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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 7 Recap

Lai Shouzhang introduced Cao Ruiying to the guards at the dock, but Cao Ruiying was dissatisfied with the soldiers’ casual interjection. He gave a disapproval. If they dare to neglect their duties to give the Communist Party a chance, then the bullets in their guns are their “reward”. Lai Shouzhang accompanied Cao Ruiying to check the alley. Zou Shubao met the pedestrian head-on. Although he was surprised, he kept calm and walked away from them.

Yongxiang had a hard time with his mother, but when she learned that her son had found the organization, her mother was so happy that she shed tears. She felt that because she was ill that year, she was dragged down by her son’s failure to follow the Communist Party’s uprising. Yongxiang held her mother. He firmly believes that the Communist Party will not abandon itself and their days are about to dawn.

Zou Shubao was relieved when he saw Pan Yuqing remembering the surprise and danger. He told Pan Yuqing about his buddy Xu Yongxiang’s situation. Although he didn’t fully trust him, he left one that could bypass Qingxi inspection before leaving. Although the route of the station is more than tens of miles, the safety is very reliable. Pan Yuqing admitted that this alternate route is indeed good, but underground work is very dangerous, and they must be cautious about Xu Yongxiang’s identity.

Chaohua saw the signal from Yu Liangting on the shore and decided to change the ship to escort a face-covered person ashore. Zou Shubao met them on the shore and led them to Yongxiang’s home. Yongxiang opened the door but saw Lai Shubao with a group of people appearing at the door. Zou Shubao told him that the identity of this gentleman must be kept secret and that he must take care of this person. Mother Xu listened carefully to her son’s arrangement and sat in front of the gate with a stool to pay attention to the situation outside.

The masked man is actually Pan Yuqing. He came here to investigate Yongxiang’s reality. Yongxiang kept his pledge to join the party in his heart, and did a good job of confidentiality work, and even set up a secret tunnel agency on the second floor of his home, which can be quickly evacuated in case of emergency. Yongxiang passed Pan Yuqing’s test smoothly. Pan Yuqing officially accepted his order as the stationmaster of Duobaokeng Station. Yongxiang was finally able to go home. He was excited to leave tears and hug Pan Yuqing.

In Chayang Trading Company, Lu Qingquan was very dissatisfied with Pan Yuqing’s suggestion. He disagreed with Pan Yuqing’s idea of ​​establishing an armed traffic squad at Qingxi Middle Station. The traffic line must be as concealed as possible, and there must be no aggressive thinking. Pan Yuqing tentatively made a personal suggestion. He asked Lu Qingquan why he always didn’t trust him. This plan was deliberated by himself, and he was feasible. Pan Yuqing’s use of the Kuomintang leader’s consciousness fell to Lu Qingquan, emphasizing that Communist Party members speak of democratic centralism, and that they cannot be forced to always regard themselves as lower-level leaders.

Lu Qingquan knew his mistakes and could correct them. He sat down and listened to Pan Yuqing’s thoughts. Pan Yuqing said that the task at hand is getting heavier and heavier, but the guards of the Kuomintang are getting stricter and stricter. The establishment of armed forces is for the purpose of transportation in the future. Safety of cargo and personnel. Lu Qingquan raised the issue of personnel safety. Pan Yuqing believed that Qingxi had a good mass foundation and the development of personnel was not a big problem. Lu Qingquan agreed to report to the central government for instructions.

Section Chief Li, who was carrying out investigations in beggar clothes, returned to the camp eagerly and reported to Secretary Li that a division of the Kuomintang built a long-term fortification and delivered a large amount of ammunition less than 30 kilometers at the foot of Songmaoling Mountain. Secretary Li was keenly aware that this was the Kuomintang’s change of tactics, and he immediately wrote down the situation for Chief Li to send the intelligence to Shantou. Section Chief Li took the bamboo pole with information, and before leaving, he asked Lao Zhang to send the supplies he had saved to his mother and younger brother.

Section Chief Li came to Zou Shubao’s transfer station with a burden. He was the Hakka brother who went to transport medicine with Zou Shubao last time. Section Chief Li didn’t dare to delay the rush all night. When parting, Zou Shubao was afraid that he hadn’t remembered the secret signal, and told him to repeat it again. Section Chief Li came to the Qingxi checkpoint, and saw Pan Yuqing’s boat in the distance. The two people met the secret words and sailed towards Chayang.

But at the Chayang checkpoint, the guards actually checked the bamboo poles that picked up the goods. Seeing that the situation was in crisis, Pan Yuqing brought Zhaohua and Aliang ashore to quarrel with Chief Li on the grounds that they were missing two copper plates, and hinted to let Li Ke Chang took the bamboo pole back and hit himself on the head. The guard fired a shot to warn them to leave as soon as they were making trouble, and then Chief Li came to Tongtian Hotel and the boss to pick him up.

The boss took the information out and stuffed it into the handle of the iron spoon. Section Chief Li took the train to Huafu Electric Material Co., Ltd. to pick it up with Peng Gengnian and handed the information to him. Section Chief Li is very satisfied with the concealment and safety of this secret traffic line. He is very grateful to the comrades on the traffic line for their protection and help.

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