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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 5 Recap

Unfortunately, Li Yun was shot and killed. Zhou Zixuan and Li Junjie rushed back and saw the big-screen news interrupted on the street. Mou Chuan was furious, thinking that he was the government’s most trusted department, and even let the protected people be killed, because Li Yun was also one of the protected people. He asked Shi Yunhao to take off his coat, accused him of uselessness, and asked where Zhou Zixuan and Li Junjie were at the time. Zhou Zixuan said that she went to Nanshan Island to chase Meng Liang, but Li Junjie was expelled from Mu Chuan.

Shi Yunhao blamed himself very much. Seeing her colleague being shot, Zhou Zixuan wanted to know only the situation at the scene and learned of another female assistant, Chen Jingwen. Zhou Zixuan went to the hospital and immediately questioned Chen Jingwen. Chen Jingwen was very scared. She couldn’t clean Li Yun’s blood stains. Chen Jingwen said that she temporarily received a message the night before she came to Bacheng to replace her former assistant Wu. Chen Jingwen described the situation at the scene to Zhou Zixuan. She was completely frightened and didn’t want to remember, but was interrupted by Ma Qiming and asked Zhou Zixuan not to embarrass Chen Jingwen.

Chen Jingwen returned to her room. She took out a cup of yogurt to calm her mind. She remembered Li Yun’s gesture before his death. She knew that it was a gesture of greeting between hackers, but she didn’t know the meaning of these codes, so she posted it on the dark web to find an explanation.

It turned out that Shi Yunhao was Ma Qiming’s son. Ma Qiming was very angry. He accused Shi Yunhao of not being suitable for this job and asked him to come back to do a small business. This incident also had a huge impact on his company and Mo Shi.

Shi Yunhao blamed himself for guilt, and fell into a depressed mood after returning. Zhou Zixuan told Li Junjie that she had not found a clue, but she believed that Chen Jingwen was definitely not easy. Li Junjie has been thinking about why there are guns in the bathroom. Shi Yunhao said that his scope is no longer available for investigation, and he has been controlled by police to solve the case.

Jianghua investigated Li Junjie and found that there were several emails in his mobile phone that needed to be decrypted. This is what Mou Chuan asked him to investigate. Li Junjie analyzed the chip Meng Liang left behind. It was strange that Meng Liang kept leaving information for himself. Jiang Hua asked Li Junjie to surrender his gun and mobile phone, and to conduct an internal investigation on him, believing that he had left his post without authorization during his work.

Shi Yunhao persuaded Zhou Zixuan that Mu Chuan was still angry, so don’t disturb him first. The people of Moss think that Li Junjie is arrogant and arrogant. Ma Xiaojun speaks for Li Junjie. Li Junjie was not worried about the internal investigation, even if he was imprisoned for five days. Zhou Zixuan took out the secret order from the headquarters and asked them to release Li Junjie. Mou Chuan hopes that Zhou Zixuan will pay attention next time, not to skip reporting to the headquarters, agree to Li Junjie’s reinstatement, and accuse Zhou Zixuan of losing his mind and always helping Li Junjie.

Zhou Zixuan reported to the headquarters that she would keep an eye on Mo Shi’s inner ghost. Li Junjie wanted to know the progress of the chip and asked Maya to check. Mu Chuan suddenly appeared and asked to take the chip away, saying that a technician from the headquarters had come over and asked Li Junjie to make a report about Calais wanting to do something against Ma Qiming. Maya quietly told Zhou Zixuan that she cracked a file package of the chip by herself, and there was something codenamed Scorpio, but there was nothing after opening it.

Zhou Zixuan found out from the Moshi database that she wanted to ask Mou Chuan about the Scorpio logo. After all, Mu Chuan is the person with the highest authority in the Moshi database. Mou Chuan asked Zhou Zixuan if she had any other findings, so she continued to keep an eye on Meng Liang. Mou Chuan looked at the Scorpio logo, and after Zhou Zixuan left, he folded and put it in his bag.

Meng Liang let Xiaozheng be the bait, but Li Junjie and others discovered that Zhou Zixuan thought this was a trap, but Li Junjie also wanted to try. When Li Junjie arrived at the scene, he received a call from Meng Liang. Meng Liang said that Li Junjie’s parents did not die by an accident, and asked him to crack the chip he left behind, and then quickly hung up the phone.

Mu Chuan asked Shi Yunhao, Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan to come to the office for a meeting, but Li Junjie could not be reached. Mou Chuan said that Ma Qiming and the mayor will have a meeting in the villa at night. He hoped that Zhou Zixuan would send more staff to prevent Chen Haodong from worrying, and he did not want bad things to happen.

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