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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 3 Recap

Li Junjie asked Calais why he wanted to kill Chen Gang. Calais thinks that Li Junjie should be grateful to his employer. He did not kill Li Junjie at the beginning, it was the employer’s order. As a professional killer, he would not betray his employer. At this moment, Meng Liang made some tricks on the prison and broke the power grid of the police station. After the cell was opened, Calais ran out. Mou Chuan asked Maya to deal with it quickly, shutting down the server, and Calais could never escape.

Li Junjie and Calais fought at the door of the cell. Meng Liang asked the hackers to turn on the power grid and used Calais to escape, deliberately hiding the in address to let Moses find himself. Meng Liang is a dangerous element pursued by Interpol. Mou Chuan believes that Meng Liang will rescue Calais again. Once he is found, he must be shot to death.

Mou Chuan and others received the news that they knew the bar that Meng Liang had always been to, and arranged for Li Junjie, Shi Yunhao and others to appear at the bar and wait for the arrangement. Dressed as a dancing girl, Zhou Zixuan approached Meng Liang and observed the environment at the scene. She believed that it was not suitable for on-site arrest and needed to bring Meng Liang into the room to wait for an opportunity to act. Meng Liang invited Zhou Zixuan to dance. Zhou Zixuan said that she could not dance. Meng Liang invited her to the room. In fact, she had long discovered her identity as an agent, took out a box of bombs, and personally activated the c4 detonator, asking them not to evacuate the scene. The crowd then left with a smile.

Li Junjie stayed calm and asked people to evacuate the crowd as soon as possible, and asked Maya to switch the scene again. One of the wires must be removed. However, experts reminded that the device must not be moved and let him cut the black wire. I thought I was relieved, but found that there was a hidden device that hadn’t been cut off. The experts reminded them to retreat as soon as possible, and there may be no way to remove it by themselves.

In the atmosphere of Meng Liang, he contacted Li Junjie on the phone and told him not to act rashly. Everything about them was under his supervision. Mou Chuan asked the experts to find a way, and the experts suggested cutting off the line. The red color has the highest probability, but the success rate is only half.

Li Junjie told Zhou Zixuan and the others to leave, Zhou Zixuan hugged Li Junjie from behind, wanting to share the trouble with him. At a critical moment, Li Junjie remembered what Chen Gang had said to himself. He chose to cut the green line through instinct to stop the time bomb. Meng Liang contacted Li Junjie on the phone and asked him to open the box to see. It turned out that there was no bomb in it, but Meng Liang was playing with them.

When Li Junjie saw Meng Liang’s eyes, he felt that he had seen him when he was a child. When he was 12 years old, his parents went to Bacheng for research and planned to come back to celebrate Li Junjie’s birthday, but Meng Liang was waiting for his parents’ ashes. Zhou Zixuan believed that Meng Liang came here on purpose to let Li Junjie recognize him. Although he didn’t know the purpose, he must be careful and understand how he felt when he lost his loved ones. Zhou Zixuan has always refused to forgive Li Junjie because he left without saying goodbye before.

Ma Xiaojun thinks that since Li Junjie’s reinstatement, his tasks are complicated every time. Maya discusses with him. Maya finds him boring and doesn’t want to listen to him nagging. Mou Chuan had a meeting and said that he had been arresting Meng Liang for a long time, but he did not expect that Meng Liang would expose his whereabouts and put a fake bomb in the bar, not knowing his intentions. Mou Chuan said that he would transport Calais to the Interpol headquarters, but he planned to let Jianghua follow up on the matter. Li Junjie wanted to take charge of transporting Calais himself, thinking that no one knew Calais motives better than him, but Mou Chuan asked the three of them to take charge of Meng Liang’s affairs.

After Li Junjie and others left, Mou Chuan called the mysterious man, told him the time and place of Calais transfer, and asked them to take Calais away, and were not allowed to appear in Bacheng, which was also a face to him. Meng Liang received the message and knew the transfer route of Calais. Calais played tricks in the transport vehicle and asked the guards to take off his mask. During the transportation, there was a traffic accident ahead. Many people slapped the police car to make a disturbance and killed them when the police came out. Jiang Hua found the problem, but Meng Liang’s people had taken control of the scene a long time ago. He could not move and watched Calais being rescued.

Mou Chuan gritted his teeth when he saw the surveillance screen, and he called everyone to a meeting. Li Junjie confronted Mou Chuan on the spot, thinking that Mou Chuan should be responsible for not allowing himself to escort Calais. Li Junjie saw the scene of the prisoner car being robbed and thought it was not Calais style. Finally, he found the prisoner car, but found that the trunk had a photo of his parents.

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