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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 27 Recap

Wang Xianmin’s big goose is missing one more. Obviously the big goose is missing. Wang Xianmin is so anxious at the moment that he can’t be happy. The big goose was hit by Xiaoxuan who was going to the army to sell goods. Seeing the big goose squatting in the middle of the road, she simply took it home. Ouyang Jun helped Huang Wen to bring his luggage to the dormitory. Huang Wen asked Yan Yibing to help him talk about a voluntary symposium. Ouyang Jun thanked Huang Wen and thanked her for helping her establish her outlook on life and family.

Maybe he was too old before. Huang Wen was very pleased to be self-conscious, and told Ouyang Jun that he failed the psychological test for enlisting in the army that year. In order to help him contain his office, he needed Xia Zhuo and them, and the three of them also needed Ouyang Jun. But Ouyang Jun thinks that Xia Zhuo is the most stable triangle. If you add another one, it will become a quadrilateral. Huang Wen drew a triangle on the paper. Which triangle or triangle is stronger? Ouyang Jun suddenly understood that if he could think about the problem from another dimension, this matter would be very different.

Hou Jidong asked Xia Zhuo, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng to come over, saying that the four big geese were fed by Wang Xianmin, but now there is only one left. Taking advantage of today’s holiday, Hou Jidong asked Xia Zhuo to retrieve the big goose. At the village elementary school under the mountain, Liang Nuo was teaching the children to sing.

Xiaoxuan came back with the big goose. Her father asked her if she went to the army to sell goods. This would not belong to the army. Xiaoxuan felt that the People’s Liberation Army could not raise geese. Simply picked it up. My father asked her to ask who sent it back, and I couldn’t ask for the things I picked up. Xiaoxuan found a lot of reasons before persuading her father to raise her first and be a school pet for the children.

Xia Zhuo, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zi dreamed out, looking for geese along the pond. Huang Wen saw Yan Yibing crying and hurried to comfort. Yan Yibing was criticized by Lu Zheng. The mask he bought was a fake. All were male soldiers. Yan Yibing had no one to speak. He complained like seeing his relatives when he saw Huang Wen. , Huang Wen comforted and said that she would use her own mask.

Xiaoxuan set up a nest for Big Goose and confessed that she did go to the army to sell things, so that Liang Nuo must not let her father know. Huang Wen came to Shao Shuai because of Yan Yibing’s affairs. A female soldier who had no one to speak for a long time would really have psychological problems. Anyway, she was transferred to the base hospital and decided to help them find a female soldier who specializes in many skills to accompany Yan Yibing. child.

Xia Zhuo, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng chased the wheels all the way, analyzed that the town below was the town, and decided to chase them all the way. Liang Nuo and Xiaoxuan took the children along the road to sing. Xia Zhuo heard the singing and hurriedly chased them. Liang Nuo returned to school and saw the word Xia Zhuo left on the blackboard looking for a goose outside. It turned out that the three of Xia Zhuo came to the school and saw Liang Nuo’s name on the announcement.

Liang Nuo was not there, so they could only leave these words. Liang Nuo rushed into the office and turned on the phone. Xia Zhuo also kept waiting for the news without leaving the phone. But before it was time, the time was up and Ouyang Jun took the phone away. When Ouyang Jun saw something in his mind, he persuaded him to learn to let go. Because of the internet, it took a long time for Liang Nuo to see Xia Zhuo’s friend application.

When the whistle sounded, the transfer platoon had an accident while transporting missiles. Lang Yongcheng was injured. They had to walk to the scene on foot. Lang Yongcheng’s left face was all blood. It turned out that there was a landslide on the road, and a stone hit Lang Yongcheng’s left forehead. Yan Yibing can only do simple handling. Lu Zheng asked Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun to carry Lang Yongcheng to the hospital. Lin Anbang was heartbroken to see Lang Yongcheng like this. Lu Zheng was in a hurry because he couldn’t send a driver.

This was a special driving on special roads, and not everyone could drive. Lin Anbang asked him to try. Lang Yongcheng told him the formula. Missile vehicles and missiles are priceless treasures. Lu Zheng could not rest assured to give them to Lin Anbang. Lin Anbang recounted his understanding. An Lei called to hear about this and decided to let Lin Anbang try.

Lin Anbang got into the car nervously, remembering the formula taught by Lang Yongcheng, carefully looking at the environment, and finally drove the car out of the rocky scene. When Lang Yongcheng woke up, the first question he asked was about the car, and Shao Shuai quickly told him that the car was all right, so that he could feel relieved. Lang Yongcheng’s heart has not been at ease, and he has to sit in a wheelchair late at night and wait for the bus to come back.

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