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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 6 Recap

Peng Gengnian listened to Xiao Luo’s suggestion and asked Old Gu to find a few trustworthy porters. Ronaldinho loaded the medicine into the flashlight and covered it with sawdust. Peng Gengnian forged the pass. When the two of them were carrying the goods to clear the customs the next day, Peng Gengnian deliberately mentioned Lu Wenchao’s name and attached some silver tickets to pass the customs smoothly, but Ronaldinho got on the train. Still found someone staring at them.

In Chanjuan’s jewelry store, the boss received a letter from a traffic man disguised as a messenger, and when he saw the three words “accepting nephew” on it, he immediately understood that this was a new task. The boss came to the railway station to connect with Peng Gengnian and transferred the goods to the dock for further transportation by the cargo ship. Ronaldinho took the ferry ticket and got on the ship to continue to Tai Po.

Pan Yuqing, Zhaohua and others, who were waiting to receive the goods, were a little worried about the situation of the joint, but the ship went straight to the bridge. Pan Yuqing looked at the bed sheet hung by the nephew of the hotel owner on the same day and knew that this was the ship. They hung up their hats on a small boat and prepared to respond, but the agents who were eating in the store heard the whistle and put down their dishes and ran to the dock for inspection. The boss who found the clues hurried to put the sheets away, and hung out the hat as a warning.

Ronaldinho, who was in the warehouse and the traffic man, watched the strict inspections outside and became worried. Pan Yuqing rowed the boat to the back door of the warehouse and transported the goods down, so he thrilled under the eyes of the spies. The goods are shipped out. Zhaohua, Aliang, and A Chao asked why there were people signaling all the way during the transportation. Pan Yuqing reminded them that as a traffic person, they should not ask questions that they shouldn’t ask.

Huang Yulian reminded Yu Liangting, who was cooking, to see if Pan Yuqing and others arrived. Seeing that the ship was about to dock, the couple called the guards on duty at the dock to eat in the restaurant, and propped up the hat to send a signal. Aliang moved the cargo box up, but the guard had to open the box and inspect the goods. Aliang yelled to the guard at this point. It was not that the guard had damaged the goods consigned by the employer. The people also came up to reason for Aliang, Pan Yuqing and others. People took the opportunity to carry the goods ashore from the trail.

Zou Shubao and several trafficmen met with a secret signal to pick up their heads. They wanted to continue to drive 30 miles to pick up the goods with Pan Yuqing, but all this was seen by Yongxiang, a workshop mate who was hiding in the dark. Pan Yuqing and others ate the food that Huang Yulian asked Yu Liangting to send. Aliang was grateful that Huang Yulian had not been punished by the guards just now when Huang Yulian had rescued him, and only then knew that Huang Yulian was also a reserve party member. Yu Liangting brought Zou Shubao and others to pick up the goods. After the constant relay of the crowd, the medicine finally successfully reached the Soviet area and saved the lives of countless frontline soldiers.

Zou Shubao called the three brothers to the workshop. Zou Renbao pretended to quarrel with him and could not let him eat alone here. Zou Shubao had to pretend to be a difficult partner to discuss the matter of resignation, and decided to make up everyone’s salary for a month. Show guilt. The guys took their wages and left one after another. Before leaving, Yongxiang took Zou Shubao’s hand and told him that he was a “family member”.

Yongxiang told Zou Shubao everything he saw. Zou Shubao put a knife on his neck vigilantly, and Yongxiang took out the membership certificate on his waist. He was a seed planted here by the Nanchang Uprising. Back then, the Kuomintang The white terror caused the death of countless comrades. He and his mother hid on the mountain and finally escaped, but lost contact with the organization. He understands that he must leave, but he wants to leave a suggestion. The boss felt that they had come but smashed other people’s jobs. It was really unkind. The third child was wondering how the second brother had never used the money from the family to build this workshop. Zou Renbao quickly scolded him for not having anything to do with the second child.

Commander Ma set up a checkpoint on the main road of Qingxi. Cao Ruiying was accompanied by Lai Shouzhang to the pier. He watched these small boats and asked his subordinates to re-register all ships. Unlicensed ships were not allowed to travel.

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