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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 4 Recap

Li He didn’t understand why she asked Yuan Caixi for a QQ account, but she refused, but Ning Zeyu asked her to go to the bookstore, but she directly agreed. In the second year of high school, a school girl gave Li He water, but he said a lot and refused. Han Yayi asked Yuan Caixi why Li He asked her for QQ. She also knew that he wanted a QQ account and made such a big noise. Yuan Caixi is a little bit distressed that there is still a year in the future.

He affects her study so much. She thought that the physical education student had a simple mind, but she didn’t expect him to mess with her every day. She felt that he was a big trouble and hide as far as possible. . Li Hejia is a QQ account. Why is he sneaking? Yuan Caixi has good grades, but he is not bad in sports. He thinks they can help each other, and he doesn’t have to provoke her. This unites and unites classmates. Wrong, the more she avoids him, the more he has to prove it to her.

Lin Chuan asked Han Yayi to eat. From Han Yayi, Li He understood Yuan Caixi’s preferences and knew that Yuan Caixi liked mobile phones and various reference books and didn’t like watching horror movies. The four of Li He came to the bookstore and took away the book Ning Zeyu had ordered. Yuan Caixi and Ning Zeyu came to the bookstore and found that the book was gone. The four of Li He came in from the door and shouted the name of the book. He wanted to give the book to Yuan Caixi and wanted to add her to QQ. Unexpectedly, Ning Zeyu knew the teacher who wrote it. Ning Zeyu told Teacher Du Jiang that he immediately sent two autographed books.

In the past two days, the leaders will come to investigate the situation of the combined class. The second class is responsible for the open class of chemical experiments. Teacher Luo called Yuan Caixi to the office to tell her that the classmates will conduct the experiment in pairs and give the list of groups to Yuan Caixi. Yuan Caixi saw her group members on the grouping list and felt like a bolt from the blue.

She didn’t want to be with Li He. Teacher Luo said earnestly to Yuan Caixi that the survey itself is to look at the status of the class, and the physical education students must have a representative. Their foundation is a little bit worse, but Yuan Caixi, the monitor of the class, has always had such good academic performance. The teacher hopes She can take her classmates to make progress together.

After class was over, the teacher asked Yuan Caixi to help pick some dried kelp from the warehouse. Yuan Caixi looked at Li He who was standing outside the classroom reading a book and thought of an idea. She asked Han Yayi to go to the warehouse to wear white clothes and wear white clothes, while she brought Li He to the warehouse. They knew that Li He was timid and wanted to scare him. he. Li He looked at the dim road, and was a little scared before he walked to the warehouse. Yuan Caixi walked in front. Li He felt something on his back behind him. He was too scared to move.

Let Yuan Caixi take a look. Yuan Caixi took a look. The spider behind him caught in front of him, and he quickly patted the spider off. After a while, he saw another person in front of him who was wearing white clothes and draped hair. He was so scared that he trembled and guarded Yuan Caixi behind him. The spider fell on Han Yayi, and Han Yayi screamed, and Li Hyuk realized that the girl with the draped hair who was pretending to be Han Yayi was Han Yayi.

Yuan Caixi saw that Li He’s experimental procedures and experimental principles were wrong, and took the initiative to let Li He add her own QQ, so that she would ask her if she would not. The three friends just heard the interruption. Li He successfully didn’t remember the QQ number, but Lin Chuan remembered it. Li He added Yuan Caixi’s QQ. Li He wanted to say hello to her but deleted the edited words. After a while, Yuan Caixi sent a message, and he immediately returned the message. He waited again. It’s been a long time since Yuan Caixi’s message was received.

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