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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 14 Recap

Yan Wenxiu asked Su Wenyu about the imitation of Fang’s clothing store. Su Wenyu said that they had no longer imitated, and it was over, and she also persuaded her not to go against Xie Xiaoni. However, Fang’s clothing shop suddenly came to an official, saying that they would confiscate clothing and cloth for selling fakes. The officials acted mercilessly and confiscated all the cloth, and Xie Xiaoni and others panicked. Manager Xiao told Su Wenyu that the Fang’s clothing shop had been raided, and Yan Wenxiu said that many unrighteous actions would lead to death.

This was led by Su Gongming, and Su Wenyu was very angry. Xiaolu also quickly told Ouyang Ziyu about this. Ouyang Ziyu wanted to rush over immediately, but he had to enter the palace later. Su Wenyu rushed to Fang’s clothing shop, and the official said that unless Su Gongming personally came to close the case, the matter would not end. Chengtian and Yuanxiang thought it was Su Wenyu who did it.

Su Wenyu quickly said that this matter had nothing to do with him, and that they would help them get things back. Xie Xiaoni refused. Chengtian beat Su Wenyu violently. Yan Wenxiu was very angry and scolded them Xiaomin. Xie Xiaoni was a wild girl from a humble background, and she said not to drive Xie Xiaoni out of the capital and promised not to stop! Xie Xiaoni drove Su Wenyu away, and they have nothing to do with them ever since!

The uncle and aunt cried as if the sky was falling. Xie Xiaoni was very uncomfortable. Thinking of the scene of the Xie family being wronged, Xie Xiaoni was very sad. When will she become strong and vindicate her parents and relatives. Hearing that the Heavenly Family sent Ouyang Ziyu to investigate the case, Lord Gao and Yuan Daocheng were very happy, hoping that he would never come back. Xie Xiaoni went up to the mountain to pick flowers, Su Wenyu came again, Chengtian and Yuanxiang almost drove him away, and his uncle told Su Wenyu where Xie Xiaoni was and asked them to speak clearly.

Ouyang Ziyu came to the mountain to look for Xie Xiaoni, and found that Su Wenyu was with Xie Xiaoni. Ouyang Ziyu left with a little sadness. Su Wenyu believed that this matter was caused by him and must be resolved by him, but Xie Xiaoni refused to accept it. Su Wenyu kept saying that he would pay the debts for the Su family. If you believe him, give him the drawings.

Uncle and aunt were frowning all day long, Chengtian suddenly said that many prominent officials came to Xie Xiaoni to make clothes, and Fang’s clothing shop was overcrowded. Everyone paid and rushed to make clothes. Butler Xiao asked him to buy all the clothes from Fang’s clothing store, but Su Wenyu didn’t know about it. These days after Su Wenyu ran for the Fang family, Yan Wenxiu was very dissatisfied, but Su Wenyu said that Xie Xiaoni is his best friend, so what if he can do a little bit of help.

Fang’s clothing shop expanded its storefronts, business gradually improved, and everyone put on uniform clothes. My aunt is very grateful to Xiao Ni, and Xie Xiaoni also recites their kindness in taking in, and the store is very happy. Fang put up a new plaque and set off firecrackers. It was a lot of fun. Su Gongming received a letter from Yan’s father, urging Su Wenyu and Yan Wenxiu to finish their marriage as soon as possible.

Brother Su said that it depends on Su Wenyu’s meaning, but Su Gongming thinks that the advantages of their two marriages outweigh the disadvantages, so he doesn’t take his words to heart and expresses him Let’s manage the marriage of Su Wenyu and Yan Wenxiu. Su Wenyu brought the beef Yuanxiang that Xie Xiaoni bought.

She thought that Su Wenyu was not bad, so she asked Xie Xiaoni if ​​she wanted to think about it. Yuan Xiang said that she also knew the thoughts of Chengtian and Xie Xiaoni, if Xie Xiaoni’s heart belonged to Chengtian’s mind. Xie Xiaoni suddenly hugged Yuanxiang, thanking her for always believing in herself, and saying that Chengtian had actually been tempted by Yuanxiang a long time ago, but she didn’t notice it. Xie Xiaoni persuaded Yuanxiang to be patient and gentler, Yuanxiang squeezed quickly came back.

Su Gongming invited Yan Wenxiu and said that she was the best choice for Su’s daughter-in-law, and hoped that she would help Su Wenyu help Su’s flourish. Yan Wenxiu said that they were the masters, but Su Wenyu was afraid that she would not like her at all, and that he would not agree. Yan Wenxiu wanted to manage the Su’s shop and let Su Wenyu know that she was not worthless, and Su Gongming agreed. The clothes made by Yan Wenxiu are very popular, but they have a very good temper.

Yan Wenxiu came to Fang’s clothing shop again. Xie Xiaoni was explaining to the client. Yan Wenxiu stepped up to sarcastically when he saw it, and also took out two sets of Su-style clothes that matched the identity of the guest. Xie Xiaoni was very dissatisfied. The guests said that they liked their clothes and quickly found an excuse to come back next time.

Xie Xiaoni and Yan Wenxiu quarreled, Xie Xiaoni decided to compete, Yan Wenxiu disdain to compete with her, and walked away proudly. Xie Xiaoni said that he would hold an exhibition. Aunt didn’t think it was necessary to make a joke about these moths. When doing business, he was afraid that the tree would attract the wind, but Xie Xiaoni wanted to make the business bigger while the iron was hot, so his aunt agreed. Xie Xiaoni invited some girls to put on clothes to show them, and decided to let Chengtian also come on stage.

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