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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 22 Recap

Fu Yin resisted desperately, but fortunately, Lu Qi rushed to pull away Lu Hanxing and beat Lu Hanxing again. Fu Yin guessed that Linglong was going to kill him, so he was so angry that Linglong knocked Fu Yin down, Fu Yin’s bracelet. Inadvertently broken. Lu Qi was provoked by Linglong and mistakenly thought that it was Fu Yin who seduce Lu Hanxing, so she threw off her cloak and left. Fu Yin held the broken bracelet and wept bitterly. When she suddenly remembered that Lu Qi was interested in her, she freshened up and dressed up. , Went to Lu Qi’s room to seek justice. Fu Yin spent the night in Lu Qi’s room, and Linglong who came to serve Lu Qi in the morning was shocked to see Fu Yin lying on Lu Qi’s bed.

Lu Hanxing went to find Lu Yunji to plead guilty early in the morning. Lu Yunji only regarded him as sturdy, and didn’t blame him much. He also said that he wanted to marry Lu Hanxing and let Lu Hanxing marry the Zhao family. Lu Hanxing thought the Zhao family was ugly and refused. Agreeing to this marriage, but Lu Yunji threatened Lu Hanxing’s official position. Lu Hanxing could only agree. Lu Yunji reminded Lu Qi that no matter who he liked, the seat of wife must be reserved for the princess.

Fu Ruan and King Zhou were talking at night by the lake. King Zhou said that he had fallen into a pond. At that time, the prince rescued him. He and the prince were brothers and friends, but since Master Su said that King Zhou’s life was expensive. After being unspeakable, the two of them became rivals. Fu Rou said that he hoped that they could do their best and not to change the world. Zhou Wang suddenly grabbed Fu Rou and said that it was because Fu Rou helped Situ Shangyi like that time. With her, he saw that Fu Rou was very persistent and refused to be changed by the world. There were too many temptations and tribulations in this world, and it was too difficult to keep her true heart.

Lu Yunji used to accept bribes to privately release Hong Yide, the leader of the rebel army, but Hong Yide suddenly jumped out to make trouble. Lu Yunji hurriedly asked Fu Tao to search Hong Yide in Guangzhou, and Fu Tao caught Hong Yide’s men. Knowing that Hong Yide had gone to Chang’an and was preparing to make a violent disturbance, even if he died, he would still be named. After learning the news, Fu Tao felt that this was a good opportunity to retaliate against the Lu family, so he deliberately concealed the news and misled Lu Yunji. The people go to find Hong Yide elsewhere.

Yan Zifang and Ma Haihu wandered on the street. Ma Haihu saw someone robbing the girl, so he stepped forward to help. The one who was robbed was Lian Yan’er, who was a prostitute before, but she had already redeemed her life, but Zhang He and Ma Haihu didn’t care. Relying on his identity, he turned black and white and deceived others. He also let his subordinates severely beat Yan Zifang and Ma Haihu. He was also preparing to let Xu Canjun catch Yan Zifang on the street. Fortunately, Yan Fei’s Yu Nei served in the palace and passed by. In a few words, he persuaded Yan Zifang and Ma Haihu to let Yan Zifang go. , And reminded Yan Zifang that if he wants to establish a foothold in Chang’an, he must find a backer.

Yan Zifang sullenly went to the tavern to drink. Lu Yingying happened to see him and followed him into the tavern. Seeing that Yan Zifang had a wound on her face, she persuaded him not to drink. She also asked him why he was fighting. Yan Zifang just kept drinking and heard Lu. Yingying and herself expressed their intentions, but Yan Zifang said that he did not like Lu Yingying, and left after speaking.

Fu Yin deliberately painted a portrait of Linglong wearing a pearl dress. Lu Qi found Linglong pearls and tortured her to confess. Just as Lu Hanxing passed by, Linglong asked Lu Hanxing for help, but Lu Hanxing couldn’t help her. After Lu Hanxing’s embezzlement of property, Lu Qi ordered people to execute Linglong with the rules of the government, but he only gave Lu Hanxing a lesson. When Fu Yin saw this, he asked Lu Qi why it was so unfair. Lu Qi slapped Fu Yin with anger and said that Lu Hanxing was the Lu family no matter how unpromising Lu Hanxing was. Princess Xinnan’s birthday has arrived, and the emperor plans to marry Princess Xinnan to Lu Qi.

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