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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 9 Recap

Ye Xiaomei always remembers her grandmother Lin Sufen’s deathbed request. She devoted all her energy to the “Sunshine Home” nursing home, treating it as her home, and the old people also treating her as their relatives.

Because of the strict supervision of Ye Xiaomei, she made a special cocktail toothpaste to satisfy her alcohol addiction. Shi Changsheng attaches great importance to health preservation. The weather forecast said that the air was severely polluted today, so he came out for morning exercises with a gas mask. At breakfast, Shi Changsheng opened two bags of spicy strips and went to sell them to the old guys one by one, taking the opportunity to get back some of their own side dishes on their table.

His daughter Shi Huijiao came to visit Shi Changsheng in the nursing home. He showed off his daughter’s filial piety everywhere, and his son-in-law was about to be promoted again. Shi Huijiao was miserable and could only accompany him silently. On the weekend, Shi Huijiao took Shi Changsheng home for a reunion dinner, and Gao Ming kept answering work calls. Grandson Xiaoqi couldn’t come back to make up classes at school. Shi Changsheng was very annoyed. He deliberately found faults that the food was unpalatable. Gao Ming was frightened. Shi Huijiao took care of Shi Changsheng with a smiling face after his job was avoided. He was still brooding.

After the meal, Shi Changsheng returned to his room with Xiao Qi and saw the seven or eighty score report cards on the table. Shi Changsheng was very dissatisfied and yelled at Shi Huijiao. Shi Huijiao ignored him. Shi Changsheng was so bored that he rummaged in the room, feeling even more boring, and finally had to lie in bed and doze. Xiao Qi came home very late, Shi Changsheng pestered him to ask questions, and he also dragged him to play with him. Xiao Qi was too disturbed, and Shi Changsheng was speechless when he got tired and climbed to bed with the excuse that he was tired.

Ye Xiaomei packed up her grandma Lin Sufen’s relics and wanted to take them home. Guo Jiangdong asked for a photo of Lin Sufen, and Ye Xiaomei gave it to him. At night, Ye Xiaomei came to the yard and drew a picture of her and her grandma sitting in a chair and talking together on the spot. Ye Xiaomei secretly vowed to manage the nursing home well and live up to her grandma’s expectations.

Ye Xiaomei held a staff meeting, announced the new rules and regulations in public, and sent everyone a detailed system rule. Wu Hui was very satisfied with her work and had high hopes for her. As soon as Ye Xiaomei returned to the office, a couple of employees came to Ye Xiaomei to resign. They found a high-paying job. It was inconvenient for Ye Xiaomei to stay. She took the initiative to take on the job of the couple.

Ye Xiaomei came to help the old woman take a bath. The old woman was unconscious. She resisted Ye Xiaomei in every possible way, and finally took a bite. Ye Xiaomei went to the infirmary to treat her wounds. She overheard the employees complaining and wanted to leave the nursing home. resignation.

It took Sanshuang to find a customer after all the setbacks. He worked tirelessly to buy breakfast for the elderly every day. He worked hard to do housework, and even took the initiative to paint the walls. Unexpectedly, his colleagues would dig into the walls at the last moment and sell them to the elderly at 30% of the price. For health care products, after Sanshuang was so angry that he gnashed his teeth and accidentally fell off the ladder, he came directly to the company to appeal to the boss. The boss only paid attention to efficiency, but persuaded Sanshuang to develop new customers.

Guo Sanshuang was very sad on the street, and suddenly received a call from Granny Gui. Granny Gui missed him very much and asked him to call Lin Sufen. Granny Gui mistakenly thought that Lin Sufen was out for a trip. It was inconvenient for Guo Sanshuang to say so. Visit Granny Gui in the nursing home. Just after Guo Sanshuang had a few conversations with Granny Gui, he was called away by Shi Changsheng. Shi Changsheng showed Guo Sanshuang all kinds of health products in his collection. Guo Sanshuang was amazed. This is simply a health food supermarket. Shi Changsheng threatened to rely on these to live to be more than a hundred years old.

Shi Changsheng wanted to buy health products from Sanshuang, and Guo Sanshuang looked for various excuses. Ye Xiaomei was puzzled when she heard that Shi Changsheng had already owed one month’s living expenses. After Sanshuang came to see his grandfather crossing Jiangdong, he accidentally saw Sun Erniang pestering his grandfather to ask questions. Guo Sanshuang was immediately dumbfounded.

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