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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 4 Recap

Mou Chuan was anxious to return to Moses. The mayor was worried because Calais had escaped. Chen Haodong asked Mou Chuan that the police were making plans for the escort operation and suspected that there was a problem within the police. Mou Chuan believes that the police are worthy of trust, but Chen Haodong said that vx3 is still in the city university and is not a safe place. Worried that Calais will be worried again, he proposed to put vx3 in Moses. Mou Chuan also thinks this idea is good, because Moses’ security library is the best in the world. Chen Haodong said that he still claimed to be at City University and hoped that Mu Chuan would also keep it strictly confidential. Mou Chuan said he would not tell the insiders of Moses.

In order to protect safety, vx3 was secretly transported to Moshi’s security vault. Mou Chuan passed through layers of secret locks, entered the security vault to check, and revealed the current location of vx3 to the mysterious person, and assembled it with the controller. The mysterious man said that by doing so, things that were not successful 17 years ago can be done well, and all networks can be controlled.

Li Junjie kept staring at the playing card q given by Meng Liang in a daze, and Shi Yunhao said that it was definitely not accidental. Li Junjie laughed at him, saying that he had not changed and improved in the past three years. Zhou Zixuan is also tracking the whereabouts of Meng Liang, wanting to know the relationship between Meng Liang and Li Junjie’s parents.

Bacheng suffered futures and stock market turmoil, Southeast Asia was also affected, this crisis may be triggered by large-scale hackers. Mou Chuan convened a meeting to discuss the situation brought about by the financial crisis, and said that Ma Qiming of the ark group would come to Bacheng to invest. Zhou Zixuan is curious about Ma Qiming’s background, because the government attaches great importance to this character. Mu Chuan explained that Ma Qiming is a Chinese investor and the government decided to invite him to Bacheng to cooperate with the government to restore financial order. Mou Chuan took over the security mission and decided to activate Mo Shi’s first-level guard status, and everyone canceled their vacation.

Li Junjie did not attend this meeting and was discovered by Mu Chuan. Zhou Zixuan said that she arranged for Li Junjie to follow up with Meng Liang. Mou Chuan asked Zhou Zixuan to retrieve Li Junjie as soon as possible, so that he must participate in this mission, otherwise he would resign. Mu Chuan handed this task to Shi Yunhao for security. If he feels embarrassed, he must speak up. Shi Yunhao said that this is his job responsibility.

Someone sent a message to Li Junjie saying that there were traces of Meng Liang on Nanshan Island. Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan tracked down to Nanshan Island one after another. Zhou Zixuan could not let Mu Chuan resign from Li Junjie.

Colleagues were curious about Li Junjie and asked Ma Xiaojun about the news, thinking that he was a fan of Li Junjie. Chen Haodong reminded Mu Chuan to do a good job in Ma Qiming’s security work, and Mu Chuan put the pressure on Shi Yunhao. Chen Haodong said that the market will open in one hour, and he hopes that Ma Qiming’s speech will bring hope to the turbulent Bacheng stock market. Shi Yunhao interrupted Chen Haodong, thinking that the turbulence of a city could not be solved by a single person’s speech. Mu Chuan went to Shi Yunhao in private and knew his relationship with Ma Qiming, so he must be calm and professional.

Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan came to the Nanshan Island bar. Zhou Zixuan told Li Junjie to listen to them, because Mo Shi’s current security task was only in charge of Shi Yunhao, and he had to rush back before Ma Qiming came. Meng Liang’s subordinate Xiaozheng discovered Li Junjie and caused some trouble for the two. The two joined forces to fight against the thugs, forcing Meng Liang to organize the return to Bacheng overnight, but left him with a mysterious chip poker card.

Shi Yunhao was in charge of Ma Qiming’s security work, screening and investigating at the speech site to be vigilant. Shi Yunhao found a suspicious person in the lobby and asked Maya to monitor it. Ma Qiming got off the helicopter. The mayor warmly received him and thanked Ma Qiming for his investment in Bacheng and arranged a VIP room for him. Shi Yunhao quietly suggested to Ma Qiming that he should cancel this event meeting, because this event might be very unsafe. Ma Qiming said that security is the responsibility of Moses, and he cannot easily retreat.

Many reporters came to the scene and asked Ma Qiming questions, but Ma Qiming did not immediately answer. Shi Yunhao once again asked Maya to test the on-site personnel and found that Ma Qiming’s subordinate Li Yun and Li Yun’s subordinate Chen Jingwen were very suspicious, and Chen Jingwen was not on the entourage list. Chen Jingwen was very nervous. It was the first time she participated in such an occasion. Li Yun comforted Chen Jingwen and kept her calm at all times.

At this moment, the assassin put the pistol into the toilet tank under the guidance of the ghost in the Moss. After the VIP room inquiries were over, Ma Qiming decided to enter the venue. Chen Jingwen wanted to go to the bathroom, Li Yun followed Ma Qiming to the bathroom, but unexpectedly the killer shot Li Yun on the spot, and then fled along the corridor. Shi Yunhao rushed to the scene and pursued the killer Hassan alone, who was also a Southeast Asian killer, very powerful. At the last bite, Li Yun gave Chen Jingwen a strange gesture. When Shi Yunhao chased Hassan, the two fought fiercely, but he didn’t expect Hassan to escape.

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