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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 10 Recap

Zou Shubao told everyone that he would leave again soon. Although he would be back in more than ten days, his family’s worries about him remained unabated. The eldest brother ordered his wife and younger brothers to cook some food for Zou Shubao so that he could go. Zou Shubao looked at Sinoe who sprained his foot in search of his own, with guilt and distress in his eyes.

Zou Shubao told his eldest brother that he was going to Hong Kong this time. He had already reported to Secretary Li of the Western Fujian War. The eldest brother Zou Renbao became the deputy stationmaster of Bogongwa, and he needed his eldest brother to take care of him while he was away. Brought the brothers of the Zou family to the sea of ​​fire. But the eldest brother smiled and told him that the whole family must be neat and tidy.

After the elder brother’s persuasion, Zou Shubao also knew that he could not owe Thea all the time. It happened that Thea came outside, he stepped forward and hugged Zou Shubao tightly, and the two lovers finally faced their inner emotions calmly. Thea didn’t actually blame Zou Shubao for leaving on the wedding night. She knew that this was Zou Shubao’s purpose to protect herself. She also understood that Zou Shubao started walking on the tip of the knife again, but Thea also recognized her love.

Zou Shubao didn’t want to hide his lover anymore. He didn’t know if he could return safely from this trip. Thea knew that he was going to walk the night, but she was sure that she would wait for Zou Shubao to return safely. Zou Shubao and his eldest brother came to Bogong Temple to bow and pray. The elder brother told his younger brother to come back alive and miss more of his family members who are looking forward to his return.

After Pan Yuqing finished his wife’s breakfast and watched her husband prefer to wear torn shoes instead of self-made boots, Qiulian was a little dissatisfied, but Pan Yuqing was very good at talking. He patiently comforted his wife until the day became better, he must Will make up for a decent and grand wedding for his wife, Qiulian watched her husband go out, even though her face was smiling, she still had a worry in her heart, because she knew that her husband was a person who pursued bright in his heart.

After joining the underground comrades, Zou Shubao went to Pan Yuqing’s boat to leave. Standing on the shore, Lai Shouzhang was waiting for Zou Shubao’s ship. The guard post called Lai Shouzhang to eat together at the sister’s house, which was very good to him. Huang Yulian. Lai Shouzhang smiled and agreed, then turned his head and looked at Pan Yuqing who was going away thoughtfully.

Secretary Li agreed to Pan Yuqing’s proposal to set up an armed squad. Weapons will be dispatched soon. When asked about the hiding of things, Zou Shubao tapped his plastered arm with confidence. Pan Yuqing thought of Yu Changqing, who had embezzled funds. He was originally the secretary of the Pubei branch who used the device to make popcorn to transfer funds. But Pan Yuqing thought of the dialogue with Yu Changqing at that time and remembered the loopholes in his words, and he could not find out earlier. And buried hidden dangers on the traffic front. Zou Shubao solemnly promised that he would never lose the slightest amount of funds unless he sacrificed himself.

Zou Shubao walked all the way to Shantou to go to Hong Kong, but the foreign crew tore up his ticket very arbitrarily. Fortunately, the captain is a very kind Chinese. Zou Shubao remembered that Thea told herself about her family affairs, so he claimed that he was going to find his uncle, the rubber king Lai Shengzhan. As soon as the captain heard that he was Lai Shengzhan’s nephew, he hurriedly said that he would change his clothes and take good care of him, but Zou Shubao refused on the grounds of arm inconvenience, and he bought a fourth-class cabin, so he could board the ship by himself.

At night, Zou Shubao suddenly developed a high fever. People were afraid that he had the plague and some crew members proposed to throw him into the sea, but the captain upholds justice and decided to treat Zou Shubao. The doctor found that Zou Shubao’s high fever was caused by inflammation of the wound, but Zou Shubao gritted his teeth and said that the plaster doctor told him to be used for a month and must not be taken apart at will. The doctor had no choice but to do it himself.

Zou Shubao finally came to Hong Kong Dah Sing Trading Company and met Manager Hua, the person in charge. Zou Shubao finally saw the chief, he lamented with tears that he had finally returned home. This time, he made a special trip to escort the party dues of the Soviet District Party Committee. He used a hammer to break the plaster, but he had been stuck in the wound of his suppurative eye after traveling to the ocean for many days. He endured the pain and tore off the silver dollar piece by piece. The silver dollar clinging to flesh and blood made Hong Kong comrades look anxious and shocking.

The hunger and high fever along the way made Zou Shubao finally fainted. Manager Hua asked a doctor to treat the wound for him and thanked him for his contribution. Manager Hua handed the party fee to Xiao Guilin, a traffic officer, and they had to send the money to the Shanghai Party Central Committee. Zou Shubao secretly left after completing the mission, looking forward to the day they will meet again. Even if the party dues arrived, it happened to solve the urgent needs of the Shanghai Central Committee. Xiao Guilin asked if the Lingfeng Party Central Committee planned to withdraw from Shanghai.

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