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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 10 Recap

Guo Sanshuang was worried that Sun Erniang would collect debts from his grandfather, so he hurried in and called Sun Erniang away. He repeatedly interceded with her. She wanted to postpone the payment for a few days. Sun Erniang didn’t believe him and threatened him. Guo Sanshuang got angry and asked her to ask Joey. Regardless of money, Erniang Sun didn’t give up.

She accidentally saw Ye Xiaomei pass by and exposed to her face that Ye Xiaomei defrauded Little Golden Dog with a fake real estate certificate. Ye Xiaomei hurried away in fright. Sun Erniang repeatedly emphasized that he should collect the accounts at this time of the month, otherwise he would have gone to Jiangdong to ask for money.

Guo Sanshuang was forced to desperate by Sun Erniang, so she had to take Shi Changsheng to a class in a hotel. Ye Xiaomei saw the two of them sneaking away on the balcony. She concluded that they were okay, and followed them. There were only a dozen elderly people in the conference room to attend the lecture. Guo Sanshuang gave a big talk about health maintenance. Shi Changsheng actively cooperated with his speech and tried the product on the spot. He praised the product and praised it as a health care expert and tried his best to encourage him. When the old people buy health care products, they believe it is true and they eagerly line up to buy them. Guo Sanshuang can’t help but admire Shi Changsheng and give him the biggest discount.

Ye Xiaomei chased to the hotel. The front desk clerk didn’t know that there was a health care product here. When Ye Xiaomei saw the elderly people carrying health care products, she asked them about the meeting location. Ye Xiaomei hurried upstairs to look for it. Shi Changsheng wanted to buy health care products worth 10,000 yuan, but his card was only 8,000 yuan. Shi Changsheng pretended to be ill and asked Shi Huijiao for 2,000 yuan. Guo Sanshuang witnessed Shi Changsheng’s eloquent performance and admired him. .

Shi Changsheng just wanted to swipe her card to buy health care products. Ye Xiaomei came to stop it in time. Shi Changsheng didn’t care about entering the password. Ye Xiaomei took off her shoes and threw them to stop her. She publicly pointed out that Shi Changsheng owed him a month’s living expenses. Shi Changsheng repeatedly claimed that he His daughter and son-in-law are rich, and they want to take Ye Xiaomei home to get the money.

Ye Xiaomei helped Shi Changsheng go home with health care products, but Shi Changsheng tried several times and couldn’t open the door. Shi Huijiao opened the door. Shi Chang was furious and asked why the door could not be opened. Shi Huijiao repeatedly explained the reason why the door could not be opened. After losing three thousand yuan, he changed a lock.

Shi Changsheng had to admit that he had taken the money, and promised to pay the pension to Shi Huijiao. Shi Huijiao was very angry and complained loudly that Shi Changsheng was too selfish, and Shi Changsheng asked her for arrears. The father and daughter had a big quarrel because of the cost of living in the nursing home.

Shi Huijiao had already explained the situation to Wu Hui in advance and wanted to wait a while before handing it over, but she did not expect Ye Xiaomei to call her door to collect the money. She spread all her anger on Ye Xiaomei, and Ye Xiaomei repeatedly emphasized that no one should default on living expenses. Shi Changsheng accidentally discovered that Shi Huijiao had injuries on her arm. He guessed that it was the son-in-law Gao Ming’s domestic violence, and wanted to call Gao Mingxing Master to inquire. Shi Huijiao desperately stopped. Shi Changsheng picked up a kitchen knife to force Shi Huijiao to call and call Gao Ming back now. .

Ye Xiaomei hurriedly seized the door and walked away. When she opened the door, she ran into Gao Ming and went home from get off work. Gao Ming found out the wounds on her body. Shi Changsheng was relieved a little bit and advised the couple not to harm each other. Gao Ming saw the health products at the door and couldn’t help complaining about Shi. After a long life, he worked hard outside. His parents were also sick and needed money.

In addition to Xiaoqi’s tuition, he didn’t expect Shi Changsheng to spend money on these useless health care products. Gao Ming was very distressed. Shi Changsheng kept buying health products because he wanted to watch Xiaoqi go to college. Gao Ming took him to the bedroom. The bunk bed inside was replaced with a single bed. Xiaoqi strongly requested to change it. He didn’t like to live with Shi Changsheng. Shi Changsheng was dumbfounded.

Shi Changsheng went back to the nursing home with his head down and carried the health care products, and refused to listen to Ye Xiaomei’s review of his mistakes along the way. That night, Shi Changsheng tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. He came to see him through Jiangdong, and pointed out his various ways of taking advantage of him on weekdays, and advised him to correct it as soon as possible to avoid causing public anger. Shi Changsheng was completely discouraged, and he still refused recognition.

Shi Changsheng took the sleeping pills out of anger, and Ye Xiaomei rushed to her after hearing the news. She first called the 120 emergency number for help, and then called Shi Huijiao to inform Shi Huijiao that she was out of order, and finally turned off her phone. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Shi Changsheng finally turned from danger to safety.

He woke up at 4:30 in the morning and saw Ye Xiaomei with him, and forced her to call Shi Huijiao and Gao Ming. Ye Xiaomei repeatedly explained that they would not answer and that Shi Changsheng would not be forgiving. Ye Xiaomei gave him a severe lesson and left in a hurry.

Ye Xiaomei knocked on Shi Huijiao’s phone in the morning and told Shi Changsheng about her suicide by drinking sleeping pills. Shi Huijiao’s unreasonable trouble with Shi Changsheng had long been commonplace, and she remained indifferent.

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