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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 11 Recap

Ling Feng said that the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party decided to transfer personnel to the Soviet area in batches. The first group of transfers were the 7 technicians who had just returned from studying abroad. This in turn required the close cooperation of comrades on the communication line to ensure that Deliver them safely.

Lu Qingquan handed over the task of personnel transportation to Pan Yuqing, which also made Pan Yuqing more determined to set up an armed squad as soon as possible. Lu Qingquan told him that the deployment of personnel will soon be complete, but the most important thing about the traffic line is concealment, and the increase in the number of people is also a test of the concealment of the traffic line. Pan Yuqing is convinced that the fire sown by the Communist Party in Qingxi will surely become a prairie fire, and he has also arranged many small stations to monitor the conditions of the traffic line. They must now make all preparations to wait for the transportation of people.

Lu Wenchao called Cao Ruiying late at night. The Kuomintang received intelligence that a large number of personnel will be transferred to Fujian and Jiangxi in the near future, but there is no exact information about the time and personnel. He is worried that these personnel will pass through Shantou and Dapu. If there is a fish that slips through the net, then boss Xu will not They will be spared, but Cao Ruiying is quite sure that he will never let the Communists pass through her hands.

Cao Ruiying wrote down a list of eleven Communists all over Tai Po, asking his subordinates to arrest them all tonight, and assign a regiment to Commander Ma as an aid. In this way, the secret agents and the local army launched a raid in Dapu at night. Heizi not only arrested all the eleven personnel, but also arrested those who were trying to help hide. This was in Cao Ruiying’s arms.

Cao Ruiying ordered all these people to be put to death, and even more so as a warning to make all Dapu villagers dare not help the Communist Party. The head of Ma and the county head of Kuai County knew that Cao Ruiying was killing a chicken to show to the monkey. The next day, the twelve living people were locked in cages and sank into the river and drowned alive. Chaohua, Aliang, and A Chao couldn’t stand it. His dislike of the Kuomintang became even more profound. Pan Yuqing took a deep look at Lai Shouzhang, who was standing beside him, gritted his teeth and bowed his head, and turned away with his brothers.

In the middle of the night, Pan Yuqing took Zhaohua and others to swear to the party flag, and Qingxi’s armed traffic team was established. Party member Yang Xiongchu had participated in the Nanchang Uprising, followed Zhou Enlai and Zhu De, and stayed in Dapu to recuperate due to illness. This time, his appointment as a firearms instructor made everyone excited. Yang Xiongchu is very demanding, and it is not easy to train in the enemy’s rear. They must start training overnight and each has only five chances to miss five bullets and be eliminated.

Cao Ruiying called Lai Shouzhang to hope that he could personally select a dozen capable officers and soldiers to come to the detective team, and asked to send a company to the management of Heizi. Although Lai Shouzhang felt that it was wrong, he still smiled and decided to keep the personnel he brought. To the detective team. At this point, the personnel of the detective team and the armed traffic team started training quickly, and both sides kept advancing in their own beliefs and persistence.

In Shanghai, Ling Feng gave lectures to 7 young people who were about to go to the Soviet area. The young people were not afraid of difficulties and dangers and promised to adhere to organizational discipline, otherwise a small mistake could be fatal. He arranged for traffic officer A Shun to take charge of this time. escort. At Qingxi Station, Pan Yuqing and his brothers confessed the task of transporting the personnel. They used courage and command to ensure the safety of the transportation of the personnel, and even sacrificed their lives at critical moments.

Qiulian, who had been guarding the door, hugged her husband and finally expressed her inner fear. Pan Yuqing hugged his wife to comfort her. He believed that his wife’s fiery temperament must be strong enough. Zou Shubao also explained this task to his family. They are about to usher in the severe task of the escort. Even if the danger is brought to themselves, they must ensure the safety of the escort.

Ashun took the personnel to start the action. Several people joined Peng Gengnian as students. Peng Gengnian handed them the student identity information of their new identity University of Geosciences, and asked them to be the same as the Institute of Geological Instruments and Beauty, and their identity information was in After remembering, they must be destroyed, and they must not stay longer, as long as they pass the Tai Po, everything is safe. Several people got on the ship. Ashun keenly noticed that someone on the ship was paying attention to them. He patted his hat and sent a signal. Several people took the instrument and walked onto the deck to take pictures and talk about academic issues. People dispelled their worries.

Pan Yuqing, Zhaohua and others were still waiting for the signal from Tongtian Hotel on the shore. The ship arrived on time. The shopkeeper went up and hung up the hat, but he was hit by the shopkeeper who came to the shop and saw him leave. The shopkeeper’s excuse was to go upstairs to the hut. Heizi was about to go up to check but he turned and left when he heard the news of the ship’s arrival. Heizi was checking the personnel on the dock, and several students who looked like students walked in front of him carrying boxes.

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