is also a civil and martial artist. Why didn’t Princess Xinnan marry? And Lu Qi hadn’t passed the checkpoint in Queping, saying that Princess Xinnan had invited the Supreme Emperor. , The Supreme Emperor told the story of Queping’s selection, and asked the emperor to set up this checkpoint for Princess Xin Nan, and the emperor had to agree. However, Lu Qi’s archery skills were superb, and Sheng Chuling worried that Lu Qi would pass the test smoothly, but Sheng Chumu assured him that Fu Rou would definitely find a way.

On the day when Queping chose the horse, Sheng Xiaojing brought Sheng Chuling to see the emperor, hoping that Sheng Chuling could also participate in the competition, but the emperor did not agree, but let the two of them watch from the side. Lu Qi took the arrow and started aiming, but on the screen. Fu Rou’s silk thread had already been moved by Fu Rou’s hands and feet, and the reflection of the sunlight affected Lu Qi’s head.

Lu Qi failed to shoot the peacock in the eye, and his marriage to Princess Xin Nan also fell through. Lu Qi told Lu Yunji that when he approached Queping, he found that the peacock was moving. Lu Yunji felt that this was strange, so he asked Lu Qi to bring the embroidery. Fu Rou wanted Yang Bai to retrieve the embroidery and destroy the evidence. But Lu Qi had already taken the embroidery away for research. Lu Yunji was going to ask Lu Qi to investigate exactly what Fu Rou had done. Fu Yin heard the conversation between the two behind the screen and planned to help Fu Rou destroy the evidence, but But no chance was found.

Seeing that Fu Yin was still sad, Lu Qi couldn’t help but feel soft about Fu Yin, so he stepped forward and comforted a few words. Fu Yin said that his bracelet had broken. Lu Qi saw that Fu Yin missed her mother, so she said that she also missed her mother very much. His mother died young, and it was his aunt who rescued him and Lu Yingying, so no matter how bad Lu Hanxing, he could not kill her only son, Lu Hanxing, no matter how bad Lu Hanxing was, he could not kill her only son, Lu Hanxing.

Lu Qi showed mercy to Lu Hanxing’s men, but Lu Hanxing With a grudge against Lu Qi, Hong Yide arrested Lu Hanxing and prepared to use him. Lu Hanxing proposed to cooperate with Hong Yide in order to save his life and promised to help him find out about Lu Qi and the palace. In exchange, he asked Hong Yide to kill him. Lu Qi, in this way he is Lu Yunji’s only nephew, and Cai Guogong’s position will be his in the future.

Fu Rou couldn’t find the embroidery, so she was restless. She couldn’t sleep at night and went to play chess with Li Baolin. Li Baolin guessed what was happening to Fu Rou and asked her how she did it. Fu Rou hesitated and told her in fear. Li Baolin would kill her.

The Lu family invited many famous embroidery masters to study Fu Rou’s embroidery, and also invited the most famous King Zhang Embroidery to study. Fu Yin was very nervous and worried about what Zhang Embroidery King would see, which would be detrimental to Fu Rou.

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