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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 21 Recap

After Fu Rou took a portrait painted by Zhou Wang, he planned to leave. Zhou Wang learned that Fu Rou was going to give the portrait to Queen Liang, and quickly put away all Fu Rou’s portraits, and reminded Fu Rou in case Liang Wang saw it. I went to Fu Rou and asked what Fu Rou would do. Fu Rou realized later and thanked Zhou Wang for his reminder. Zhou Wang sat down and painted another portrait of Fu Rou. Zhou Wang painted Lu Yingying’s.

After seeing the portrait, Fu Rou refused to submit the portrait of Lu Yingying. Although Fu Ruong and Lu Yunji were enemies, she and Lu Yingying had no grievances and no grudges. Zhou Wang was very helpless with Fu Rou, but he still expressed his feelings for Fu Rou’s stubbornness. , He promised to draw her another picture of an imaginary beauty.

The king of Liang made an appointment with the prince but was rejected. Lu Qi deliberately said that Sheng Chumu was instigating the relationship between the king of Liang and the prince. Liang Wang dealt with Sheng Chumu, and also deliberately said that Fu Rou was Sheng Chumu’s darling. If King Liang got Fu Rou, it would be more uncomfortable than killing Sheng Chumu.

Linglong found the bracelet in Fu Yin’s hand and slandered her for stealing something. When the two were arguing, Lu Qi passed by the study and saw the two of them. Lu Qi called the steward Wu to prove that the bracelet in Fu Yin’s hand was not After stealing, Lu Qi became more and more tired of Linglong, and after letting Linglong go, she asked Fu Yin to leave her to grind the ink. At this time, Lu Yingying came, and seeing the newcomer Fu Yin was very pleasing to the eye, and she was quite dissatisfied with Linglong in her words, but she just said that after all, she could not control Lu Qi’s maid. After Lu Yingying left, Lu Qi asked Fu Yin to rub his ink.

Fu Yin saw that Lu Qi’s painting of trees was not good, so he couldn’t help but comment. Du Ning had taught Fu Yin to draw before, and Fu Yin said a few words, but he thought of Du Ning in a daze, and Lu Qi saw Fu The sound was stunned, and he wanted to move her hands and feet. Fu Yin hurriedly resisted and ran back to the room. As soon as Fu Yin went back to the room, Lu Hanxing came to find Fu Yin. Fu Yin remembered what he had heard that day, and knew that Lu Hanxing set the Fu family on fire, so he impulsively took the scissors and wanted to kill Lu Hanxing. Unfortunately, Linglong came back and let Fu Yin go. Buying fragrant powder for himself, Fu Yin hurriedly put away the scissors.

After Fu Yin disappeared, Du Ning was devastated and took Fu Yin’s portrait to look for people on the street. Fu Yin saw Du Ning. Although she was distressed, she could not meet Du Ning. Sheng Chuling told Fu Rou about Fu Yin’s disappearance. Fu Rou was a little worried. When she was walking back, she suddenly ran into a palace lady. Seeing the palace lady dropped a bag, she picked it up and wanted to stop the palace lady, but the palace lady ran away.

The more anxious, the guard stopped the maid, and found out that the thing dropped by the maid was arsenic, and quickly put the maid down. The maid was sent to the queen for interrogation. The maid said that it was because of the rat in the treasury that Yang Hou, who served in the province, brought the arsenic drug mouse. After the interrogation, the queen gave the maid to death, and ordered Yang Hou to be killed. Fu Rou was surprised for a while. The court lady was obviously not intentional. Why did the queen give the dead court lady? The queen did not explain, but said that she missed Situ Shangyi a little, and gave Fu Rou another volume of poems.

Fu Rou was hit hard. She realized that in this palace, rules are more important than human life. At night, she couldn’t sleep, so she secretly went to the river to set up lanterns, hoping to help the dead maid. King Zhou learned of this to comfort her. Fu Rou,

Lu Qi saw the portrait of Du Ning in Fu Yin’s room. He thought that Fu Yin was painting him. He thought that Fu Yin liked him. He cried when he saw Fu Yin. He thought that Linglong had bullied Fu Yin again, so he called Linglong to teach him. After a meal, she called Fu Yin to the study room and let Fu Yin paint. Linglong saw that Lu Qi was very interested in Fu Yin, and she was very jealous. Lu Qi was watching Fu Yin’s paintings and suddenly received a letter.

After reading the letter, Lu Qi was furious and told Fu Yin to leave first. Linglong was jealous of Fu Yin, so she planned to destroy Fu Yin with Lu Hanxing. At night, Linglong pretended that her stomach hurts and asked Fu Yin to go to Wu Guanjia to get medicine, while Lu Hanxing had long been hiding by the road and took Fu Yin to her room, trying to belittle her.

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