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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 2 Recap

At the critical moment of danger, Li Junjie rushed to the scene, Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao hurriedly got out of the car, breaking Calais plan. Calais still didn’t let them go, using a machine gun to kill Zhou Zixuan and Li Junjie. Li Junjie drove the car to attract Calais’ eyes, and chased him to the location of Calais, and the two fought on the roof. Zhou Zixuan drove to catch up, but the car ran out of gas, so she had to stand on the roof of the car and wanted to shoot.

However, the fighting between the two was chaotic. Zhou Zixuan was not sure enough to kill Calais. Mou Chuan asked her to shoot, even if it would hurt Li Junjie, Zhou Zixuan could not resist, so she had to follow suit and injured both of them at the same time.

Calais drove away, but Li Junjie drove to catch up and finally caught Calais. Calais kept stimulating Li Junjie, and Li Junjie was very uncomfortable when he told the process of killing Chen Gang. Shi Yunhao persuaded Li Junjie to calm down. If he shoots, his future will be ruined.

Three years ago, Chen Gang was the leader of the action team in Bacheng Moss. During an operation exercise, Calais controlled Chen Gang’s computer and wanted to kill Li Junjie, thinking that he was too an eye-opener. Chen Gang was killed by Calais in order to protect Li Junjie. Calais reminded Li Junjie that Chen Gang died because of Li Junjie, and if he wanted revenge, he would come to him.

Li Junjie wanted to investigate Calais files, but Mu Chuan stopped him. Li Junjie was emotional, he took the initiative to resign from Mo Shi, to avenge Chen Gang. Unexpectedly, being threatened by Calais, Calais asked Li Junjie to leave Bacheng, otherwise he would kill Zhou Zixuan. Li Junjie had to leave without saying goodbye.

Mou Chuan celebrated the success of the VX3 protection plan. Li Junjie made a fuss on the scene, believing that Mou Chuan did not tell him Plan B, which caused many colleagues to sacrifice, and even nearly killed Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao. Mou Chuan thought that Li Junjie was too impulsive and didn’t tell him Plan B. Li Junjie contradicted Mou Chuan, thinking that he would never listen to him.

Zhou Zixuan has always blamed Li Junjie for leaving without saying goodbye three years ago. Shi Yunhao thinks that Li Junjie should give Zhou Zixuan an explanation. The protection of VX3 was praised by the superiors. Mou Chuan was very happy and praised Zhou Zixuan for his ability. At the last minute, he designed to shoot Calais. Zhou Zixuan dared to shoot, completely certain that Li Junjie was wearing a body armor.

Zhou Zixuan cooked a table of good dishes to celebrate Li Junjie. Li Junjie thought that Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao were guarding themselves, that he knew the consequences of killing Calais, and thought that they did not believe in themselves and worried that he was impulsive. Zhou Zixuan made fish for Li Junjie to eat. Li Junjie said that he would not eat fish. Zhou Zixuan was still angry, thinking that Li Junjie had also vowed that he would not leave him.

Li Junjie chased up to coax Zhou Zixuan and told the time and place where the two met. He said that he was thinking about Zhou Zixuan every minute and every second. He wanted to explain to Zhou Zixuan why he left three years ago. Zhou Zixuan got rid of him. Hands don’t want to listen.

Li Junjie asked Shi Yunhao to help, he wanted to see Calais. Mou Chuan reinstated Li Junjie and let him have his own office. At the meeting, Chen Haodong, director of the Bacheng Security Department, questioned Mu Chuan, saying that the protection of VX3 caused casualties, but the actual work was not satisfactory. Mou Chuan explained that because Calais discovered his plan, he had to fight back with weapons to avoid more casualties.

Moreover, Calais firepower was too strong, and the police did not give it. Chen Haodong believed that the police was not wrong, and Mu Chuan was not pleasing to his eyes. Zhou Zixuan couldn’t understand Chen Haodong’s face.

Shi Yunhao used his relationship to apply for a visit to Calais because Mou Chuan did not agree to let Li Junjie visit. Meng Liang, an intelligence broker of Southeast Asian descent, arranged for hackers to do tricks. When Li Junjie saw Calais, the first sentence was to ask who hired him.

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