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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 8 Recap

Cao Ruilin asked Lai Shouzhang to call Zhang Zailin, the leader of the militia group, to the detective team, and he politely called him a brother. He wanted to use Zhang’s convenience in the militia group to patrol Qingxi and even further mountainous areas. Xiaoren Zhang Zailin nodded and bowed. He will definitely go all out. Cao Ruilin also proposed to allocate funds to the militia and asked them to pay attention to a person named Zhou Cheng. Zhang Zailin issued an order to capture Zhou Cheng. Lai Shouzhang listened to Cao Ruiying’s arrangement and felt that his methods were clever.

The information brought by Section Chief Li has been passed on. Peng Gengnian asked him to pass an important notice to every traffic station when he returned. Section Chief Li agreed to go down and start returning to the base area. Pan Yuqing listened to Zhang Zailin ranting on his boat to catch Zhou Chenggong, and even arrogantly stopped paying the charter money. Pan Yuqing instructed Chaoyang to pay attention to the movements of these people in the future.

Section Chief Li returned to Bogongwa smoothly, but saw Zhang Zailin tied up the villagers and threatened them to kill them without admitting that they were the Communist Party. Zou Shubao and the three brothers were caught by Zhang Zailin’s lackey when they were going to fill up for the uncle. Chief Li, who was on the way, saw that Zou Shubao was trapped and said that he was called Zhou Cheng. It turned out that Pan Yuqing told Chief Li that Zou Shubao was the Zhou Cheng the detective team was looking for, and asked him to tell Zou Shubao to be careful.

Section Chief Li was arrested. He shouted to his uncle’s house to invite guests to wait for him to pick him up these days. If he missed the incident, the uncle would kill himself and tell Zou Shubao to pass on the notice. When passing the cliff, Section Chief Li was deliberately squatting and saying that he was tired. He thought that he had completed the mission and was determined not to be a prisoner of his detective team. He turned around and jumped off the cliff when the rope was untied under the pretext of his excuse. .

Zou Shubao burned the firewood silently, and the youngest asked who the jumper was. He didn’t understand why he wanted to protect his brother like this. Zou Shubao finally told his brother bluntly that he was a traffic man. Zou Renbao told Zou Shubao that he still hoped that Zou Shubao could live a peaceful life, but today a person with no blood relationship with him died to protect him, which shocked him very much.

Zou Shubao said with tears his name-Li Shouke. He must continue to pass on the information. He told his younger brother that the Communist Party of China will never die, and that the Soviet area has been liberated and the Chinese people will soon be able to live a good life. The brothers of the Zou family have carried out information transmission on many occasions, and they have long been committed to the Communist Party. The four brothers are determined to give their lives for communism at all costs.

Li Shouke’s body was retrieved by Zhang Zailin. Cao Ruilin asked Lai Shouzhang to recognize the corpse. Lai Shouzhang explained that Zhou Cheng had not seen a few people himself and now he fell into this way. At this time, the secret agent brought the prison guard who had detained Zhou Cheng to the morgue. After watching the guard, the guard found that his height, body shape and other characteristics were not correct, and he determined that Zhou Cheng was definitely not the one he was in charge of back then.

Pan Yuqing received the order to transport the goods again. Peng Gengnian and others prepared the 200 guns that they needed in front of them. They needed to be transported from Shantou to the Soviet area. However, the five to six hundred miles in the middle was too difficult. Peng Gengnian could only arrange the first. Make-up escorted the guns to Chao’an, and then acted by chance. Ronaldinho dressed up as a staff member of the Ministry of National Defense claimed that the box contained precision instruments so that he could board the train smoothly. However, the Ministry of Defense personnel who inspected on the train suspicious of him. Ronaldinho responded calmly and calmly until the inspector left. Finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The Kuomintang was repeatedly defeated by the Communist Party, and Lu Wenchao’s pressure was increasing day by day. Cao Ruiying called in his subordinates. He knew that the militia was a rabble and demanded that the investigative team should never be expanded to the Communist Party. Ronaldinho escorted the cargo to Chao’an, and then went to Dapu by the ship. Pan Yuqing and others waited for the signal from the Tongtian Hotel on the boat. As soon as the signal was sent, Pan Yuqing immediately asked Zhaohua to hang the hat on the boat and row.

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