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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 3 Recap

Lee Hyuk and others came to the classroom to play games early in the morning. The classmates all came one after another. The teacher came and they were all sleepy. Jiangwon put on the blindfold and started to sleep. The blindfold had eyes drawn on it, but the teacher easily handled it. After seeing through, the students saw the roar of laughter. The teacher came down and took off Jiangwon’s blindfold.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the teacher standing by thinking that the teacher was asking her a question. He quickly stood up and said AACBDD. The teacher said his blindfold was quite creative. Did Coach Bai learn it? Jiangwon shook his head. Admit mistakes. The teacher said that next time he dared to go to class and sleep, he would be fined for two days not to train. Jiangwon’s attitude was very good and he promised to correct him immediately and never commit the crime again.

After class was over, Teacher Luo asked Yuan Caixi and Li He to go to the office to move the papers. Li He didn’t want to go, but when he saw that Ning Zeyu was about to go, he immediately put down his mobile phone and followed up. Yuan Caixi strode forward and did not wait for Li He behind. Li He caught up with Yuan Caixi and suggested that the two get along peacefully in the future. Yuan Caixi said that if he wants to provoke her, then neither of them should think about getting better. Yuan Caixi wants to walk away from him. Later, Li He stood in front of her, Li He said he was recruiting her, what can she do to him, Yuan Caixi turned away and threw her hair on Li He’s face.

Ning Zeyu got up from her seat and walked towards the door. The girl behind caught up and accidentally fell over Ning Zeyu. The classmates booed. She said that she usually exercises and balances well. I don’t know why I saw it today. Ning Zeyu’s nervous heart beats a bit fast. Ning Zeyu said that her too fast heart rate may be the reason for lack of sleep, so she should rest early in the future. Jiangwon and Yunxiang laughed when they saw something funny on the phone. The girl was very angry when she heard the laughter and scolded them for their stinky sneakers. Gangwon and Yunxiang were also very angry. She took Yunxiang’s sneakers and threw them into the trash can. .

When Li He and Yuan Caixi came back, they saw their classmates surrounded. Of course he couldn’t ignore his good brother when he heard about the sneakers. Pan Hao stood up and defended the girl. Li He was very angry and wanted to beat Pan Hao. In order to prevent the matter from making a big mess, Ning Zeyu picked up the sneakers and returned them to Yun Xiang. Originally thought it was going to be like this, but Li He asked the girl to apologize. Yuan Caixi also felt that she should apologize, so she apologized. In order to avoid this happening again in the future, Yuan Caixi suggested that Li He and the others give her the shoes, and she helps keep them.

In order to retaliate against Li He and the others, after Yuan Caixi put the shoes away and put them on the cabinet, Pan Hao came back and hid the shoes. When Li He and others came back from a run and found the shoes were missing, Pan Hao sneered and irritated Li He. Li He mistakenly thought that Pan Hao had thrown his shoes at the garbage station from Pan Hao’s words. They hurried to the garbage station and looked through the garbage can but they couldn’t find it. Yuan Caixi felt that their shoes were in their original classroom on the South Campus. She and Ning Zeyu went to their original classroom and took them back together. Li He said that their shoes have a special meaning, these shoes are like their medals, they are more precious than trophies.

The four of Li He went to eat, and Li He went to the toilet halfway. He saw Yuan Caixi’s brother coming out of the supermarket together, behaving intimately, and stayed in a daze after returning. When he went to school the next day, Li He saw Yuan Caixi’s two siblings and several girls giving Yuan Haoxi gifts or letters. He felt that the monitor must not know. Li He entered the classroom and saw Yuan Caixi hesitated to speak several times. He finally told Yuan Caixi, but Yuan Caixi didn’t know what he was talking about and felt that he was inexplicable. After Yuan Caixi fainted, Li He told her in the infirmary, and later saw Yuan Haoxi calling Sister Yuan Caixi, and he realized that it was a misunderstanding.

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