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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 13 Recap

Xie Xiaoni agreed to Ye Rong’s request to help her, but her aunt disagreed very much. If this spreads out, they would not be famous. Xie Xiaoni begged her to give her a try. She gave them a new opportunity. Up. Xie Xiaoni went up to the mountain to pick flowers and almost fell. Su Wenyu suddenly appeared and helped her up. It turns out that Su Wenyu has been following her for a few days, and the old accounts between them are not clear and he will not give up.

Xie Xiaoni refused to admit her identity, so Su Wenyu simply recognized it, and followed her to help her pick flowers. Su Wenyu fell while coming down and accidentally injured her foot. Xie Xiaoni quickly took out a handkerchief to help him bandage. Su Wenyu knew that her identity could not be known, so she decided to keep her a secret forever. Xie Xiaoni sent Su Wenyu back to the shop, and met Yan Wenxiu.

Xie Xiaoni and Yan Wenxiu were bothered by the death of Yunniang. The two of them are still worried about Yunniang’s death. Yan Wenxiu wants Su Wenyu not to be deceived by Xie Xiaoni. Su Wenyu was very angry, saying that she disregarded her dignity and yelled as embarrassment. Xie Xiaoni smiled and said that Su Wenyu should invite herself to dinner. Hearing about it on the sidewalk where she was shopping, she hurried back to the palace.

Ouyang Ziyu was painting a portrait of Xie Xiaoni, Xiaolu rashly ran back to say that Xie Xiaoni had gone with a young man Pianpian, and he had to invite him to dinner. Ouyang Ziyu was very unbelievable. Su Wenyu came back soon and asked why Yan Wenxiu and Xie Xiaoni were in this way. Yan Wenxiu talked about Xie Xiaoni two years ago. Su Wenyu knew the time was right, but the rest of the Xie family, what happened in it. Xie Xiaoni packed the food back home for everyone to eat, but someone came to deliver the food again, saying that someone paid the money and ordered it to be delivered, and asked Xie Xiaoni to eat more. Everyone was dumbfounded at the table full of vegetables, and quickly began to eat.

It turns out that this table of food was delivered by Ouyang Ziyu, so he couldn’t help but ran to Xie Xiaoni for questioning. He didn’t expect Xie Xiaoni to have so many friends in the capital, and said that she needs to be cautious when making friends. . Xie Xiaoni said that he looked like her father when he was teaching people with a straight face. Ouyang Ziyu was so angry that he couldn’t say a word, so he closed the door for her angrily and left. Yuan Daocheng punished a comprador who helped him buy tea and asked him to eat all the old tea.

Ye Rong liked the clothes made by Xie Xiaoni very much. The clothes were so beautiful. Xie Xiaoni also helped Ye Rong re-make-up. Ye Rong was very grateful to her. Ye Rong took the top spot, and it also attracted a lot of business for Xie Xiaoni, and they all named her to do it by name. Yan Wenxiu followed Su Wenyu. Su Wenyu came to Xie Xiaoni and gave her some food and hairpins. Chengtian and Yuanxiang helped Xie Xiaoni drive away Su Wenyu.

Yan Wenxiu came in just as soon as Su Wenyu left. Chengtian and Yuanxiang were surprised. Yan Wenxiu mentioned the death of Yun Niang again. He even said that he had no regrets about seeing flowers and the moon in the garden on the day of the walk. He also asked Xie Xiaoni and What’s going on with Su Wenyu.

Xie Xiaoni was too lazy to pay attention, Xie Xiaoni deliberately said a few words to offend her, and Yan Wenxiu gritted her teeth. Xie Xiaoni felt that what Yan Wenxiu said was right. Yunniang did indeed die because of her. Chengtian was a little angry. He had said it many times and it had nothing to do with Xie Xiaoni! Yuan Xiang hurried out to comfort Chengtian. When Yun Niang was here, Chengtian was up to her own temperament. But since Yun Niang left, he hasn’t been in the mood to gag him. Yuan Xiang comforted others to grow up. Suddenly there was something wrong with the atmosphere of the two.

Ouyang Ziyu bought some Huaizhou cloths, and after driving off the path, he went to Fang’s clothing shop. Yuanxiang and Chengtian were fighting. Seeing Ouyang Ziyu’s outstanding appearance, my uncle and aunt came to Xie Xiaoni, and they felt a little gossip in their hearts. Yuan Xiang pulled Chengtian very colorfully to settle accounts. Ouyang Ziyu said he was here to rush the goods, but Xie Xiaoni hadn’t done it yet. Ouyang Ziyu took out the cloth he had just bought, saying that it was the best one to use. Ouyang Ziyu glanced awkwardly at Yuanxiang and Chengtian leaving, and Yuanxiang quickly asked Xie Xiaoni to send him off.

Xie Xiaoni wants to make a different set of winter clothes for Ouyang Ziyu, so she hasn’t done it yet. She doesn’t want to disappoint Ouyang Ziyu. Su Wenyu came again and took Xie Xiaoni to see the camellia. Ouyang Ziyu quickly said that he had planted many flowers in his yard and asked her to enjoy them. Su Wenyu and Ouyang Ziyu both pulled Xie Xiaoni with one arm, and Ouyang Ziyu pulled the other arm over. Xie Xiaoni went with him to pick fabrics and left Su Wenyu alone.

Xie Xiaoni was very grateful to Ouyang Ziyu for helping her out. Ouyang Ziyu bought a hairpin that Xie Xiaoni liked and gave it to her. Xie Xiaoni smiled. Su Wenyu was surprised to find that Ouyang Ziyu turned out to be King Luo. Why did a dignified prince go to a small clothing shop.

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