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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 23 Recap

When Mother Xia and Father Xia talked about their sons, Ouyang Jun realized that they were Xia Zhuo’s parents. Xia Zhuo’s parents hadn’t seen Xia Zhuo for a long time, so they sent a photo. Xia’s father used the image recognition technology to determine the location and follow the navigation. Father Xia and Mother Xia wanted to see Xia Zhuo, but the Rocket Army’s position was the top secret. Ouyang Jun really couldn’t say that Mother Xia and Father Xia were very anxious.

Ouyang Jun quickly told them that even though Xia Zhuo wiped the party badge and armband, It was dropped, but he took a picture of the camp environment. If his parents went to see him, it would definitely cause him trouble. As for the picture, he had to submit it. Xia’s father and Xia’s mother were very guilty. Ouyang Jun asked Xia’s father and Xia’s mother to sleep in the dormitory and sleep in the duty room by himself.

Father Xia came to deliver soda to Ouyang Jun. When Ouyang Jun saw that he had something to say, he let him in. Father Xia wanted to hear Ouyangjun talk about Xia Zhuo. In fact, they rarely met in the army when they went to school. I really want to know what kind of person Xia Zhuo is in their hearts, and Xia’s mother has also come. Ouyang Jun confessed that Xia Zhuo is very good and he is also envious. If given the opportunity, he hopes to be like Xia Zhuo.

The next day, Ouyang Jun helped Father Xia repair the car and gave him a sketch. Ouyang Jun sent back a box of soda they gave back, saying it was discipline. Father Xia likes Ouyang Jun very much. No matter what misunderstanding he and Xia Zhuo have, I believe it will pass over time. If he wants to continue his studies, Father Xia and Mother Xia are both scientific researchers and can write recommendation letters to their supervisors. Mother Xia hugged Ouyang Jun, very happy that Xia Zhuo had such a principled comrade in arms. Father Xia and Mother Xia left, but the car broke down halfway. Ouyang Jun discovered that the two hundred yuan they had left behind, said that they should have been given the army’s supplies.

When Lu Zheng came to Xia Zhuo, several people looked dumbfounded. Father Xia and Mother Xia really had no choice but to come back and find Ouyang Jun. Lu Zheng took out the photo, Xia Zhuo looked puzzled, but he hadn’t found the problem. After Lu Zheng reminded him, he realized that he had taken the mountain in, and he was shocked. Lu Zheng said that it was half an hour from here to the weather station and asked Xia Zhuo to send his parents away, and then take Ouyang Jun back, but only five minutes were given.

Ouyang Jun helped them repair the car again, and asked Father Xia and Mother Xia to go to the repair station for a good repair. Xia Zhuo used a communicator to talk to Ouyang Jun on the road. When asked about Xia Zhuo’s parents, Ouyang Jun replied that they were by his side. Fearing that Xia’s father and Xia’s mother would hurt Xia Zhuo, they quickly asked Ouyang Jun to go back first. Ouyang Jun was still very entangled and hoped that they would stay to see Xia Zhuo. Xia’s father and Xia’s mother were very persistent. They didn’t know the discipline of the army before. Now that they know, they will definitely not meet again.

Xia Zhuo hurried to the weather station. Ouyang Jun said that Xia’s father and Xia’s mother were afraid that he would leave before he violated the rules. Xia Zhuo hurriedly talked with his parents through the civilian radio. Father Xia and Mother Xia heard it, but they refused to respond. Ouyang Jun told him where they were going to the pit, and Xia Zhuo quickly got in the car and searched for it. Xia Zhuo ran up the mountain and turned towards them.

Father Xia and Mother Xia were very happy to see him, but they were afraid that he could not see if he violated the rules and forced him to miss them, so they told him to go back. Xia Zhuo only had one minute left, comforting her mother to stop crying and let them go first. Mother Xia couldn’t help telling Xia Zhuo that her mother missed you and didn’t know if he was doing well, but he was their pride. Xia Zhuo resisted the tears and watched them get into the car and leave.

The 270th brigade will soon usher in the 100th missile launch, which is of great significance. The company commander can’t wait for the request to execute. He also hopes that An Lei will not always give the war blade company the opportunity of major tasks, and consider the ordinary company. Lu Zheng certainly didn’t agree with this, and An Lei saw that they couldn’t help but decided to use a fair method. Previously, the 270 brigade conducted a joint operation.

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