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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 12 Recap

Su Wenyu and Chengtian quarreled, Xie Xiaoni heard the sound and rushed over. Su Wenyu was stunned when she saw Xie Xiaoni, but Xie Xiaoni pretended not to know him and asked him to leave as soon as possible. Su Wenyu left half-believingly. Su Wenyu couldn’t sleep at night, and now it’s good to see Xie Xiaoni again. Yan Wenxiu came to Su Wenyu again and said that Su Gongming had let her learn how to do business and that she would become Su Wenyu’s good helper in the future, but Su Wenyu was too lazy to listen.

Xie Xiaoni hopes that Su Wenyu will miss her when he thinks about it. Su Wenyu ran to find Big Brother Su, begging him to persuade Su Gongming not to let him take care of his own affairs. He didn’t want to marry Yan Wenxiu, but Big Brother Su also meant the same. Since Su Gongming came to power, Big Brother Su has also become a waste. How can he have the right to speak? What’s more, Su Gongming has no children and he wants to cultivate Su Wenyu, but Su Wenyu still refuses. Yan Wenxiu is even more angry when he hears that Su Wenyu does not want to marry him.

Yan Wenxiu was angrily packed up and wanted to leave, Di’er quickly persuaded her. Su-style clothing shops have more and more orders. Xie Xiaoni decides to stop copying other styles. I heard that Su Wenyu is the young master of the Su family. Chengtian and Yuanxiang are also worried. Seeing that Su Wenyu came back, Yan Wenxiu deliberately pretended to be asleep.

Su Wenyu secretly wanted to run when he saw it. Yan Wenxiu hurriedly followed up and said that he wanted to learn business, and Su Wenyu wanted to send her to Yihe. Yan Wenxiu was anxious and said that he wanted to tell Su Gongming. Di’er persuaded Su Wenyu not to treat Yan Wenxiu like this, after all, they will get married in the future.

Su Wenyu secretly climbed the wall of Fang’s clothing shop to take a peek at Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni found out and refused to admit his identity. Su Wenyu was driven away by Yuanxiang and Chengtian. Both of them were worried about Xie Xiaoni, but Yuanxiang was a little jealous when he saw that Chengtian was so jealous, but what Chengtian said made Yuanxiang very sad.

Xie Xiaoni hurried to persuade Yuan Xiang, saying that Chengtian was joking and didn’t really dislike her. Xie Xiaoni took Chengtian to apologize to Yuanxiang. Under Xie Xiaoni’s guidance, Chengtian slapped Yuanxiang several times before he was relieved. The two of them were very happy when they were fighting.

Su Gongming was very angry when he heard that Su Wenyu was going to send Yan Wenxiu away, and scolded Su Wenyu for being ignorant. How could there be today’s Su family without the care of the Yan family! Xiaolu rummaged the city but couldn’t find Xie Xiaoni, Ouyang Ziyu was a little sad. Su Wenyu came to Xie Xiaoni again, and said that she wanted to tell her, Chengtian and Yuanxiang drove him away without saying a word, Xie Xiaoni also kept silent but said that he didn’t know him. The Tianjia sent Ouyang Ziyu to supervise the palace and city bureau, and Yuan Daocheng and Gao Dao looked down upon him.

Xie Xiaoni and Yuanxiang were forcibly bought and sold by vendors. Su Wenyu bought the skewers and gave them to Xie Xiaoni. It was not easy for them to see each other again. Xie Xiaoni refused to say that she was from Huaizhou again. This was the first time she came to Beijing. Yuan Xiang shouting Xie Xiaoni’s name on the street caught Ouyang Ziyu’s attention, but when she raised her eyes to see Xie Xiaoni, she was no longer visible, and her heart was inevitably lonely.

Xiaoqin wore new clothes and said it was made in a small shop in the western suburbs, and the owner is called Nishang. When Ouyang Ziyu heard this name, he hurried to the western suburbs. Su Wenyu once again asked Fang’s clothing store to stop copying their styles. Xie Xiaoni said that she would not copy their styles anymore. Even if Su Wenyu didn’t mention her, she had been thinking about it for a long time. Chengtian and Yuanxiang were very anxious. If they didn’t copy their customers, they might not. Coming, but Xie Xiaoni is determined to go out of his own way.

Xie Xiaoni went to pick flowers, and Ouyang Ziyu came to Fang’s clothing shop with his hind feet, Yuan Xiang and Chengtian were taken aback. Yuan Xiang said that Xie Xiaoni had gone to the mountains to pick flowers, and she had been thinking about Ouyang Ziyu. Ouyang Ziyu came to him and left after saying that he was in trouble. Ouyang Ziyu finally found Xie Xiaoni in the mountains. The moment Xie Xiaoni saw him, he was stunned. The two met again and were very happy. Ouyang Ziyu said that he had paid the fixed money, and Xie Xiaoni can’t go wrong.

Speaking of Yunjinzhuang, Ouyang Ziyu felt it was a pity. He also advised Xie Xiaoni to strengthen her qualifications bit by bit, accumulate experience for the future, and carry forward the Fang family. Ouyang Ziyu sent Xie Xiaoni back to Fang, knowing that they were always jealous, so he asked Xie Xiaoni to distribute some orders to his colleagues and win over the small and medium-sized clothing shops in the city, so that they were not weaker than those big clothing shops. Xie Xiaoni took out the Juanzi that Ouyang Ziyu had asked her to embroider, with camellia embroidered on it, and was very happy to see him again.

A pretty girl came to Fang’s family, but her aunt drove her away, saying that she was a dancer from Tianxianglou. Xie Xiaoni persuaded her aunt not to do this. Ye Rong hoped that Xie Xiaoni could help her make a dance gown that could astound the crowd, and help her win the first prize at the ball, so that she wouldn’t have to go to the handy house. She was sold into Tianxianglou since she was a child. She knew nothing but dancing, but she wouldn’t do that kind of obscene activity.

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