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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 1 Recap

Li Junjie was holding a bouquet of flowers and wanted to confess to Zhou Zixuan. Suddenly he was stabbed on the road. In painful struggle, Li Junjie found Zhou Zixuan and knew that someone was going to kill her. In order to prevent her from being discovered, Li Junjie shouted Zhou Zixuan’s name, and a bullet came over. Li Junjie woke up, it turned out that he had a nightmare.

Former Bacheng Moshi agent Li Junjie has been secretly observing the dynamics of criminals. The director of Bacheng Moshi Mu Chuan has Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao in charge of the security work of VX3. VX3 is the most secure network device in the world, which can protect Moshi’s network. There are many terrorists. Staring at VX3, including Calais. Shi Yunhao was very excited and said that he had been looking for Calais for three years, and this time he must not be let go. Li Junjie suddenly received a text message, and someone told him that Calais had returned to Bacheng.

Shi Yunhao arranged for personnel to investigate the Asians who had recently returned to China and found that there were five suspicious figures. Among them, the most suspicious was Li Junjie. Maya said that Li Junjie had encrypted files in Mo Shi. Shi Yunhao said that he could not doubt Li Junjie, because they used to be a partner. Li Junjie was a senior agent of Moses and a top shooting master.

Zhou Zixuan got the information, and hired armed forces appeared in Bacheng. It should be the manpower arranged by Calais. He also wanted to win the VX3, guessing that the car scrapping plant was their shadow storage location. Shi Yunhao reminds everyone that Calais is cruel and must be very careful.

Zhou Zixuan and others made all-out preparations and came to the car scrapping plant. Unexpectedly, they met Li Junjie. She turned back and slapped Li Junjie. Li Junjie said that he would not let Calais go. He clearly remembered that his master Chen Gang died because of himself, and he wanted to return to Moses. Mou Chuan offered Li Junjie a condition that Mo Shi was not a platform for his revenge, nor could he act without authorization. He must report actions to Mou Chuan at any time. In the end, he could not get close to Zhou Zixuan, otherwise it would affect her comfort. Li Junjie nodded and agreed.

Li Junjie changed into the costume of Moses, and finally returned to Moses to reinstate his post. Zhou Zixuan told everyone that the intelligence Rigalai might hijack VX3. Li Junjie interrupted her to analyze the motive of Calais’ hijacking. Mou Chuan strongly opposed it, believing that the government asked Moses to only be responsible for the security of VX3, and the others do not need to worry about it. Li Junjie was emotional and said that he had already checked the traffic routes.

Calais had 12 routes and needed more staff. Mou Chuan believed that this would increase the manpower cost, and Li Junjie couldn’t help but defy Mou Chuan in front of many agents. Shi Yunhao asked him not to make any extravagances. The purpose this time was not to catch Calais, but to protect VX3.

Li Junjie is very curious. I don’t know who sent him a text message telling him that Calais returned to Bacheng. He asked Mu Chuan and Shi Yunhao, but they both denied it. Shi Yunhao accused Li Junjie, thinking that he shouldn’t run into Mu Chuan because he was needed for this operation. Li Junjie apologized to Mou Chuan, but Mu Chuan expressed his concern and arranged him as the deputy captain of the operation.

Li Junjie found a commanding height, but was unable to contact Zhou Zixuan and Shi Yunhao. He was anxious to contact Mou Chuan, and Mu Chuan asked him to close the team first. Li Junjie knew that Mu Chuan had arranged Zhou Zixuan to go another route, and he was particularly angry. He thought it was too hasty and would be dangerous if discovered by the people in Calais. Zhou Zixuan knew Mu Chuan’s plan for a long time, and Mu Chuan asked Maya to re-design a route for Zhou Zixuan and let them join Group B.

Calais had found Zhou Zixuan and others, and ordered them to take action. He was ready to shoot a machine gun and hit a group B vehicle with one shot, causing Zhou Zixuan to be besieged by Calais. Mou Chuan told Zhou Zixuan not to get out of the car and waited for support. Li Junjie suddenly appeared.

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