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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 4 Recap

The worker told Zou Shubao that someone had just come to ask if there was a papermaker surnamed Tong. Zou Shubao knew that this was a secret signal that Pan Yuqing had set with him. However, looking at the shopkeeper who was going to add fuel to Uncle Gong late at night, the workers still had doubts in their hearts. . Pan Yuqing and Zou Shubao came to meet in front of the Bogong Temple platform. Faced with the task of transporting more arduously, Zou Shubao offered to let the brothers at home come to work in the workshop, so as to better conceal the secrets of the party. Resolutely conservative. Pan Yuqing agreed to his proposal and asked him to personally deliver the news in the oil canister to Secretary Li who was fighting in the Western Fujian War.

However, Zou Shubao’s behavior of hiding the oil canister in the middle of the night was seen by his workers, and the workers became more suspicious of the shopkeeper’s behavior. Early the next morning, when the workers saw that Zou Shubao wanted to go to Yongding City to sell paper with his own burden, they said that there were many bandits on the way, but Zou Shubao refused his request and insisted on going. While walking on the road at night, Zou Shubao saw the Communist soldier who was shot and killed by the Kuomintang. At the last moment of his life, a soldier detonated a grenade, but it was of no avail. The Kuomintang army took all the salt from the ground, and Zou Shubao held the ground. The bloody salt was full of grief and indignation.

When he finally came to Yongding City, Zou Shubao saw the people who were exchanging salt for cloth. He went to the cloth shop to check the secret code and handed the information in the oil drum to Secretary Li. Secretary Li praised Zou Shubao’s secrecy vigilance, and left him for dinner, saying that he also had something to take him to Pan Yuqing. Zou Shubao, who had been on the way, was afraid of something wrong and dared not neglect, and even frayed the cloth shoes on his feet. Although Secretary Li had inconvenient legs and feet, he personally brought him a pair of used shoes, but his own feet could not fit in the shoes because of swelling.

The old man felt sorry for Secretary Li who added a little salt to the porridge, but Secretary Li knew the situation as soon as he tasted it. The front line was fighting and the Red Army was bleeding and sacrificed. He demanded that even a grain of salt should be sent to the front line. But despite this, the demand for salt is still not enough. Secretary Li asked Zou Shubao to tell Pan Yuqing about this situation and he would know what to do. Zou Shubao mentioned what he had seen on the road. All the comrades in the salt protection team had died, and the traffic man in charge of the response entered the room with the last bag of salt protected by the sacrificial soldiers. Zou Shubao was in tears, and he will surely convey this instruction to deliver salt to the Soviet area.

At the Dapu garrison barracks, the commander Ma told the adjutant Lai Shouzhang that Cao Ruiying was about to come to Dapu to point his fingers. The detective team sent the semicolon to their Dapu, demanding that the army and the county government unconditionally cooperate with the detective team’s work, and even moved away. After three years of prison files, this is clearly aimed at suppressing communism. Cao Ruiying sat in the piles of documents searching for information. He found some clues to go to the county government, and told no one to enter his room.

Commander Ma couldn’t figure out Cao Ruiying’s way. He didn’t like the detective team, but he didn’t want to provoke them. But as soon as the voice fell, he received a call from the head of Kuai County asking him to come to the county government office immediately. Commander Ma, the head of Kuai County had to hand over the phone to Cao Ruiying, and Commander Ma immediately said that he would pass by. As soon as the attack was about to be launched, Lai Shouzhang reminded Captain Ma that there was only one old case in those old cases, but the person was dead and couldn’t reverse the case, so Captain Ma should pay more attention.

Cao Ruiying asked straightforwardly about the situation of a prisoner named Zhou Cheng who had participated in the Tai Po riots. Commander Ma and the head of Kuai County both said that they had lost their memory, but Cao Ruiying knew very well that the two of them were responsible for the suppression. The riots arrested five main persons in charge. Three of them shot one to death in prison, while the remaining one had no more information. He came to ask what happened to the disappeared prisoner.

Seeing that the two did not speak, Cao Ruiying drank tea and made them think slowly, but the head of Ma and the head of Kuai County could not remember. But Cao Ruiying vowed to kill the Communist Party. If such a person lives, he will leave the Communist Party with fire. He proposed to concentrate his efforts on the right place, and started the investigation from Zhou Cheng, who had nowhere to go to life and death. Head Ma changed the subject and proposed to focus on the Red Army Red Army instead of staring at these small fishes and shrimps every day. Cao Ruiying understood the meaning of his words, and only stepped back and proposed that he wanted to second his military strength, and Captain Ma readily agreed.

The shopkeeper of the same day restaurant fryed the food for the detective team’s agents to bring back to Cao Ruiying. After hearing that he said that he would be a returning customer, he even gave a jug of wine to express his gratitude. Cao Ruiying asked his subordinates to keep an eye on Zhou Cheng, a figure who made the county chief and the head of the regiment frightened, and told his subordinates to never get into trouble when drinking.

Zou Shubao took the man to carry the paper to Dapu Chayang to sell. He took the opportunity to get on Pan Yuqing’s boat and told Pan Yuqing about the plight of Dapu’s current salt shortage and the Kuomintang’s salt restriction order. Zou Shubao came to Dapu and wanted to buy salt, but the store told him that the government had issued an order to buy only one packet of salt. What he didn’t expect was that the owner of the store was Sino. Lai Shouzhang came to the store to look for Sinoe, Zou Shubao took the opportunity to leave quickly, Sinoe called to her cousin Lai Shouzhang and asked him why he was looking for him.

Lai Shouzhang asked bluntly if she had seen Zhou Cheng recently. The face of Zou Shubao who had just met flashed in her mind, and she chuckled and answered that her brother was making a joke with her.

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