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Sumu Sumu 住住 Episode 1 Recap

“Himura 20 Years Later”
A room in a condominium in Tokyo rented by Bakarhythm … Bananaman Himura came while writing at the so-called “workplace”. Himura is deeply moved by seeing the appearance of bakarhythm. Because bakarhythm, 20 years ago when it wasn’t selling yet, I was living in Himura’s house! Himura says, “I want to meet you back then and tell you,’I’ll have a workshop in 20 years.’

” Ahead of that, Asami Mizukawa, who lives in the neighborhood, sends a message to her Bakarhythm smartphone, “Can I come out now?” Bakarhythm that gives an OK reply to Mizukawa. However, immediately after that, a situation occurred in which Himura was in a hurry …!?

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