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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 30 Recap

Qi Xiao received the news from Su Yang and learned that the original design competition was approaching. As long as he participated and won the competition, he would get a venture fund. Shen Ruoxin believed that this opportunity was very important, so he encouraged him to participate seriously, but Qi Xiao suddenly made a request, hoping that Shen Ruoxin would apply for annual leave with the company after he won the award, and the two would travel the world together.

Gu Yutao suddenly approached Shen Ruoxin to learn about new energy vehicles. In fact, he was inquiring about Shen Ruoxin’s private life in disguise. Especially when he heard that she had a boyfriend before, he immediately realized that the other party should be Qi Xiao, who had a relationship with him last night. Even so, Gu Yutao still did not give up on the pursuit. He felt that Shen Ruoxin was a very wise independent woman and should find a man with a very successful career, not the poor boy who looked like a fledgling young man.

Shen Ruoxin actually disagrees with Gu Yutao’s perception. She yearns for love. However, the other party values ​​reality more. The three views are inconsistent with each other, and it is impossible to talk deeply. Therefore, out of courtesy, Shen Ruoxin accompanies him to lunch, and then leaves in a hurry. As a result, he just went to the coffee shop to buy coffee and discovered that Qi Xiao had already greeted the coffee shop assistant.

Since the newly appointed Vice President Fang arrived in Shanghai ahead of schedule, all departments of the company were preparing for reporting. Colleagues talked privately about the identity of the Vice President who had never met. They only knew that the other party was a woman and a vigorous and powerful woman. As everyone entered the conference room one after another, Ruan Ye gathered the managers of other departments, scornfully mocking Shen Ruoxin.

Just as a few managers turned the topic to Mr. Fang, discussing how this person loves to use female players, but Mr. Fang suddenly appeared, first introduced himself, and then started to dismiss him, and he did not show mercy to Liu Pei and other managers at all. surface. Fang always belongs to a sales background, so his style of work has always been simple and straightforward. Liu Pei also wanted to rely on his veteran status to give Fang Zongzi, but he did not know that Fang was not afraid, and clearly pointed out Liu Pei’s identity and reminded him not to interfere in the new energy department in the future. Things.

Mr. Fang’s decision to kill and kill Shen Ruoxin deeply admired, seeing Liu Pei being decentralized, the previous anxiety finally came to an end. Shen Ruoxin went to see Mr. Fang in person and expressed his welcome generously and humbly, and hoped to become someone like her one day. Fang is always optimistic about Shen Ruoxin, so she reminds her that if she wants to become a strong woman, she should not be influenced by outside public opinion first.

Managers of various departments went to report to Mr. Fang one after another. Everyone was panicked. Even Ruan Ye felt that Mr. Fang was more difficult to deal with than Mr. Xu Minjie. Liu Pei disagrees, but the new energy department has received great news, and the vice president Fang just took office and directly awarded quarterly bonuses and allowances to all employees.

Qi Xiao personally came to pick up Shen Ruoxin from get off work, finally fulfilling the previous appointment. Now that both of them are in their own world, Shen Ruoxin can work safely under Mr. Fang, and Qi Xiao does not have to apply for interest-free loans because Zhu Lin has already found investors who can provide sufficient funds for the store.

Originally, Qi Xiao had booked tickets for horror movies in advance, and imagined that Shen Ruoxin would hide in his arms when watching horror movies. He didn’t expect that Shen Ruoxin would have watched it several times and was not afraid at all. On the other hand, Qi Xiao was frightened constantly by the screams of the girls around him, and Shen Ruoxin was very indifferent throughout the whole process, even after the end, he was still discussing the logic in the horror film.

After the date, Qi Xiao reluctantly bid farewell to Shen Ruoxin. He didn’t expect to find Su Yang’s parents uninvited when he returned home. Qi Xiao arranged for his parents to stay at home for one night, so he made an excuse to leave, but actually went to ask Shen Ruoxin to take him in. Su Yang’s parents told Su Yang to go back to his hometown to take a civil service examination, but Su Yang only wanted to stay in Shanghai because he already had a career he loved and a girl he loved.

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