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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 24 Recap

Shen Ruoxin successfully invited the teacher from the Astronomical Society to participate in this kind of campus push activities based on his astronomy knowledge, and even Qi Xiao was shocked. After the event was over, Teacher Fang praised the new energy vehicles. He always thought that the original intention of the event was too utilitarian, but now it seems that Shen Ruoxin is indeed a down-to-earth work and wants to benefit the public.

On the way home, Shen Ruoxin suddenly felt gastrointestinal discomfort. Qi Xiao rushed to the hospital to buy various gastrointestinal medicines. However, that night, Shen Ruoxin’s discomfort did not alleviate, but became stronger and stronger, and even experienced abdominal pain. Fortunately, Qi Xiao was aware of it and sent her to the hospital in time. After a doctor’s examination, she found out that it was acute appendicitis and required family members to sign for the operation.

After the nurse obtained the consent of Shen Ruoxin, Qi Xiao signed the operation book as her boyfriend, and suddenly felt that he was very responsible. After a whole night of accompany, Shen Ruoxin’s condition has obviously improved. Although her face is still pale, she has improved a lot under Qi Xiao’s care. The nurse can’t help but joking about Qi Xiao’s intimateness as a boyfriend, showing an enviable look. .

Since Shen Ruoxin needs to recuperate in the hospital, Qi Xiao is responsible for the rest of the work. However, the sales scene of new energy vehicles is too deserted. The two salesmen originally assigned in advance took annual leave at the same time, which was obviously countered by Liu Pei secretly. Shen Ruoxin asked Qi Xiao to return to the company to wait for the news, and then called Xu Minjie, hoping to improve sales performance during the event.

Xu Minjie readily agreed that Qi Xiao, according to Shen Ruoxin’s arrangement, first went to the sales department to find Liu Pei seconded salesperson. No matter how many good things Qi Xiao said, Liu Pei refused to eat until he heard the face of the other party moving out of the group headquarters, so he was relieved and promised that as long as he could persuade the sales group, he would agree to the secondment.

At first, the employees of the sales department looked for reasons to shirk because of Liu Pei. However, they learned that Xu Minjie issued a notice to increase performance, especially now it is the off-season, and everyone has no customers at all, so they immediately signed up to help. Now that the manpower problem has been resolved, the next step is the obstruction of the ad add-on agreement.

Compared with the cunning Liu Pei, Ruan Ye is more likely to do ideological work. He doesn’t need Qi Xiao to try to please him. He only needs to analyze the current situation of the company and pick out the interests. After all, the contradiction between Liu Pei and Xu Minjie is equivalent to a fight between gods.

Moreover, Xu Minjie is a celebrity next to the chairman, and he can become the top leader at a young age, and Liu Pei will not need to face retirement in a few years. When he leaves the company, the little guy under his hand will become cannon fodder. Through Qi Xiao’s separation, Ruan Ye was also afraid of offending Xu Minjie. He would be attacked in the future, so he immediately changed his attitude and readily agreed to stamp the agreement today, and even praised Qi Xiao for being a clever man and a good seed.

After solving the company’s mess, Qi Xiao was relaxed, and then rushed to the hospital to visit Shen Ruoxin, and vividly described his process of fighting the two foxes vividly. At the same time, You Sijia was going to change clothes for Shen Ruoxin, but unexpectedly met Su Yang in the elevator.

Because of the previous incident, the relationship between the two people was in a rigid state. Su Yang took the initiative to apologize to her, and by the way, took out the drawing of the comic cat and explained why he lost his temper and broke up. You Sijia was deeply moved, silently holding Su Yang’s hand in the crowd, he was completely reconciled.

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