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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 25 Recap

Lu Zheng and Chief Zhuo quarreled with each other without any conclusion, and they had no choice but to break up in the end. Before leaving, Lu Zheng told Company Commander Zhuo that he owed Ouyang Jun an apology, and they had also agreed on the task of success! An Lei thought of a way and made a turntable for people to turn. Which company was transferred to the company to complete the task. Commander Zhuo and Lu Zheng almost pinched again.

Commander Zhuo felt this was unfair, just in case. Every time I go to the same company. Company Commander Zhuo wanted to go up and try it, but he thought it was fine. He was afraid that if he switched to one company, it would be a waste of their luck. Lu Zheng was unwilling to go, so An Lei simply asked the political commissar to start the turntable. The turntable began to rotate, and everyone’s eyes widened. Finally, the pointer fell on the area of ​​the War Blade Company and stopped steadily. Xia Zhuo and others in front of the big screen went crazy with joy.

Everyone was celebrating, but Ouyang Jun was not happy because he still couldn’t make himself happy about that incident. Instructor Shao Shuai asked Ouyang Jun to wait for the hundredth missile to be launched. But Ouyang Jun didn’t want to endure the torture of rumors. Shao Shuai stopped persuading. Ouyang Jun ran to the brigade department to find the political commissar and took the initiative to admit his mistake. He deceived his father and the leader.

He hoped that the brigade would give him punishment, but one day he would put on the clothes shown in the photo, and he had to take the exam and must be promoted. Ouyang Jun has now become the laughingstock of everyone’s mouth. He already wants to understand that it’s no big deal to do things one person alone. The political commissar asked him to go back and do what he was doing now, as for this punishment first.

Many of Lang Yongcheng’s old cars have to be recycled. He has feelings for cars. Lu Zheng comforts his soldiers’ duty to obey orders. Lang Yongcheng has no choice but to keep one. Lang Yongcheng went back to the dormitory alone, unable to sleep through the night. Xia Zhuo and Lin Anbang realized that Lang Yongcheng’s emotions were not quite right recently, and they accidentally found a picture of him when he was young and a series of phone numbers behind him in Lang Yongcheng’s dormitory.

Entering the standby warehouse again, Lang Yongcheng guarded the old car and was not in the mood to eat, and even told Xia Zhuo the story of the car. Xia Zhuo was moved by Lang Yongcheng. He seemed to have found someone to talk to. Lang Yongcheng drove this car for ten years and accompanied him for ten years, but now this car is returning to the factory melting pot, how could he not feel sad.

Lu Zheng knew that Lang Yongcheng had feelings for cars, so the brigade specially approved Lang Yongcheng to take a photo with the equipment as a souvenir. Lang Yongcheng was a little excited, and also put on a few looks under the guidance of Lu Zheng. Lang Yongcheng suddenly asked Lu Zheng when the cars were leaving. Lu Zheng replied that the day after tomorrow, Lang Yongcheng could not hide his loss. He looked at the camera with a smile in his eyes and saluted with tears, and finally couldn’t help crying.

In the next few days, Lang Yongcheng was still depressed. Lin Anbang and Xia Zhuo came to comfort him. Lang Yongcheng looked like they had already figured it out, but they were even more worried. Lang Yongcheng was running outside at noon. Xia Zhuo was worried beside him. Lang Yongcheng suddenly said that he was leaving at the end of the year. This was the reason why he was so depressed for so many days. Tomorrow the car will be driven away.

Xia Zhuo and Lin Anbang said that they would clean it up. Lang Yongcheng said that the car was wiped out a long time ago, and they asked them to verify the data one last time. Lin Anbang vaguely asked him who would drive the car tomorrow, Lang Yongcheng didn’t look back and let him drive. During the inspection, Lin Anbang and Xia Zhuo discovered that the car’s factory date will be exactly ten years from next year, which is indeed a very different fate.

The next day, Lin Anbang and Xia Zhuo drove back to find Lang Yongcheng. They felt that Lang Yongcheng should send him off. After all, there is a beginning and an end. Lang Yongcheng refused to go. He had already wanted to open it, and there was always a day when people wanted to understand. Xia Zhuo and Lin Anbang said they already knew about the photos, so they wanted to hear Lang Yongcheng’s talk.

Lang Yongcheng said that it was taken in his 20th year as a soldier. At that time, he thought about leaving the army and said that he didn’t want to do anything. The company let him participate in the Grand Tournament that year, because he could not concentrate his energy and the car stopped by five centimeters. In the end, his old squad leader lost his qualification for the Grand Tournament of the whole army. He was also elected at the end of the non-commissioned officer selection and was finally demobilized. In his hometown in Shandong, this photo is a group photo of them.

The monitor called him and said that he would call him if he missed it, but Lang Yongcheng never had the courage to call it. For so many years, he seemed to be making atonement. Xia Zhuo and Lin Anbang felt that Lang Yongcheng might as well call him. Perhaps he had already forgiven him, but Lang Yongcheng sighed and said that he had no face to fight. Yi Zimeng suddenly told Lang Yongcheng that the train could not start, and the brigade sent a car back. Lang Yongcheng was very happy.

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