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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 11 Recap

Ye Xiaomei persuaded Shi Huijiao to visit Shi Changsheng in the hospital. Shi Huijiao knew that her father was cherishing her life and did not believe that he would commit suicide by taking medicine. She also asked Ye Xiaomei to use her 5,000 yuan medical expenses in the hospital to cover her living expenses. Ye Xiaomei also learned of their embarrassment from Shi Huijiao. She drove Shi Changsheng with Gao Ming overnight. She witnessed the unemployed Gao Ming working as a Didi driver. She also suffered unreasonable troubles from drunk customers. Gao Ming accompanied her smiling face and finally sent her customers home. , Shi Changsheng saw this scene, he fell into deep self-blame.

Along the way, Shi Changsheng kept cursing that he was old waste and couldn’t help his daughter’s family share the pressure. He also used Gaoming’s hard-earned money to buy health care products. Ye Xiaomei persuaded him to return to the shore. Shi Changsheng clearly remembered his wife’s instructions before his death. He stayed alive, he was trying to fulfill his wife’s dying wish, but he was self-defeating. Shi Changsheng asked Ye Xiaomei to call Xiaoqi to ease the relationship between Shi Huijiao and Gaoming in her own way.

It is a pity that Shi Changsheng replaced Gaoming. He is a software engineer who graduated with a master’s degree and went to work as a driver for Didi. Xiaoqi felt that his father was upright and bright. Money is not ashamed at all. Shi Changsheng took out all his passbooks and gave his savings of 300,000 yuan to Shi Huijiao and his wife to subsidize the family. Xiaoqi asked for the passbook password and wanted to leave.

Shi Changsheng struggled to stay with Xiaoqi for a while, rummaged around for snacks, but found nothing. Xiaoqi asked for 500 yuan. Shi Changsheng rummaged through his pockets and collected 300. He hurried out to borrow money because of him. Usually too good at calculating, no one would lend him money, when Shi Changsheng was too anxious. Ye Xiaomei just entered the door, and Shi Changsheng borrowed two hundred yuan from her. When Shi Changsheng returned to the room, Xiao Qi had already left without saying goodbye.

Shi Changsheng chased to the station in one breath, and saw Xiaoqi getting on the bus from a distance. He could only look at Xiaoqi’s back and sigh, waving the 200 yuan in his hand. Ye Xiaomei pulled out the diary left by Lin Sufen when she was alive, which recorded Shi Changsheng’s preferences in detail. Shi Changsheng loved his wife the most. She wanted to watch Xiaoqi grow up. Ye Xiaomei called Shi Changsheng overnight. Affirmed the advantages of his love for his wife, and persuaded him to write down the people who had taken advantage and owed one by one.

Early the next morning, Shi Changsheng borrowed everyone’s money one by one, and bought the fruit out of his pocket, and gave it to everyone to taste. Everyone looked at him with admiration. Shi Changsheng carefully recalled most of his life and recorded all the bad things he had done. Come down. Wu Hui learned that Ye Xiaomei had paid 1,000 yuan more for the new employees, and the old employees were dissatisfied. Wu Hui reminded Ye Xiaomei to consider the emotions of the old employees, but Ye Xiaomei disagrees.

She simply needs to exchange blood in the nursing home and replace them with new employees. Wu Hui strongly objected and urged Ye Xiaomei to correct her mentality. The two people disagree and a fierce dispute broke out. Ye Xiaomei was angry that she wanted to close the nursing home.

Ye Xiaomei packed her luggage early in the morning and was going to go home. The old people in the nursing home spontaneously sent her to the door and asked her to go back for breakfast. Ye Xiaomei was so kind, and she had breakfast with the old people. Ye Xiaomei suddenly received a call from Eva. She was driving the speakerphone. Eva asked her to join a new studio. The old people looked at Ye Xiaomei together, and she quickly picked up the phone to answer.

From that day on, the old people have been uncharacteristically respectful to Ye Xiaomei and pleased her in every way. After hearing the news, Granny Gui’s son came to take her to other nursing homes. Granny Gui turned her son away and insisted on staying in the “Sunshine House”. She had to wait for Lin Sufen to return. Little sister Ye made it clear that the nursing home would not be closed. With tears breaking into a smile, the other old people also smiled when they heard the news, and Ye Xiaomei felt fulfilled and satisfied like never before.

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