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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 24 Recap

Lu Zheng thought that when the winning ticket was in his hands, the Blue team made a sneak attack. Company Commander Zhuo fired a missile for Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng learned that their launch targets were different, and his temper suddenly came up. This is where the two of them formed the beam. Lu Zheng walked out of the meeting room and almost quarreled with Company Captain Zhuo outside.

Captain Zhuo felt that An Lei was partial, and the two were almost fighting on the spot. Lu Zheng was about to train everyone, and he also came here to train. Lu Zheng and Company Captain Zhuo shouted in the air to fight for the first place. An Lei was not surprised to hear that they were fighting, and he was afraid that they would not fight.

During the training, Lu Zheng and Company Captain Zhuo kept pushing them to hurry up, and in the end the battle edge won in a row, and Lu Zheng’s tail rose to the sky in an instant. Lu Zheng found two super brains, Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun, and asked them to figure out how to get the right to launch the hundredth missile. Xia Zhuo felt that as long as the task of fair competition must be a battle, Lu Zheng obviously did not.

Satisfied, he mentioned that he wanted to go back to school. Ouyang Jun felt that they might as well write a blood book, which would definitely touch An Lei, and offered to write it himself. Lu Zheng was stunned, wondering if this matter was feasible. Several people pondered for a whole afternoon, and in the end there was only one way to write a blood book. Everyone gathered around Ouyang Jun to watch him stab the blood. Ouyang Jun struggled for a long time and didn’t make it.

When Xia Zhuo saw that Ouyang Jun couldn’t get his hands off, he approached Yan Yibing and asked her to get some blood, but he didn’t expect that Chief Zhuo happened to see this scene, and Ouyang Jun also really cruelly stabbed blood on his finger. . Ouyang Jun wrote the blood book and posted it. Everyone rushed around when he saw it. Unexpectedly, Commander Zhuo suddenly appeared and satirized him that it was chicken blood. Ouyang Jun was kept in the dark, indicating that the blood book was written by him, and the blood is also him. my own. Company Captain Zhuo didn’t think so. Ouyang Jun was angry with his personality to guarantee that it was absolutely useless. Captain Zhuo asked him to talk to Xia Zhuo. He just got a bottle of chicken blood.

Ouyang Jun hurriedly went to Xia Zhuo and asked him what he was doing. Only after seeing his bottle of chicken blood did he know that Chief Zhuo was right. He gritted his teeth with anger. Xia Zhuo is really his natural enemy! Ouyang Jun couldn’t prove that the blood book was written in his own blood, and Xia Zhuo was a bit innocent. If Ouyang Jun discussed it with everyone, it wouldn’t be the case.

Angrily, Ouyang Jun ran to Captain Zhuo to ask him to prove that the blood was his own blood and was not written in chicken blood. However, Captain Zhuo felt that he did not understand the rules, not to mention that Ouyang Jun had a criminal record and he could not trust a military uniform. A person whose military rank can be faked.

When Lu Zheng heard about this incident, he was so angry that he did not agree with them to write the blood book, let alone write it in chicken blood. Even if the 100% launch mission was given to War Blade Company, Lu Zheng would not give Xia Zhuo the position of the trumpeter, because he wanted to be demobilized and go back to school. Xia Zhuo was aggrieved. He didn’t care who the position of the trumpeter was, the most important thing. It is this opportunity that must be a joint battle.

Xia Zhuo told Lu Zheng about Ouyang Jun, and Lu Zheng hurriedly went to Company Captain Zhuo to protect his calf. His soldiers could swear by themselves when they closed the door, but others could not. Lu Zheng asked Company Commander Zhuo and Ouyang Jun to apologize and return him to his innocence. Company Commander Zhuo thought he had misheard, and the two quarreled again. Company Commander Zhuo insisted that good opportunities were given to the War Blade Company. If those opportunities were given to them Can do better. Lu Zheng certainly disagreed, saying that Zhanbian Company was an elite company of 270, and the two sides had a fierce quarrel.

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