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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 11 Recap

Xie Xiaoni, Chengtian, and Yuanxiang arrived in the capital. Yuanxiang said that his uncle’s clothing shop was very large and there would be no problem taking them in, but the reality still disappointed them. Uncle Yuanxiang’s clothing shop was very small, and his aunt didn’t remember at all. Yuanxiang, Yuanxiang rushed in and hugged her uncle, and her uncle remembered her niece who hadn’t seen him for many years. Knowing that Yuanxiang had come to them with Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian, her aunt was very upset. She grabbed her uncle and said that they were almost out of food, turned around and rejected Yuanxiang, and they were also helpless.

Uncle really had no choice but to persuade her aunt to stay with Yuanxiang. Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian refused to cause her trouble and wanted to leave, Yuanxiang was very sad. In the end, my aunt finally agreed to let them all stay, but they had to work if they wanted to stay. The three of them quickly thanked them and started to help.

Shen lost money again today, so he ran to Su Gongming again to ask for money, and Su Gongming asked the accountant to pay him the money first. Su Wenyu didn’t understand who that person was. Su Gongming only said that he was a relative of the accountant and asked Su Wenyu to take care of Yan Wenxiu. Yan Wenxiu has been clinging to Su Wenyu, but Su Wenyu always finds excuses to refuse.

Xie Xiaoni, Yuanxiang, and Chengtian worked hard to clean up the run-down room and finally gave the clothing shop a new look. At this time, a gangster came to ask for money, Yuanxiang rushed out and was molested, Chengtian almost got into a fight with him. Xie Xiaoni suddenly took out some silver and asked them not to harass again within a year, and then the other party left. This is all the silver on them, uncle and aunt are very guilty,

Xiaolu and Xiaoqin talked about Ouyang Ziyu’s gossip. Recently, Ouyang Ziyu didn’t think about food and tea. Xiaolu teased that he was still thinking about thanking Xiaoni. She had no father and no mother, and she didn’t know where to go. Up. Xie Xiaoni returned to Xie’s Mansion. The dilapidated state here was completely different from the prosperity of the past. Xie Xiaoni’s eyes were red.

Su Wenyu looked at Xie Xiaoni’s handkerchief in a daze, Yan Wenxiu deliberately led him away when she found out, and went in quietly. Xie Xiaoni, Yuanxiang and Chengtian went to solicit business, but it was of no use. Xie Xiaoni said that the only thing they could compare with their meager profits was the price. Xie Xiaoni persuaded her uncle to come and measure her body. Within March, Fang’s clothing shop will be reborn.

Yan Wenxiu happily gave Su Wenyu a handkerchief, but Su Wenyu was angry when she heard that she moved her handkerchief, and left her handkerchief angrily on the ground. Xie Xiaoni met a father and daughter on the street who had no money to buy wedding gowns, and offered to help them make exactly the same ones, and the price was only half the price of others.

She also took them to Fang’s clothing shop, but they saw the store shabby. Don’t want to do it. Xie Xiaoni finally decided not to take the fixed money, and if they were satisfied, they would pay. My aunt was very angry when she heard about this, and her uncle tried to persuade her. Xie Xiaoni also quickly compensated. She also persuaded her to fight back. After all, she was also thinking about the shop. Uncle and aunt finally agreed.

Xie Xiaoni went to observe the wedding gown of that house, Su Wenyu just came to check the store, Xie Xiaoni hurriedly left. The cost was not enough, Xie Xiaoni had no choice but to find a way to fake it. Su Gongming was very angry when he heard that Su Wenyu scolded Yan Wenxiu. Yan Wenxiu’s thoughts on him were obvious, but Su Wenyu refused. Yan Wenxiu always dreamed of Yun Niang in her sleep. The fear in her heart made her terrified.

The maid hurried in when she heard the voice. Yan Wenxiu asked Di’er to tell her father to take her back. The saving is here to cause trouble. bother. Xie Xiaoni slept in the dressing shop to make clothes, and her aunt came to ask her to eat, but Xie Xiaoni suddenly woke up and said that she knew what belt to use instead of pearls.

Yan Wenxiu and Su Wenyu reconciled. When asked who the owner of the handkerchief was, Su Wenyu refused to say. Yuan Xiang and Xie Xiaoni were busy making clothes, and they couldn’t talk. Ouyang Ziyu wandered around the western suburbs all day looking for Xie Xiaoni, but the path was speechless. Xie Xiaoni meticulously created a beautiful wedding gown, using shells instead of pearls. Although there are some differences, they are also beautiful.

The father and daughter liked them very much. Soon Fang’s clothing store welcomed many ordinary people’s clothes. Order. Three months later. Manager Xiao told Su Wenyu that Fang’s clothing store copied their ready-made clothes at 30% of the price, and many wealthy ladies had become their customers. Su Wenyu went down to Fang’s clothing shop in a hurry.

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