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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 3 Recap

One by one, Jiang Xiaoning had to ask Zhao Yan for help. Fortunately, a friend helped him and borrowed a new suit. Fortunately, the person in charge let himself go many times, and Jiang Xiaoning got the willingness to walk into Gu Chuan’s office. Gu Chuan’s requirements for Jiang Xiaoning are very relaxed, and his main job is to drive. As for learning, he can freely arrange. Unexpectedly, happiness will come so soon, Jiang Xiaoning is full of happiness. Gu Chuan was very kind to Jiang Xiaoning and allowed Jiang Xiaoning to come in to observe the meeting.

Unexpectedly, before stepping into the meeting room, Mr. He, who had married Jiang Xiaoning that day, stopped the two of them and insisted not to let Jiang Xiaoning enter the company. Gu Chuan realized that Mr. He’s attitude towards Jiang Xiaoning was targeted everywhere. After Mr. He’s immediate boss, Mr. Qin, appeared, Gu Chuan successfully brought Jiang Xiaoning into the meeting room. Gu Chuan confidently introduced the design concept in front of customers, and Jiang Xiaoning looked admired.

Waiting for the two to return to the underground parking lot, Jiang Xiaoning wants to help Gu Chuan buy a bottle of water. Who knows that he was targeted everywhere. The unsuccessful thing last time made He feel very upset. This time he even wanted to use tricks. Reimplement, once again violated Jiang Xiaoning. Fortunately, Gu Chuan reappeared. Seeing that He always wanted to blame Jiang Xiaoning, Gu Chuan insisted on calling the police to investigate and monitor. Only then did He stop and apologize to Jiang Xiaoning.

Gu Chuan saw that Jiang Xiaoning was frightened, so he offered to drive. Jiang Xiaoning’s view of Gu Chuan changed drastically. The admiration in his heart kept pouring out. When he got out of the car, he handed a note to Gu Chuan, saying it was his own gift, and begging Gu Chuan to wait to return home and open it again. As night fell, when Gu Chuan came home and took out the piece of paper and opened it, he saw the small flowers painted by Jiang Xiaoning on the paper. Recalling what Jiang Xiaoning had said, Gu Chuan silently retracted the note.

After Jiang Xiaoning received Gu Chuan early in the morning, he handed over the oatmeal he had prepared. Gu Chuan thought it was Su Manlin’s arrangement, so he ate at the office. Su Manlin who came in came in and heard Jiang Xiaoning’s breakfast, her expression changed. However, he calmly mentioned Nika’s design exhibition, and handed over the exhibition tickets he prepared. Who knows that Gu Chuan mentioned Jiang Xiaoning again and wanted Su Manlin to prepare another one so that Jiang Xiaoning could study with him, Su Manlin said. The above agreed, but in my heart it felt uneasy.

Zhao Yan received the news of Ouyang Tang, who had harassed herself that day, but the company wanted to cooperate with him, so Zhao Yan had to find another opportunity to discuss business with him. The boss, Mr. Wei, offered to drink and have a dinner after get off work, but Zhao Yan refused several times before she refused. Unexpectedly, the boss’s hand touched her back again, and Zhao Yan felt a tumbling in her stomach. On the other hand, Jiang Xiaoning received a call from the hospital and learned that her aunt was in the hospital for emergency treatment, so she hurriedly informed Su Manlin of the situation and hurried back to the hospital to take care of her aunt.

Zhao Yan ran into Tang Xu at the elevator entrance. As soon as Zhao Yan received the call, she hurried home with Tang Xu. Tang Xu then rushed to the hospital to help Jiang Xiaochuan. It was time to watch the exhibition. Su Manlin deliberately didn’t talk to Gu Chuan about Jiang Xiaoning’s situation, pretending that Jiang Xiaoning left for no reason. Gu Chuan asked Su Manlin to call. As soon as the call was connected, Gu Chuan questioned Jiang Xiaoning. His tone was very angry. He doubted Jiang Xiaoning’s original intention. When Jiang Xiaoning heard Gu Chuan’s questioning, his heart was full of guilt.

At this time, the nurse Gu Chuan realized that something was wrong and hurried to the hospital with Su Manlin. He saw Jiang Xiaoning’s helpless appearance. Faced with the sky-high medical expenses, Gu Chuan offered to lend the company first. Knowing that Tang Xu felt at this moment, he refused sternly, thinking that he could help Jiang Xiaoning with the money. After Jiang Xiaoning thought about it, he chose Gu Chuan. Tang Xu felt very uncomfortable.

Gu Chuan received a call from the doctor on the way home and hurried back. And Jiang Xiaoning stayed close to her aunt’s bed. Fortunately, her aunt woke up successfully, but she opened her eyes and apologized to Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning comforted her. At this moment, she became the only support in the family. The doctor was preparing Gu Chuan’s heart for an update. The doctor noticed that there was an expectation for the future in Gu Chuan’s tone. He was not as pessimistic as before, but Gu Chuan didn’t notice it at all. Perhaps his mentality has changed silently.

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