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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 10 Recap

Wen Liangye taught Pei Xiuzhe to jump in the bar, saying that only in this way would the negative emotions be released, and then helped him meet a girl in the bar, but he was very uncooperative with Pei Xiuzhe, who was deeply rooted in Yuan Siya’s affection. I wanted to help her find a girlfriend to avoid entanglement with Siya, but she was unwilling, and Wen Liangye was very helpless.

Early in the morning, Wen Jinchen who woke up early in the hotel wanted to secretly kiss Yueyue, and woke up before she kissed Yueyue. Wen Jinchen embarrassed that he was hungry and wanted to eat breakfast. Seeing that the “patient” would take the initiative to eat, Yueyue was very happy to take him to breakfast. In the middle of breakfast, he tried his best to comfort and enlighten others, but when he mentioned going to work, Wen Jinchen suddenly became unhappy and puzzled every month.

In Wen’s company, Grandpa Wen accompanied Ye Zhiyu to discuss cooperation matters. Wen Jun hurriedly blocked the “Manager Wen” sign in front of Wen Jinchen’s door, saying that Wen Jinchen had gone to meet with the client and temporarily stabilized his grandfather.

Yueyue informed Long Xiaorong of Manager Wen’s current “condition”. Long said that Manager Wen’s condition is a bit like “Working Syndrome Anxiety”. Generally, this situation requires timely treatment in the hospital, and the final outcome of this disease is very tragic. Hearing this, Yueyue rushed back to the hotel, and after entrusting the cleaning lady to open the door, she saw Manager Wen next to the sofa preparing to take medicine, thinking that he was about to take medicine to commit suicide, Yueyue hurriedly hugged him, saying that even all the world People are squeezing him out, and they will stand beside him. Wen Jinchen was very happy to see “Siya” caring about herself so much.

Yueyue took Wen Jinchen back to Wen’s house, cooking and sleeping with him. Wen Jinchen was very satisfied, and took the initiative to make breakfast the next morning, preparing to accompany Yueyue to work together. The two walked into the company hand in hand, and they happened to be seen by Ye Zhiyu. Ye was jealous. He found Yueyue privately and told “Yuan Siya” that if he didn’t leave Wen’s, he would take the Tianyi Group to withdraw from the Chengguan Commercial District.

Yueyue heard that she was afraid that Manager Wen would be stimulated again and her depression would recur, so she planned to resign. She invited Manager Wen to a high-end restaurant for dinner, and told her about her resignation. Wen Jinchen asked if there was any secret, but Yueyue denied it. That night, after turning off the lights, Wen Jinchen lowered her voice again to find Yueyue. Yueyue informed Ye Zhiyu of the threats she had made against him by the day. Wen Jinchen threatened her with a marriage contract and forbade her to leave. Yueyue, who had already doubted the identity of Manager Wen and Wen Jinchen, suddenly turned on the flash of her mobile phone, and Wen Jinchen hurriedly covered her head and left.

Yueyue found on the carpet that Wen Jinchen had been dragged off by herself at the time of the argument, and she became suspicious. Wen Jinchen also realized that “Yuan Siya” had doubted her identity. Yuan and Wen both asked Long Xiaorong and Wen Jun to do themselves a favor.

Yueyue gave Guiyi the buttons that Wen Jinchen had dropped the night before. When she went downstairs in the evening, she happened to see him sewing buttons for Wen Jinchen. When she saw the dress, Yueyue remembered that Manager Wen was also wearing it. She already understood that her master, Manager Wen, was Wen Jinchen.

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