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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 9 Recap

Pan Yuqing’s boat approached the ship. Lai Shouzhang saw their movement, but when the spy was about to go to the ship to inspect the ship, he took out his gun and fired the shot. Heizi led a man to turn around to chase him, but found that Lai Shouzhang was only chasing a thief who stole a bicycle. Heizi, who returned to the pier, found that Pan Yuqing’s ship was leaving the ship. He shot the hat on the ship and asked Pan Yuqing to immediately turn around and return for inspection. Pan Yuqing asked Chaohua and the others to throw the goods into the water. Heizi searched and found no results and had to leave. The goods were actually tied to the side of the ship as the ship reached the shore smoothly.

But as soon as he got to the shore, Pan Yuqing ran into Zhang Zailin who was patrolling the river, and they had to throw the goods into the water again. After talking with Zhang Zailin, we learned that the patrol and military strength of the detective team had increased a lot after they arrived in Dapu. It was hard to send Zhang Zailin and Pan Yuqing hurriedly jumped into the river to fish up the goods.

Pan Yuqing sent the goods to Zou Shubao and told him to explain to Secretary Li the importance of establishing an armed communication line. Zou Shubao and his younger brothers carried their goods and began to climb the mountain road in the dark, even if they were sweating profusely, they did not dare to delay the journey. The three came to the traffic station in Taocun to eat supper to replenish their energy. Before leaving, Zou Shubao pressed his fingerprints to register.

Cao Ruiying is still chasing Zhou Cheng. He is very good at observing words and looks and knowing that with Lai Shouzhang’s ability and manner, he is more than willing to be a minor adjutant. Cao Ruiying believes that Dapu has been reddened, and the leader of Ma is very likely to be suspected of being common. Lai Shouzhang cleverly discovered that Cao Ruiying wanted to use this to pull the leader of Ma and Kuai County off his horse, but he never believed that the leader would Together, and promised that he would catch Zhou Cheng to see him.

Lai Shouzhang came to Sinoe to inquire about Zhou Cheng’s whereabouts. He saw Sinoe leaving by boat and knew that she must have gone to see Zhou Cheng. Lai Shouzhang wanted to find the Communist Party through Sinoe and Zou Shubao, Sinoe immediately reprimanded Lai Shouzhang for being so disregarding family affection and morality in order to get promoted and wealthy. Lai Shouzhang wanted to explain, but looking at her sister who didn’t trust her, she couldn’t explain it. Thea threatened him with his letting go of Zhou Cheng, so Lai Shouzhang was very helpless.

Thea came to Zou’s house and told her sister Lai Zhaodi about what Lai Shouzhang had done. Both of the sisters thought that Lai Shouzhang should not be believed to be prepared early. At this time, the youngest ran home and hurriedly told the two that they were robbed by bandits on the way to transport the goods. Fortunately, they were rescued by the Fujian armed forces disguised as bandits, but Zou Shubao was injured by the armed forces. Transferred to Hugang. The third child accidentally said that Lai Zhaodi and Xia learned that they are now living in Bogongwa, so Lai Zhaodi and Xia went to Bogongwa to take care of the Lai brothers.

When Lai Shouzhang received the letter from Sinoe, looking at his sister’s painstakingly persuaded language, Lai Shouzhang also had his own thoughts in his heart. Thea came to Bogong’ao over the mountains, but learned that Zou Shubao would take a few days to return to Bogong’s. She anxiously wanted to go to Gumudu. The third child tried her best to dissuade the road from being too dangerous and she would be a wolf. Leading it over would have harmed Zou Shubao, so Thea also decided to stay and wait for Zou Shubao to come back.

When she came to the accommodation room, Thea, who was born in a big family, looked at the mice running around in the room. Although she was scared, she was still strong to live in. She looked up at the red cloth strips placed on the beams of the house and found that this was what she had given to Zou Shubao. This was her first dress in the world, and it was also her infatuation for Zou Shubao. Thea shed tears with excitement. She knew that this meant that Zou Shubao had always had love for herself.

Zou Shubao, with his arm in a plaster cast, said goodbye to his comrades in the armed forces and continued to perform his tasks. Lai Zhaodi asked the reason why Thea fell in love with Zou Shubao. Thea told her that it was because Zou Shubao understood the righteousness. He was not as short-sighted as Lai Shouzhang, but was a responsible husband.

Zou Shubao finally returned to Bogongwa. He was shocked and pitiful looking at Thea who had gotten her feet on the mountain road. He knew the red clothing in her hand, and he sat down with Thea face to face. But he looked up and told his brother that he hadn’t come back alone.

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