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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 25 Recap

According to the doctor’s instructions, Shen Ruoxin must accompany the porridge for three meals a day. Thanks to Qi Xiao’s intimate purchase of pork floss, he helped her to wipe the corners of her mouth by the way. It was this move that made the ambiguity between the two more obvious. At a critical moment, You Sijia came in from the door, but had not noticed the strangeness in the ward, and talked to herself about the reunion of her and Su Yang.

After visiting the scenic spots of the ancient town one after another, Mother Shen and Mother Qi are about to return to Shanghai. They were going to visit the Marriage Temple, but they did not expect that the so-called seeking marriage was an old tree covered with red ribbons. Although they knew they were fooled, the two mothers were unwilling to bargain with the stall owner and finally bought the red belt for five yuan and threw it on the tree, praying for their children to find a good marriage.

Mother Shen felt depressed the more she thought about it, she always felt cheated, but Mother Qi had a better mentality and took her to the street to buy some gifts. Under Qi’s mother’s suggestion, Shen’s mother liked a super hot cup and wanted to give it to her daughter, and agreed with the other party to walk around each other when they returned to Shanghai and find opportunities to gather for a meal.

Qi Xiao is still with Shen Ruoxin, and at the same time tells a story for Shen Ruoxin to coax her to sleep. Seeing that Shen Ruoxin had stopped moving, and mistakenly thought she had rested, she couldn’t help but put her hand on Shen Ruoxin’s arm. She didn’t know that Shen Ruoxin was still opening her eyes and did not reject Qi Xiao’s behavior. Until the second half of the night, Shen Ruoxin woke up and saw Qi Xiao leaning against the bed sleeping soundly. The nurse came over to take Shen Ruoxin’s temperature, envious of her having a good boyfriend.

Through the last conversation with Shen Ruoxin, Song Ziyan planned to go to an early education institution to find out. It turned out that a little boy seemed to be a little unhappy, beating the drums constantly, as if to vent his emotions. Song Ziyan realized that the boy was not as progressing as the others, so he would compete with herself, so she took out the video of the symphony orchestra to let him know that no one will be excellent from the beginning, and he needs to find time to practice tacit understanding with the drum set and become friends. Because of the little boy, Song Ziyan agreed to stay in the institution and teach one-on-one.

The activity of the new energy vehicle was fairly smooth, and Shen Ruoxin was more pleased. Just as she was talking to Qi Xiao, she suddenly received a call from Shen’s mother and learned that she had returned to Shanghai with the tour group. In order to prevent Shen’s mother from worrying about herself, Shen Ruoxin lied that she was away on business, so she asked Song Ziyan to pick up Shen’s mother for her, concealing the operation.

On the day of their arrival in Shanghai, Qi Mu and Shen Ma were able to chat, and simply bought a gift for her. The relationship between the two of them soared, like a pair of sisters. Song Ziyan picked up Qi’s mother when she took Shen’s mother home. At the same time, Shen Ruoxin immediately went through the discharge procedures, and Qi Xiao helped to pack things up, and even helped Shen Ruoxin to tie his shoelaces. Since Shen Ruoxin could not go home and wanted to find a nearby hotel to stay, Qi Xiao asked Su Yang to date You Sijia to make room for Shen Ruoxin to stay temporarily for one night.

When he came to Qi Xiao’s house, Shen Ruoxin was enjoying Qi Xiao’s service, and the other party did his best to wash his hair and blow hair. You Sijia learned that Su Yang was kicked out by Qi Xiao, and simply took him to the library to find inspiration for comics, and encouraged him to quit his job to go it alone. You can open a public account to attract fans.

At the company the next day, Qi Xiao saw through the Internet that many couples wanted to inquire about new energy vehicles, so he planned to enter the community to organize activities and strive to attract these mainstream consumer groups. However, the community property strictly refused Qi Xiao’s request. Just as the two parties were in a deadlock, Shen’s mother suddenly appeared to help intercede.

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