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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 29 Recap

Because of Shen Ruoxin, You Sijia did not go well in the Legal Department and was often bullied by Assistant Ruan Ye. Shen Ruoxin advises You Sijia, and when he is embarrassed next time, he will refute Assistant Ruan Ye in public, because he knows Ruan Ye is a suspicious person, and any tougher attitude will arouse the suspicion of the other party, thinking that he is in his hands. Handle.

Since Qi Xiao left the company, Shen Ruoxin needed to recruit an assistant again. Taking into account Qi Xiao’s jealous temperament, the Human Resources Department arranged for a suitable girl. At this time, the old classmate called Shen Ruoxin to attend the class reunion. It is said that Gu Yutao was transferred from Singapore to the domestic law firm to follow up a major case of a group listing.

That night, everyone arrived one after another, and the appearance of Shen Ruoxin made Gu Yutao’s eyes bright. The two were once the enviable golden boys and girls in the school, and their academic performance was always among the best. Until Gu Yutao went abroad to study after graduation, they had no contact. Today, Gu Yutao has become a well-known and successful person among his classmates, but he is self-satisfied and arrogant. Even if he is divorced, he still has to blame the woman’s status and status as his own, so he feels inferior and filed for divorce.

Gu Yutao took the initiative to mention that he and Shen Ruoxin had an agreement at the time that if the two were not married when they were together, they would just live together. Shen Ruoxin was quite embarrassed amid the roar of the classmates. She immediately said that she already had a boyfriend, but this sentence caught Gu Yutao’s attention.

After the class, Shen Ruoxin went home and saw the note that Qi Xiao posted on the door, and felt a warm feeling in his heart. When he went to work the next day, Xu Minjie held a remote meeting to repeatedly emphasize the business of new energy vehicles. At the same time, he announced that it would be divided into two sales departments. The traditional department will be handed over to Liu Pei to continue to lead the management. As for the sales of new energy vehicles, the headquarters will send The new vice president who is here is responsible for the arrangements.

Although Liu Pei was dissatisfied with Xu Minjie’s decision, he couldn’t overrule the decision of the headquarters. He was only angry and Shen Ruoxin used a trick to draw a salary from the bottom of the pan, and at the same time reminded Ruan Ye to pay attention to Shen Ruoxin and try not to offend this woman. Shen Ruoxin talked to Qi Xiao about the content of today’s meeting, and the whole person was refreshed, especially when he witnessed Liu Pei’s deflated appearance, the cloud that had suppressed his heart for a long time finally disappeared completely.

Qi Xiao saw Shen Ruoxin’s smiling face restored, so he wanted to take her to a date, but just halfway through, Shen Ruoxin received a call from Shen’s mother, claiming that Gu Yutao invited their mother and daughter to dinner. Because Gu Yutao was a student of Shen’s mother and she trained it by herself, she wanted to match him with Shen Ruoxin.

However, after years of absence, Gu Yutao’s performance has greatly disappointed Shen’s mother, especially his remarks about his marriage, which reveals contempt for his ex-wife from the inside out. Qi Xiao was jealous and Shen Ruoxin was arranged to go on a blind date, so she took the initiative to accompany her in the restaurant. Unexpectedly, Shen’s mother had already given up the idea of ​​matching, and even privately told Shen Ruoxin to stay away from Gu Yutao as much as possible.

In order to prevent Gu Yutao from pursuing her daughter, Shen’s mother asked Qi Xiao to help keep an eye on the wind, and the two of them contacted at any time. Qi Xiao was very happy because of Shen’s mother’s attitude. Shen Ruoxin couldn’t help discussing Gu Yutao with him on the way back. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that he was interesting to Shen Ruoxin.

At the same time, Su Yang planned to pick You Sijia from get off work, but it was unexpected that You Sijia took the time to learn the operation of the official account in the adult class. This made him understand that everything You Sijia did was for himself and wanted to be in the future. Help him build a public account and concentrate on creating without any worries.

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