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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 20 Recap

After Fu Yin learned that the Lu family was the murderer of the third wife, she wanted Fu Rou. She left a letter and ran away. She also left a message to tell Duning not to wait for herself. Fu Yin went to Cai Guogong alone. Fu, as a maid in Lu Qi’s study, wanted to find out why the Lu family harmed the Fu family. But the steward Wu asked the maid Linglong who had served Lu Qi to take Fu Yin with him, but Linglong was very rude to Fu Yin and thought she was here to make peace. I’m competing for favor.

Zhou Wang summoned Fu Rou. The clothes Fu Rou made during the fight a few days ago broke. Zhou Wang asked Fu Rou to stay by his side to make up the clothes. Fu Rou sat next to Zhou Wang to make up the clothes, while Zhou Wang was doing it. Reading aside, he said happily that Qian Changshi was going back to Chang’an. Fu Rou was a little happy, saying that Zhou Wang should be happier after Qian Changshi came back. Zhou Wang saw that Fu Rou cared about himself, so he expressed his heart to Fu Rou again. , Asking Fu Rou to give herself a chance, but Fu Rou pulled away Zhou Wang’s hand and left.

After learning that the emperor agreed with the king of Han to build a literary museum in the mansion, the emperor reminded the prince to be careful, saying that the emperor had recruited talents at the beginning, and that he had a group of capable ministers, accumulated his own power, and became the emperor today. The prince became suspicious of King Han.

King Han came to the prince for a drink and said that he had found a lot of talents. The joy was beyond words, and the prince became more and more suspicious. King Han mentioned Sun Lingshu again, and advised the prince not to fight with Sun Lingshu. The husband and wife were noisy, just arguing and quarreling. The prince was a little emotional. Sun Lingshu offended Princess Han, but Han Wang was still willing to speak for Sun Lingshu.

After Sheng Chumu knew that King Zhou liked Fu Rou, she wanted to ask Sheng Chuling to look at Fu Rou more in the palace. Sheng Chuling said there was no way, and asked Sheng Chumu to quickly solve Mahainiu’s matter. Sheng Chuling and Sheng Chujun went to find Ma Hai Niu, I want her to quickly resolve Sheng Chumu’s owe to Yan Zifang. Ma Hainiu thought they were asking for a relationship. Sheng Chujun and Sheng Chuling were very disdainful, saying that Mahainiu was not worthy to marry Sheng Chumu, Mahainiu. In anger, they shouted and beat them up. Both of them were very good at judging the situation and quickly changed their mouths.

Linglong deliberately embarrassed Fu Yin. After driving Fu Yin away, she planned to seduce Lu Qi, but Lu Qi suspected that she had wiped too much powder. Linglong was a little dissatisfied, turned her head and hooked up with Lu Hanxing. Lu Qi and Lu Yunji were in jail before, and Lu Hanxing took the property to bribe officials. Lu Hanxing secretly kept some of it, and even embezzled Lu Qi’s pearl clothing to Lu Yingying. And then forwarded it to Linglong. When Lu Qi was talking to Linglong, she brags that she had set the Fu family on fire for Linglong. They were talking. When the two heard movement outside the door, Linglong went out to check and found out that Fu Yin was outside.

Lu Qi saw that Linglong was deliberately embarrassing Fu Yin, but he didn’t say anything. Linglong drove away Fu Yin to grind the ink for Lu Qi, but clumsily soiled Lu Qi’s table. Lu Qi was a little upset and drove Linglong away.

When the prince went to the Liang Palace as a guest, he saw that there were many rangers in the Liang Palace. The prince was scared to think that King Liang was raising the knights privately and was intent on rebellion. However, King Liang said that these rangers were all pretending to be the guards in the palace, and they were trying to dominate the world After watching the performance, the two of them watched the performance. King Liang asked the prince to eat meat again. The prince tasted that the meat offered by King Liang was beef. He was shocked for a while.

The emperor had already ordered that beef is not allowed, but King Liang’s cows were still stolen. Yes, this was an act of hurting the peasants. The prince didn’t want to eat any more, but under King Liang’s usurpation, the prince still ate a lot. The prince was drunk and was sent back to the East Palace. Sun Lingshu felt distressed to see that the prince was drunk, but fortunately, the prince was able to spend the night in his room, which made Sun Lingshu very happy.

The emperor sent Zhan Xuanzhi to assist the prince, and the prince asked Zhan Xuanzhi to speak up. Zhan Xuanzhi was not polite, and directly accused the prince of interacting with the licentious King Liang. He even wanted to resign to the emperor, but the prince suddenly came back, and he also bowed to Zhan Xuanzhi and indicated that he would reduce his contact with King Liang.

Fu Rou was entrusted by the Secretary-General’s Office to ask King Zhou to draw a picture of a beauty for the Secretary-General’s Office. Zhou Wang wanted to take the opportunity to make a request for Fu Rou to spend the next day with her. Fu Rou refused to agree and turned around. To leave, King Zhou had no choice but to take Fu Rou back to the Lingxiao Pavilion and take out a bunch of portraits of Fu Rou.

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