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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 5 Recap

Lai Shouzhang told Sinoe that Zhou Cheng’s file two years ago was uncovered by Cao Ruiying. He asked her sister to tell him the truth whether she saw Zhou Cheng or not. Sinoe told her brother truthfully. She just met Zhou Cheng, which is Zou Shubao. Lai Shouzhang told Sinoe to let him leave immediately when he saw Zou Shubao. As long as Cao Ruiying could not find out that Zhou Chengcheng was Zou Shubao, then this matter would not be reversed.

Xino ran to the Zou’s house anxiously to tell them what the old case had been uncovered. She came to warn Zou Shubao not to go to Chayang again in the near future. But Zou Shubao ran away from home since Thea came last time and has not returned for a few months. Zou Renbao comforted his brother not because of his children’s personal love, but because of some reasons he couldn’t say. At this time, Zou Shubao opened the door and came in. He looked at Thea but suddenly became cold. Thea was going to go but was stopped by his sister-in-law.

Zou Shubao wanted to use Lai Shouzhang to prevaricate Sino, and even refused to admit that he was Zhou Cheng. However, his sister-in-law pointed out that Zhou Chengcheng was his pseudonym back then, and Sino even asked him why he bought so much salt today. He knew what Zou Shubao was doing, but he must also recognize his current situation. Dayang can be rescued. Zou Shubao found out that both his family and Sinoe knew about his own affairs. His sister-in-law finally revealed the secret of the year.

Zou Shubao was arrested because Sinoto Lai’s birthday badge was collected and sent two hundred oceans to the head of Ma and the head of Kuai County before he was confused. Released. Thea was crying and wanted to leave. Zou Shubao, who knew everything, finally stepped forward to hold thea and didn’t let go.

Cao Ruiying called Lai Shouzhang to find out about Zhou Cheng’s case, but Lai Shouzhang laughed and said that he and Shangfeng could not remember clearly. Cao Ruiying changed his face instantly but Lai Shouzhang was calm and calm and did not reveal a word. Cao Ruiying had to ask his comrade Ma to set up additional garrison checkpoints to prevent a drop of grain and salt from passing through the checkpoint in Dapu.

Pan Yuqing rowed a boat with Yu Liangting to discuss how to transport salt and grains to the Soviet area. Now the Kuomintang is very tightly guarded, and they can only do so by means of decentralized transportation. Pan Yuqing proposed to convert Yu Liangting’s abandoned ancestral hall into a warehouse for hoarding. It is inconvenient to keep the ancestral hall intact. The two lived normally during the day and transported quietly at night. The two were about to dock, only to find that the Kuomintang had set up a new checkpoint on the main road to and from each other, which was not a small hindrance to their future shipments.

The salt block that Yu Liangting was carrying was confiscated in the whole bag, but he would not listen when he explained that he opened the inn and used officers and soldiers. Wife Huang Yulian unbuttoned her apron aggressively and was going to get the salt back. This Huang Yulian was thick and thin. After buying two packs of peanuts, he walked towards the guards of the checkpoint. The siblings on his lips were almost suitable for the siblings, and he said in a few words that he wanted to cook some food for them, so he took half a package of salt. go back.

Pan Yuqing took out the salt from the ancestral hall at night, and took Chaohua, Aliang, and Achao to transport the goods to Zou Shubao and transfer them to the personnel in charge of the Red Army. These goods were transported to the Soviet area after three days and three nights. . Zhaohua, Aliang, and Supernatural understand that Pan Yuqing’s transportation of salt to the restricted area will not be for money. They have long understood and yearned for the Communist Party’s policies and they want to return to the team. Pan Yuqiang told them that when he decided to find them to transport salt, he had already regarded them as his own.

Thanks to this secret line of communication that sent scarce salt to the Soviet area, the Red Army soldiers were able to replenish salt and actively participate in the battle. Pan Yuqing, who returned home, was afraid to disturb his wife and squatted in front of the house, but Xie Qiulian, who was sewing boots for him, heard his movement. She believed that her husband would never ask his whereabouts. She believed that if she was a good person, she would be able to meet the evil. Huaji.

Peng Gengnian knew that the shortage of medicines on the front line had caused many soldiers to fall on the hospitals and operating tables without sacrificing the battlefield. He had to figure out a way to send penicillin to the front lines of the Soviet area. Medicines purchased from Hong Kong could only be transported by water. , He decided to pretend to be a boatman and go with Ronaldinho to deliver goods. After thinking about it again and again, he dialed Lu Wenchao’s phone and asked him to come to meet him. Yu Liangting and his wife were grinding beans. Pan Yuqing asked the two to tell them that a batch of medicines need to be transported from Hong Kong. The couple immediately said that they would cooperate fully.

Lu Wenchao was in full swing at the poker table, but received a call from Cao Ruiying. He found that only the waterway was not blocked, and some ships were smuggling through the waterway. He proposed to seal the river. Lu Wenchao immediately agreed, and immediately went back to deploy. Peng Gengnian and the others were sorrowful, and they had no choice but to take a clear road if the waterway was impassable. Ronaldinho suggested that he could think of a way on the packaging.

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