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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 26 Recap

Lu Zheng asked Lang Yongcheng to take care of the car, and Lang Yongcheng was obviously happy. In the evening, all soldiers of the Battle Blade Company suddenly appeared, and Xia Zhuo was still pushing the cake. Today is the birthday of Lang Yongcheng’s most beloved car, and today is also the birthday of the launch car. Lang Yongcheng is very moved. At this time, Lu Zheng also received a call from Lang Yongcheng’s veteran squad leader. Lu Zheng transferred the call to Lang Yongcheng. Lang Yongcheng bowed his head and refused to speak.

The old squad leader said that Lang Yongcheng’s five-centimeter deviation was insignificant compared to his deviation. That mistake was his responsibility. Lang Yongcheng couldn’t help crying. He was really very I miss the monitor. The squad leader comforted Lang Yongcheng that everything was over, hoping that he would stop carrying this burden. Lang Yongcheng squatted on the ground and said all the things he wanted to say to the squad leader for many years, crying and laughing. Finally, everyone left a group photo in front of the 321 car.

Xia Zhuo played on the basketball court. Ouyang Jun came to give Xia Zhuo a bottle of water and also played basketball. Xia Zhuo had known him for so many years and had never seen him play, and the two came to try it out with interest. Ouyang Jun saw that Xia Zhuo had something on his mind after returning from Qingdao. He guessed that it was related to Liang Nuo, because Xia Zhuo always looked at his mobile phone recently, and always looked disappointed after reading it. Xia Zhuo didn’t deny it either, but Ouyang Jun suddenly said that these were not like his style.

But Ouyang Jun asked him what style he should be, arrogant and indifferent? Ouyang Jun suddenly sighed, and said thank you awkwardly to Xia Zhuo, the salted fish was delicious. Huang Wen contacted Ouyang Jun’s mother. Her mother has been contacting Ouyang Jun for these years and hoped that she would follow her to overseas, but there was no response. Maybe Ouyang Jun is complaining about her leaving without saying goodbye, but no one can give up family affection, no matter how old. The estrangement will disappear.

Huang Wen herself also has a lot of troubles. She doesn’t know how to get along with her father, although she loves him very much and hopes to be with him all the time. Huang Wen decided to transfer to the base. When he told his father the news, his father was still very worried, but he also knew that the Rocket Army base was highly classified. He could only ask Huang Wen to point out where the Rocket Army base was on the map. The base is far from here, but Father Huang still expressed his support for Huang Wen. Some time ago, Huang Wen told Ouyang Jun that his mother had always blamed herself for what happened back then, and hoped that Ouyang Jun could give her a chance to apologize.

After Huang Wen told his mother Ouyang Jun’s contact information, Ouyang Jun also replied to her. In fact, Ouyang Jun never hated her, but he didn’t know how to face it, and missed her very much, and looked forward to seeing her. Huang Wen was very pleased to see Ouyang Jun finally taking the first step. Ouyang Jun finally let go of his burden and became the happy Ouyang Jun living in the sun again, smiling to everyone as Huang Wen said.

In a rural elementary school, Liang Nuo teaches here. Yan Yibing in the army couldn’t receive the express delivery and could only buy a mask from the purchasing agent. The two wrangled for a long time because of the price, and finally they were discovered by Lu Zhengji. Lu Zheng asked Yan Yibing to write a review. Huang Wen came while criticizing her. She was going to live in Lianli for a few days. Lu Zheng asked her to live with Yan Yibing. Huang Wen found that Lu Zheng was reading a book on psychology, but Lu Zheng refused to admit it.

Huang Wen believes that the second year of college student noncommissioned officers like Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun is more important because they have to face promotion, examination, transfer to noncommissioned officers, and retirement in the second year. After setting up a database, you can see how far the recruits can go. However, Lu Zheng believes that the data and emotions in his mind are two completely different examples.

He also shared his own story with Huang Wen as an example, but Huang Wen believes that Lu Zheng Don’t accept psychology from the heart. Lu Zheng quickly denied it, but felt that these soldiers could not be viewed solely by psychological data. But since Huang Wen is here, he will also work with Huang Wen. When Ouyang Jun heard that Huang Wen was here, he came to see her, and Lu Zheng asked him to send Huang Wen to the dormitory by the way.

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