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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 26 Recap

With the assistance of Shen’s mother, Qi Xiao successfully obtained the consent of the community property, and the two parties reached an agreement, at least in the view of the property, it can be regarded as an activity that benefits the community. Shen’s mother helped a lot in this matter. She hoped that the work of him and his daughter would be the icing on the cake. However, she unexpectedly met Qi’s mother downstairs and was overwhelmed with joy.

The two mothers are the masters of arranging the party, and they are busy preparing for the dinner, but the juniors are relatively calm, after all, they are already familiar. At the dinner table, Shen’s mother praised Qi Xiao a lot. Qi’s mother saw that her son was paying too much attention to Shen Ruoxin. She was in the intuition of people who passed by, and immediately realized that Shen Ruoxin was the girl her son had been thinking about before.

After the dinner, Qi Mu took Qi Xiao and sat downstairs to chat, chatting with him about Shen Ruoxin. Facing his mother’s question, Qi Xiao admitted frankly, but he was not confident enough to win Shen Ruoxin’s heart. After all, in his opinion, Shen Ruoxin was beautiful, wise and rational, and was a woman without any shortcomings.

Qi’s mother is very open-minded and doesn’t care about age at all. She is even gratified that her son has grown up and supports him to pursue bravely. Seeing Qi Xiao’s unwillingness to hesitate in the face of love, Qi’s mother remembered the beauty between herself and her husband, and she would not regret the decision to marry Shanghai from Sichuan. It is a pity that her husband left too early and eventually became a regret that is difficult to smooth. Mention always burst into tears.

Because of Qi’s mother’s encouragement, Qi Xiao’s heart became more determined. Even if Shen Ruoxin suggested that he should pursue his hobbies, he still wanted to stay by his side and be an unknown assistant forever. The next day, Shen’s mother packed her bags and prepared to go back to her hometown. Before leaving, she said goodbye to her daughter, and after repeated warnings, she was relieved to entrust her to Qi Xiao’s care.

In normal work and life, Qi Xiao is meticulous, like a caring boyfriend who controls Shen Ruoxin. If it were changed from the past, Shen Ruoxin would definitely show extreme dissatisfaction resistance, but now as Qi Xiao, he somewhat enjoys the comfort of being taken care of. Even Song Ziyan has noticed Shen Ruoxin’s state.

That night, after Shen Ruoxin said goodnight to Qi Xiao, he was like a wild horse that had taken off his rein. He immediately called Song Ziyan and met to go out to eat hot pot. He even complained in front of her that Qi Xiao was too strict, except for all kinds of attention every day. In addition to matters, even the diet has strict requirements, and the food is particularly bland.

Song Ziyan teased that Shen Ruoxin’s prestige was absent, just like the old saying goes, one thing falls one thing, it is obvious that she encountered her own pot lid. Song Ziyan had already felt that something was wrong since she was a boyfriend and girlfriend in the hospital at first, but what she has seen now is that the two of them are going to do a fake show.

After eating the hot pot, Shen Ruoxin sent Shen Ruoxin home. Looking at her back, Song Ziyan and her husband Zou Cheng sighed with emotion, thinking about getting a good sister out of singleness as soon as possible. Shen Ruoxin stood on the balcony and looked at the sky, but his head was filled with Song Ziyan’s words, and the corners of his mouth made a smile unconsciously.

At this time, the radio broadcasted the typhoon news. Regardless of the violent storm, Shen Ruoxin immediately called to inform the moving company to move the event booth facilities. Qi Xiao worried about Shen Ruoxin’s safety, and found that the other party’s mobile phone was turned off when making a call, making him more anxious and nervous. Qi Xiao found the name of the moving company through the entry and exit records of the gatekeeper in the community. When he rushed to the outside of the office building, he suddenly saw the truck of the moving company heading away. As for Shen Ruoxin, he was locked inside the building.

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